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Nine Arches Press

Full details GUIDELINES FOR FULL COLLECTION SUBMISSIONS Before you consider sending us your poetry collection manuscripts, we strongly advise you take note of the following three steps, and read the guidelines that follow below. 1. Familiarise yourself - we recommend you order a copy of our flagship magazine, Under the Radar or a copy of some of our recent poetry collections to give you a flavour of some of the poetry we have published recently. The magazine and poetry collections are good barometers of our tastes as publishers, and the kind of work we're likely to consider (we're not asking that you fit into a pigeon-hole as a poet, but rather that you feel confident that we're on a not-too-distant wavelength!). As an independent publisher, we do also rely on loyal readers who buy our books and help us keep going - every bit of support counts and helps us to keep publishing new and exciting poetry. So, please do consider buying our books or ord

New Ohio Review

Full details Guidelines: We accept literary submissions in any genre. We do not reprint previously published work, book reviews, or unsolicited translations. Our reading periods are September 15th to December 15th, and January 15th to April 15th, but we will consider work year-round from subscribers. We recommend considering the page- count of your work before submitting. Since NOR is a relatively thin volume, a prose piece of more than 20 page s will have to work hard to find a place. N ew Ohio Review’s contributors receive a payment of $10/page for prose, in addition to two copies of the issue and a one-year subscription. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know in your cover letter and inform us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Please submit only once per reading period in each genre unless we request more work. For submission withdrawals, please update us through Submittable. Format: Poems should be individu

The Letters Page

Full details We are currently reading submissions for publication in the ongoing email-only Volume 5.  We publish stories, essays, poems, memoir, reportage, criticism, recipes, travelogue, and any hybrid forms your fevered minds can conjure up: we only ask that your submissions come in the form of a handwritten letter, delivered in the post. Published contributors will receive a gift subscription to one of our favourite small presses or literary journals. Send your letters to: The Letters Page, School of English, University of Nottingham, NG7 2RD, UK. We look forward to hearing from you. Our mailing list Read our Tumblr blog Connect on social media Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook @TheLettersPage

Iowa Review

Full details The Iowa Review looks for the best poetry, fiction, and nonfiction being written today and is often pleased to introduce new writers. Non-contest manuscripts are welcome during the fall semester only: September, October, and November. Unsolicited work that arrives at any other time will not be read. ( We also sponsor  The Iowa Review Awards , an annual contest for which entries are accepted January 1 through 31.) During the fall-semester open submission reading period, we accept online submissions via Submittable and paper submissions at the following address: [Fiction, Poetry, or Nonfiction] Editor The Iowa Review 308 EPB University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242 There is a $4 fee to submit online.*  We do not consider e-mail submissions. Paper submissions without a self-addressed, stamped envelope will not be considered. Please do not mix genres in a single envelope. Work must be previously unpublished in print or online , and, if accepted, mu

Indiana Review

Full details General SUBMISSION GUIDELINES We do not accept hard copy or unsolicited email submissions. All submissions must be made through our online manager, which is accessible by hitting the "submit entry" button below. You will be redirected to the Submissions Manager to complete your entry after   making   the PayPal payment. If you are not automatically redirected, please contact and we will ensure you are able to complete your submission. Please be sure to select the appropriate genre designation in your submission. If a submission is made without a genre designation, the submission will not be read. Cover letters are optional and may be included in the "comments" section of the submission form. INDIANA REVIEW PUBLISHING DETAILS Indiana Review is published biannually in May and December. Our response time is usually 1 – 4 months, but may at tim

The Interpreters House

Full details We believe that a poem should brim with purpose, and rather than mark itself out as Poetry, forge its own identity – compelling and demanding more of us. We believe that the form should carry meaning, and vice versa. The editorial team welcomes dare and rigour, work that destabilises cultural or stylistic classification and boundaries.  Please read the following with care: We are always on the look out for new reviewers, as well as interview and other non-fiction proposals which are published on a rolling basis. Please email us your idea / interest and include a short bio or a sample of previous work. For poetry and fiction please observe the following submission windows: February June October Please send up to 5 poems, or 2 stories (combined, they should total no more than 3000 words) in a word doc. and a 12pt. standard font. If you are concerned about formatting, please attach a PDF in addition.  Please mark fiction submissions as such in t

