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  Full details  Latest Challenges Creator 101 Creator Chat Leaderboard Policy Product Updates Raise Your Voice Tips And Guides Wallet Resources Creator 101 Step 1: Welcome to Vocal Vocal is a platform for supporting, discovering and rewarding creators. With access to storytelling tools and engaged communities, writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and all types of creatives can get discovered and fund their creativity. Judey Kalchik Published 3 months ago 3 months ago in Resources Step 2: Complete Your Profile As a creator, your personal brand is incredibly important. Vocal can help you get discovered and grow your audience, and your creator profile page should be prepared with this in mind—optimized so that readers can easily find you, connect with you, contact you, and most importantly, remember you and your work. Judey Kalchik Published 3 months ago 3 months ago in Resources Step 3: Connecting Your Stripe Account Vocal keeps things simple for you and only uses Stripe

Erro Press

 Full details  How to submit fiction We accept submissions for novels, novellas and short story collections. We love work that sits in that sweet spot between literary and commercial fiction, especially genre-busting fiction that leans towards magical realism, romance, speculative and fantasy. Please send a synopsis of your novel or novella, the first three chapters of your work (up to 10,000 words), and a cover letter. For short story collections and micro books, please provide a proposal and two examples of your writing as .docx or .pdf files, plus a cover letter to How to submit poetry We are currently open to submissions for poetry pamphlets of up to 22 pages only. The minimum pamphlet length we will consider is 16 pages.  Please send us a cover letter, proposal and at least ten poems as an example of your work to How to submit non-fiction We will consider essay collections,

Gasher Press

 Full details  Gasher Press is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit publisher. We are interested in fresh voices and innovative forms. Make everything useful.  ​ Who we are: Gasher is made up of a volunteer staff so that we can focus our resources on writers.  All profits from book sales and submission fees are reinvested in opportunities and prizes. We champion our authors with gracious royalties, no preorder minimums, collaborative book design, and meaningful editing. We work to create opportunities in editing, publishing, and awards for underrepresented writers and editors. We welcome feedback on how we are doing and how we can improve. Our prizes are always free to submit.  We are micro. Meaning we are small but mighty. We can't offer tour stipends and we don't have a hired marketing person, but we work diligently to submit our books for prizes, attend book fairs, organize reading tours, and find review platforms.  Our books are never sold on Amazon. We have re

Finborough Theatre

  Full details  Our email is Please read all the guidelines below before submitting your play. Our Literary Policy What We Are Looking For What We are Not Looking For How to Submit Postal and By Hand Script Submissions Submission Turnaround Time The Literary Process Developing New Playwrights Finborough Forum

Write City

  Full details Write City Ezine  is published by the Chicago Writers Association. We welcome fiction, creative nonfiction and quality poetry. Story Elements Every story has essential elements which make it worth reading. Prior to submitting your piece to our magazine for consideration, please ensure that your story has the following elements: Your story begins in the middle of the action You have introduced a protagonist The protagonist has a goal (something is at stake) Something or someone prevents the protagonist from achieving this goal which creates conflict There is an inciting incident or complication that forces the protagonist to act There is a unique tone/voice/writing style The setting is described without slowing the pace of the story The dialogue is realistic and serves a purpose PLEASE BE SURE YOUR WORK HAS BEEN PROOFREAD AND/OR COPYEDITED BEFORE SUBMITTING.  Submission Guidelines Include your full name, the title of your submission, your email

L'Esprit Literary Review

 F ull details  L’Esprit was founded in February 2022, the centenary month of the publication of Ulysses. The journal was thus born in celebration of the literary revolution of consciousness represented by High Modernism, and seeks to publish work in that spirit. L’Esprit searches for fearless, audacious, innovative writing that takes risks at the sentence level and immerses itself in the slippery, wondrous underworld of the mind. Interior-focused, character-driven, language-first work is core to our aesthetic principles, writing that eschews convention and experiments at both the technical and formal levels. From Issue Zero contributor Jessica Denzer’s conversation regarding her essay but all is to be dared: “But I think all those writers, even though they’re doing different things, have perfected something that I’m always trying to do: they work from the flow of the sentence, the poetry of it. Even in the most gut wrenching of moments, it’s their language that roots it