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Apparition Lit

  Full details  See the “How to Submit” drop down box in the categories below Apparition Lit is a speculative fiction magazine that publishes themed issues four times a year. We publish poems and stories between 1k-5k words in January, April, July, and October. We also hold monthly flash fiction contests between the 1st and 15th of each month. Flash stories must be under a 1000 words and be inspired or based on the chosen theme. Full details for submission guidelines are below. Payment Apparition is a semi-pro rate magazine, paying $0.05 per word, minimum of $50.00 dollars for short  stories and a flat fee of $50 per poem.  If we accept your story, we are purchasing the right to publish the  story online and in the quarterly edition. Rights will revert back to t

Breath and Shadow

 Full details  We are always looking for submissions. Please read our guidelines thoroughly. Breath & Shadow only accepts work from people with disabilities. We use the term "disability" broadly to encompass anyone with a physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, or sensory impairment that significantly affects one or more major life functions. We accept writing from people of all ages. If a writer is under 21 years old, we suggest you include your age in your cover letter so we can judge your work accordingly. In some cases, editing/revising assistance may be offered to younger writers. We know that friends, family members, and care providers of people with disabilities also have important things to say about their experience of disability. However, Breath & Shadow is a forum for people with disabilities to speak for ourselves. We hope that our allies will support this endeavor. Breath & Shadow accepts writing on any topic for poetry, fiction, crea

The Blood Pudding

  Full details  H O W : T O : S U B M I T : All submissions are to be made on our submittable page. Please read our schedule and rules below before knocking on for us. Have a gander at our  about page  too. It’s all good advice. SUBMITTABLE S C H E D U L E :   G E N E R A L  S U B M I S S I O N S:  General submissions ($4) ensure that we are able to continue to web-host such fantastic work, to pay the myriad Submittable fees and to pay our contributors amongst the other here-and-there hands that dip into the pot for some cream and cheddar and dough. It’s an exercise in balance. C L O S E D  for submissions:  August We close for submissions in August primarily to catch up on reading and, hey, maybe even take a little break on the beach, with a few books

Synthetic Reality Magazine

  Full details Fiction Story Content We are looking for a wide range of stories. And, although we mainly deal in Science Fiction, Fantasy, SHTF, Slipstream, Horror, Sword and Sorcery and surreal fiction, we are also open to other stories. As a bonus, we love the humorous tales as well! We are NOT interested in explicit sex. A good way to look at how we judge what comes our way is that everyone has a story to tell, but does that story hold our attention? We accept unpublished authors as well as published authors. We also accept reprints and simultaneous submissions. Poetry Content For poetry, we are looking for very similar genres as our story topics. We deal in the surreal. We do allow bundles of poems to be sent and there is no limit to the number of poems that can be sent within the bundle provided that is stays within the 5,000 word limit. Article Content When submitting an article, we are looking for articles pertaining to, and about, the writing process and helpful tip

Space Squid

  Full details  See site for details 

Knight Writing Press

  Full details  See web site for open calls  Submissions Please read all submission guidelines and make sure you understand and follow them before you submit. This is a long section, because a lot of it is important for you to understand. At this time, we are exclusively using Draft2Digital to distribute so that we can take advantage of their payment splitting program. Please make sure you understand what that means and how it affects you before you submit. ALSO, to clear up some confusion: You do NOT have to have a D2D account to submit a story, but it will be required to finalize any acceptance, and you will need it to receive any payments. Of particular importance is that you read and understand the sample contract and what is expected of you, and what you have to do to receive your royalties, should your story be accepted. We put all the information here for you to see, before you submit, so that you know what to expect. If you do not agree with what is expec

Ghost Orchid Press

  Full details  See web site for open calls 

The Stinging Fly

Full details   What We Publish We publish new, previously unpublished work by writers by Irish and international writers. We have a particular interest in promoting the short story. Each issue includes a mix of poetry and fiction, alongside our Featured Poets and Comhchealg sections, commissioned essays, occasional author interviews and novel extracts. We also welcome submissions of poetry and prose in translation. We are always excited to read new writers and to hear new voices in literature. We believe that a proactive approach to diversity and inclusivity is important in redressing imbalances of representation and diversity, both in the pages of our magazine and in the wider cultural landscape. As such, we strongly encourage submissions by writers from underrepresented areas of society. Please note: Only fiction and poetry submitted through our Submittable page will be considered. No more than one story and/or poetry submission should be submitted during any one submissi