Hunger Mountain

Full details Submission Guidelines Issue #25 will be open for submissions from May 1st to October 15th. Our Contests are open from November 1st to March 1st. Issue #25—Art Saves Art can save a life, a relationship, a nation, a Sunday afternoon, one’s sanity—& art can save a space: for joy, for understanding, for all that is within us & beyond us. We believe art matters now more than ever—or, rather, as much as it ever has. Help us prove it. Send us your manifestos & rhetoric, your stories & poems, your essays & forays into justifying art as an answer to—& escape from?—these trying times: pandemics, forest fires, catastrophe, white-supremacy, murder, burning buildings as the only way to be heard, fascism. Guest Editors to be announced. Hello! If you’re reading this before submitting to Hunger Mountain , welcome (& good for you, friend)! These are guidelines for what we seek to include in our magazine in order to sup

Hanging Loose Press

Full details Submission Guidelines It doesn’t sound flippant, we hope, if we say that the most meaningful guide is the magazine itself. We’ve published it continually since 1966 so, to some extent, past is prologue. While we hope we will always be open to new ideas, it seems unlikely that we will develop an interest in formula romance or sing-song verse. Sample copies may be ordered directly from us ($14.00 including postage) and are also available at many bookstores and libraries. Writers who send work to publications they’ve never seen are usually wasting time, money and effort, theirs and ours. Magazine Submissions As a rule, send up to six poems or one story at a time. We rarely publish non-fiction, but there are exceptions. We do not publish reviews. Manuscripts must be legible and be sure that includes your name and address. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope of adequate size or we cannot reply. If you don’t want your work returned, please make

Haiku Journal

Full details Submissions are now OPEN . (The link is at the very bottom of this page, but please don’t skip all the important stuff!) Notes of interest: We post the poems we accept online for the world to see. If you post, you are giving permission to print it. This is also clearly in our guidelines. When you submit, the process of posting your work to our current online issue is automated. Once it is approved by one of our editors, it magically (and instantly) appears in the current issue online exactly as you typed it. We do not typically edit submission. We tend to accept a poem as it is, or we do not. You cannot withdraw your poem after it is accepted because once it is accepted, it is already printed online in an issue. You can only withdraw prior to acceptance by returning to the submission manager and clicking “withdraw.” Your haiku should not have a title. We do print the name of the poet with each poem. Please do not try to title your submission

Gulf Coast Mag

Full details Gulf Coast is committed to supporting the authors who publish in our journal. This support takes many forms, including offering editorial guidance, exposing new work to the widest possible audience, and providing competitive honorariums for that work. We believe this financial support is vital to maintaining a vibrant literary culture. To this end, Gulf Coast has instituted a small reading fee ($2.50) for regular submissions, 100% of which will go toward increasing the honorariums for the authors whose work we publish in the journal and on the website. Gulf Coast is now able to pay $50 per page for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. We thank you for your support of the authors who make Gulf Coast possible. Gulf Coast reads general submissions, submitted through the online submissions manager, from September 1 through March 1. We do not accept general submissions via e-mail or post. Please visit our contest page for contest submission guidelines. If you are

Hauntes Waters Press

Full details Thank you for considering Haunted Waters Press. We are an independent publisher located in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia along the banks of the Shenandoah River. We publish works from new, emerging, and established writers. We are interested in stories that entertain us, stories that captivate us, but most of all, stories that haunt us. We look forward to reading your work! Susan Warren Utley Savannah Renée Spidalieri Editors, Haunted Waters Press SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES What we are looking for… Our goal is to bring to our readers engaging literature in the forms of poetry, prose poetry, short stories, and novellas. We welcome both the profound and the quirky. We are open to most styles and genres of fiction and enjoy all forms of poetry. While some selections are made available in electronic formats and traditional print, others will be offered as handbound originals and paper ephemera as we strive to celebrate the art of the

