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Legend Press

  Full details  What We Are Looking For At Legend Press, we are looking for original stories, unique voices, and excellent writing. We want to see manuscripts that will entertain and move us, with characters that linger long after the last page. ​ We publish in two main areas: ​ Contemporary literary fiction Crime fiction: psychological and political thrillers   We do not publish in the following areas and will not be able to respond to these submissions:   Young adult fiction, science fiction, fantasy, children’s books, horror, plays or poetry. For all non-fiction submissions, please consider two other imprints within the Legend Times Group: Hero Press  and  University of Buckingham Press .   Submissions policy Legend Press accepts submissions from literary agents as well as directly from authors. Before submitting a manuscript, please explore this website and read about the other books we’ve published recently to ensure that it f

Channel Mag

  Full details  Essay submissions, which will be considered for online publication as well as for our next print issue, are open year-round. We also welcome submissions of visual art, to be featured on the covers of future issues, at any time. What We Publish We publish new, previously unpublished work that engages with the natural world. We have a particular interest in work which encourages reflection on human interaction with plant and animal life, landscape and the self. Each issue includes a mix of poetry and fiction, alongside a selection of essays which may include creative non-fiction, criticism, and the occasional review of new creative work or of community-based environmental projects. Although based in Ireland, Channel welcomes international submissions. We also welcome submissions in translation. Essay – We accept both completed essay submissions and proposals. Completed essays (including creative non-fiction, reportage, commentary, a

Distant Shore Publishing

 Full details  We’re Distant Shore Publishing, an indie publishing group specialising in fantasy, Sci-Fi and LitRPG. Founded in 2020 by Glowing Eye Games Ltd, our publishing company focuses on digital ebooks and novellas. From fantastical worlds to science-fiction spaceships and adventures, we love to get lost in another place just like every reader. We’re a unique publisher with a small but mighty distribution. We keep things simple and only publish on Amazon so your book can easily be read on Kindle and other ebook readers. We pay our authors for their work, help edit it, create a bespoke cover, publish, and advertise it, all without the author paying a penny. We’re here to support and communicate with you. We never shut an author out or make decisions without the consent. We pride ourselves in our honesty and readiness to help. If you have any questions, please email Libby at and she’ll be happy to help.  


  Full details  See site for full details 

Cranked Anvil

  Full details  Rules The following rules/terms and conditions for our short story competition must be followed. Please read them carefully before submitting: Eligibility 1. Entries must be in English. 2. Entries must be the original and unpublished work of the entrant. This includes publication online, including (but not limited to) personal blogs or websites. At the time of entry, your work must not be submitted for publication nor for any other competition or award. 3. Each story must stay within the 1,500-word limit. This means any story up to and including 1,500 words. The title does not form part of the word count. 4. The closing date for entries is midnight (UK time) on the 31st January, 30th April, 31st July and 31st October. If your entry, for whatever reason, just misses a deadline, it will be automatically entered into the following quarter. 5. No corrections will be accepted or refunds given. Entry fees 6. £5 for the first | plus £3 for

The Pomegranate

  Full details  Submissions  All genres and styles are welcome.  We publish new, previously unpublished work by UK & international writers. All submissions must feature an artist or an artist's tool, creation or environment in some way. Artists include, but are not limited to: writers, painters, musicians, dancers, performing artists, actors, filmmakers, artistic directors, fashion designers,  sculptors, photographers. Entries must not have been published, self-published, or featured on any website, blog or online forum.  Worldwide copyright of each entry remains with the author, however The Pomegranate London holds the rights to publish selected poems, short stories, flash fiction and essays.   Please inform us immediately if your work will be featured elsewhere.  Short Fiction  We invite short story (including flash fiction) submissions all year round.  We will also consider self-contained novel excerpts and work in translation.  We cannot offer feedback on any work

Backlash Press

  Full details  Ideas Beyond Conventional: Backlash Press is an independent publishing house dedicated to releasing work that narrates a contemplated resistance to obedience and trend. Our aim is to pioneer innovative authors by representing the experimental , yet enduring, fiction and poetry voices of our time. We visualize a people’s press that’s artist and writer focused. We publish annual collections of poetry and prose in fine print and limited editions. See web site for full details      

New Welsh Review

 Full details  ubmissions Gweler ein tudalennau   Terms & Conditions & Copyright ar gyfer esbonio’r ochr cyfreithiol a hawlfraint sydd ynghlwm wrth i’ch gwaith cael ei dderbyn.  See our Terms & Conditions & Copyright pages for an explanation of the legal and copyright aspects which apply should your work be accepted.   Penderfyniad y golygydd cyffredinol yw ym mha rhifyn neu ar ba ddyddiad ac ym mha fformat y bydd darn sydd wedi cael ei dderbyn yn ymddangos. Mae hwn hefyd yn wir yn achos rhifynnau neu darnau sydd wedi cael eu dewis gan olygydd gwadd neu gan olygydd ceisiadau barddoniaeth: penderfyniad terfynnol y golygydd cyffredinol yw pob penderfyniad am amseriad a fformat cyhoeddi. It is the general editor’s decision in which edition, on which date and in which format any piece that has been accepted will appear. This is also the case in respect of any editions or pieces curated by a guest editor or poetry submissions editor: the general editor’s dec

My Portfolio Career

  Full details  Most writers’ lives are a mosaic of paid and unpaid work, including day jobs, caring duties, teaching, performance and bits of journalism (like this), as well as their creative writing. If you would like a chance to explain how your writing fits in to your life, let us know. Pitch us by listing your main creative genre plus four other aspects of your working life, e.g. ‘Writing poetry, working in a cafĂ©, freelance website design, caring for elderly father, helping run poetry venue’. We will get in touch if we want to commission a full article.