Bell press Books

  Full details  CALL FOR ANTHOLOGY EDITORS We’re now accepting pitches for new anthologies! If you have a great theme in mind and want to be an anthology editor, please email  angela [at]  and include: the subject line “Anthology pitch [proposed title]” your theme pitch a brief ~200 word statement on your preferred writing styles a brief bio including any writing and/or editing experience your social media handles and/or website Editors receive $100 CAN and an equal portion of the book royalties (same as contributors). Details outlined in a publication contract. Please submit one pitch at a time and wait for a reply before pitching again.  We aim to respond within 4-6 months. S

Original Works Publishing

  Full details  Submit Original Works Publishing accepts unsolicited submissions all year round.  Please follow the guidelines closely.  Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. THE RULES OWP does not accept unproduced submissions under any circumstances. OWP does not publish adaptations, translations, musicals, or works for younger audiences. Only submit one play per email. Do not send an inquiry email or synopsis or samples of multiple plays asking if any are of interest.  Just submit the play in a complete submission package per the guidelines. THE GUIDELINES For Full Length Plays:  We now only accepts plays that have received eight (8) or more performances in a production run and have been reviewed.  All Other Lengths:  Do not need 8 performances or review, but still must have been fully produced. When emailing your submission please include all of the following material you have available. Your play attached as a PDF or Word document, including cover page. Shor

Heloise Press

 Full details  For Authors Héloïse Press is currently accepting manuscripts in English that are consistent with our editorial line. If you think that we could be interested in your story, please send us a review of your book together with the first ten pages. For Translators If you think you have discovered a little gem that might be of interest to Héloïse, do pitch it to us! Please, include a book review and a sample translation that can give us a good idea of the book.  

Unicorn Publishing

  Full details  Authors We always like to hear from writers with a good tale to tell. We specialise in the visual arts and cultural history (Unicorn), military history (Uniform) and historical fiction (Universe). Artists As an artisan publishing house, Unicorn loves good art and will help artists reach a world wide audience through our Unicorn Art Solos series of books and exhibitions. Collectors Our Unicorn Collections series of books showcases collections of interest, published to museum standards. Galleries We have co-published with many of the leading London galleries and are always keen to do so again. We are also an associate member of the Society of London Art Dealers. Business We work with top galleries and museums on catalogues, with corporations on published reports and with businesses on all design and printing needs. If you have a project which you think might be of interest to us, for

Dame Magazine

 Full details  Thank you for your interest in writing for DAME! Please review the guidelines below for more information on what to pitch, how, and to whom. What makes a story a DAME story?  You can read more about our mission and core values here. In short, DAME journalism is accessible and intersectional. We’re not interested in breaking news. Instead, our stories transparently and thoroughly explain the context of what’s going on, what’s currently at stake, and who’s most affected. DAME stories are: Unexpected: The story reveals what’s new, unusual, or surprising about a particular topic or issue. Emotional: The story explains why people should care or take action, or it accurately puts words to something readers have been thinking or feeling. Straightforward: The story provides clear and easy-to-understand information that gives readers a shareable bite. We level with readers. Illuminating: The story introduces new ideas, solutions, or information that better equips

Solver Stories

 Full details 800 - 1,300  personal essay   themed  send to

Puncher and Wattman

  Full details  We usually receive submissions from 15 November to 30 January. Please include a synopsis, manuscript and short biography with your query. We are a small press run by people who primarily earn their living elsewhere. Reading manuscripts takes time, but feel free to follow us up by email enquiry if you haven’t heard from us after 6 months. Send Us Your Submission Fiction/ Memoir Poetry  

Six Word Wonder

  Full details nter the Incredible Six Word Wonder Contest 2022 2 Comments / Six Word Wonder , Doug Weller , Six Word Stories / By dougweller Welcome to the Six Word Wonder Contest for 2022/23.  This is the place for you to enter your absolute best six word stories, memoirs, poems, and jokes, with the chance of winning $100, getting published, and being named the Six Word Wonder! You can read about the 2022 winners here. Entry is free. All entries will be credited to you if shared or published in future. By entering, you agree to the contest’s  full terms and conditions . Here’s the Six Word Wonder Contest entry form – why not enter? It’s FREE! Simply compose up to 6 six word stories, memoirs, poems, or jokes and enter with this form. Read Ten Ways to Improve Your Chance of Winning the Contest. To have the best chance of winning, get inspired, and learn more about the six word form, we recommend you check out the Six Word Wonder series of book –  Six Word Wonder ,  Six