Diana Woods Memorial Award

Full details Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction . Author Diana Woods exuded unwavering intellectual curiosity, pursuing and receiving secondary degrees in law, social work, political science, and most recently, creative writing. She received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in creative writing from Antioch University Los Angeles in 2011 at the age of 70. Diana was born on May 31, 1941 in Long Beach, California and passed on November 2, 2012 at the age of 71 from a recurrent battle with ovarian cancer. She is survived by her son Brian, his wife Emily, their son Benjamin, as well as her daughter Rani and Rani’s fiancée Sonia. When asked how she wanted to be remembered, Diana wrote, “I had so many goals and too little time.” Her passion for exploration of place, self, and identity remains timeless. Diana wrote and published regularly throughout the last decade of her life. The Diana Woods Memorial Award in creative nonfiction was established in Diana’s memory by

Online Fringe Festival

Full details Have you got a film of your show? Would you like to participate in our Online Fringe Festival! You’re more than welcome to! Please fill out the below form and get in touch about sending us your shows. We will be in touch with more details regarding the participation – generally, there is no strict criteria, other than the show has to be filmed on a good quality camera (or cameras) and must be watchable on one video file.

Vine Leaves Press

Full details Option #1: Submit your book to us for consideration. It's free to submit, and you will receive a 40% net royalty on all eBook and print sales. A copy of the publishing contract for your perusal can be downloaded ​ HERE . Please also take a look at our Author FAQ to make sure we are the right publisher for you before submitting your work. We are looking for:  novels (all genres accepted, but with a literary bent), memoirs/biographies/autobiographies, creative nonfiction, and writing/publishing reference books, and  short story collections . Submission Guidelines: If you have a manuscript that you would like us to publish, please answer the following questions (in your head): Do you believe this manuscript is in the best possible shape? Is it edited and proofread to the best of your ability (or someone else's ability)? Will your query letter make us NEED to read your book? Does your work suit Vine Leaves Press? Answered 'Yes' to all of the

Green Stories

Full details

The Whoticultulist

More details Annie Leibovitz, Vivienne Westwood, and Sofia Coppola. I love publications like Phile and Nylon , and podcasts like The Guilty Feminist and The High Low. The Whorticulturalist welcome writers/artists/creators of all ages, backgrounds, sexual identities, and experience, but it’s mainly a publication for women by women. In particular, I want dissections of the ways in which female sexuality is a form of unpaid labor, and the various ways we are rebalancing the scale. This is not a place for whorephobia, slut-shaming, kink-bashing, or queerphobia of any kind. Stuff we publish regularly includes thought-pieces on modern culture, feminist reviews of books/tv shows/movies, memoir, erotica, creative nonfiction, poetry, art, photography, and essays. I love a good juicy essay. Submission Guidelines: Features: Features are between 2000-3000 words and are the content we love the most. In particular, we love thoughtful critiques of modern culture and the intersections i

Pioneer Town Lit

Full details We accept fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, hybrid work, and beyond. Genre is less important than work that speaks for itself, and if you don’t want to label it, neither will we. We like experimentation, we like innovation, but most of all we like quality work that excites and ignites. Distill it, break it down, build it up, and abandon it. Make us feel, think, laugh, cry, cringe, crumble, and tumble.  We are committed to creating and sustaining a community of writers who support each other. There are two open submission months each year and the remaining months require a small reading fee to help make the world go round. It also means we can pay our writers, because paying writers is important. Accepted submissions receive a twenty dollar honorarium, and we hope to offer more in the future.  We are a small operation, and publish work as often as our lives (and wallets!) allow. Sometimes it takes us longer than we’d like to get to your work, but you’re always


Full details If you would like to submit to Magazine Americana, send an explanatory email to and attach the article you would like to be considered to that email. Please make sure your article conforms to the following: 1) We consider shorter op-ed style work and longer feature articles. 2) Articles should be written in journalistic style. In other words, citations should be included in the body of the text. There should be no parenthetical references or a works cited page. 3) Articles should be targeted to a mainstream reader. 4) Articles must examine American popular culture (1900-present). 5) We do not publish profanity, gratuitously violent, or erotic

Nylon Fusion

Full details Nylon Fusion Theatre Company is currently accepting submissions of new works for future projects. If you are submitting to: Our short play festival “ This Round’s On Us” (about 10 minutes)   ​ This Rounds On Us:  RETROSPECT: "The Best of Times, the Worst of Times, The Future"  SUBMISSION DEADLINES (subject to change) ​ The Best of Times --  Due February 5th, 2020 The Worst of Times --  Due May 12th, 2020 -- due to covid--19 we are extending to August 8th, 2019 The Future - Due August 1st, 2020  extended to November 1, 2020. ​ RETROSPECT: The Best of Times We have some success stories in history of the world. Explore one of them. Was it a success at the time or only in retrospect? Were they good for all or only some? Take any angle you want, even speculating what it would mean if things were different. ​ RETROSPECT: The Worst of Times We have some epic fails in our past. Explore one of them. Was this a failure to all or just

The Soho Agency

Full details We are looking for the best debut writers, as well as established authors, successfully self-published writers and the most exciting and innovative creative talent out there, in both fiction and non-fiction. We work across a broad range of genres and categories (you can see the few things we don't represent below) but you can find out more about what each of our agents are looking for in our individual agent descriptions . We are passionate about great writing and we operate dynamically across all areas of publishing – film, television and other media, including speaking and live events. We are usually looking for writers and artists who would enjoy seeing their work in more than one medium. We actively look at the international potential of all authors and projects we take on, and we have a great track record in selling rights globally. How to make a submission Please submit your work to

Paper Angel Press

Full submissions Submissions We are delighted you’re considering working with us, and genuinely look forward to seeing what you bring to the literary world! Here are some basic guidelines that will help make all of our lives easier. Manuscript Formats Send us your complete, finished manuscripts in digital format. It makes the whole process faster and less expensive if we don’t have to mail copies of your manuscript back and forth. Please use a standard book manuscript format when you submit your book to us. If you’re not sure what one is, here’s a good source . Except please, not Courier. Or Comic Sans. Please submit the complete manuscript in .DOCX, .RTF, or .ODF format to . Include the following in your cover letter/email: Title of your book Your real name Your snail mail address Your email address Genre Approximate word count Synopsis Non-Fiction Submissions Due to the different requirements around non-fiction books,

Generaton Lockdown

Full details Entry Criteria: Entries should be 700 words of under If you are under 16 years old, you should enter with permission of a parent/guardian. Please note: we will retain entry details on file for 12 months after the publishing of ‘Generation Lockdown Writes.’ Information will not be shared with third parties.

Agora Books

Full details Got something to show us? Send it in! We’re always on the lookout for great new writing — stories that whisk you away no matter the genre. If you’ve been sitting on a book for years, send it to us. If you’ve been pestering your friends to read your novel, send it to us. Wrote a novel in a month? Fantastic. Send that too. We want you to get your writing out into the open. That’s what we’re about. Stop hiding it and show us! We’re looking for compulsively readable stories with exceptional writing. We’re not so picky about genre, but we’re picky about everything else. If you think you’ve got something, we’d love to read it. Send the first three chapters (or first 50 pages) of your manuscript and synopsis (in Word Document of PDF format) to (it really is .co !). Due to the changes COVID-19 has brought about, our response time is longer than usual. We are now operating on about a four month turnaround. What are we looking for

London Royal Court Theatre

Full details As part of our climate action in March, we are moving to an online script submission process. During this period of precautionary closure due to COVID-19, we are currently unable to accept any hard copy submissions. We will confirm all submissions already received by Friday 20 March at 5pm. If you have not received a confirmation email by this point, please use the online process outlined below. If you have any access needs which mean that this submission process is a barrier, please contact . The Literary Office is dedicated to finding exciting new plays that ask bold questions about the way we live now. We receive around 2000 plays every year, all of which are considered as part of our commitment to encounter and support playwrights who we may not have otherwise. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR If you are a writer and would like to send us a script for