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Epoque Press

  Full details  our titles é-bookshop é-zine our authors submissions époque press pronounced: /epƏk/ definition: /time/era/period print & publication:  As a new independent publisher we are seeking out strong new voices representing the very best in literary fiction.  We publish adult literary fiction (novels and short story collections) and do not currently consider other genres such as children's fiction, poetry, memoir or fantasy. ​ Before submitting your work to us we would suggest you familiarise yourself with our list of published work. In your submission email we would love to hear which of our authors you have read and how you heard about us. You can also get a feel for what we are about by checking out our é-zine editions. ​ We are only accepting electronic submissions so please email to and in the subject header state 'General Submissions', the title of your work  and your name. The full manuscript of your wor

Just Femme and Dandy

Full details   See site for individual calls 

Scrawl Place

  Full details  Scrawl Place is part visitor’s guide, part literary journal. The audience for this online publication is the guest, the visitor, the traveler, the day-tripper, the out-of-towner, and the in-towners eager to wander. I’m looking for submissions about “places in the places” where you live or where you’ve visited. My only fixed criteria is that your submission be about or connected to or associated with a specific, physical place that someone could visit. The more specific the place, the better. How that manifests in terms of content, style and form is up to you. The place you write about could be a Wonder of the World, a random street corner that means something to you, or anything in between.  My aspirational hope is that readers will think of you and your words if they ever happen to visit the places you write about, then maybe write some words of their own and start a dialogue across time and space. What to Submit CNF, Fiction, Poetry, Hybrids Length

Secret Attic

  Full details  Monthly Short Story  Short Stories 1500 words max ​Opens 1st Monthly ​£20 Amazon Voucher ​ READ MORE >>> Picture This  Max 1000 words ​Opens 1st Monthly ​£5 Amazon Voucher READ MORE >>> The Weekly Write  Flash Fiction 300 words max ​Every Wednesday ​£5 Amazon Voucher READ MORE >>> Drabble  Stories of exactly 100 words ​Opens 1st Monthly ​ £5 Amazon Voucher READ MORE >>>  

Scary Dairy Press

  Full details Check site for details 

Gold Wake Press

  Full details  For full-length books , Gold Wake holds two Open Reading periods per year, held in the fall (opening October 1st) and the spring (opening April 1st), and open to full-length manuscripts in all genres. We do not charge a separate contest/submission fee—if you buy a Gold Wake book through Submittable , you get a free manuscript submission. We select books exclusively through these Open Reading periods, and publish roughly 4-6 titles per year from the submissions we receive. If your book is selected, you can count on a positive, personal experience.  

The London Magazine

  Full details  ince John Lehmann re-launched The London Magazine in 1954, we have aspired to publish the best in contemporary fiction and poetry, alongside incisive and erudite essays, features and reviews. This approach has allowed us to unearth the best emerging writers in the last seven decades. We are interested in a wide variety of topics and styles of writing. Writers should carefully review the guidelines below before submitting work via our online portal. Similarly, we find those who are familiar with the publication stand a far better chance of having their submissions accepted, so we do recommend reading the latest copy of our print journal which can be purchased using the link below: Buy the latest issue A note from the editors Commissioned articles received by a member of the editorial team are subject to editorial approval. Those accepted for the website will only receive a fee unless they are accepted for print also. The editorial team will edit your piece

Renard Press

  Full details  If you’d like to submit your work, we’d love to read it! We’re currently considering both non-fiction and fiction with a literary bent, as well as poetry and playscripts. In order to spare a few trees, we do ask that all submissions are sent via email to , rather than by post – we’re a small team, so please be patient while we read! Please also send a completed cover letter  to tell us what we need to know, and to help us in anonymising your submission, along with a few chapters from your MS (there’s no need to send us the whole thing at this stage).    

Black Heron Press

  Full details  lack Heron Press is a literary press located in Seattle, Washington. We distribute through Independent Publishers Group (IPG) . Our books are also available from Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Brodart, and most regional wholesalers. Purchase individual books through direct mail order , online booksellers, or most independent bookstores. We do not accept emailed submissions or queries. Black Heron Press prints 4-6 books a year. We publish primarily literary fiction. Send: 1) a one-page cover letter, including your manuscript word count. 2) The first 30-40 pages (we publish books only, not individual stories). 3) A SASE. Please send your query info to: Black Heron Press PO Box 614 Anacortes, WA 98221  

The Smat Set

  Full details  T he Smart Set accepts submissions and pitches on a rolling basis via .  We consider excellent and original non-fiction works between 1500 and 3500 words, such as: Critical essays Cultural critiques and analyses Scholarly articles Food and travel writing Political commentaries Personal essays and memoir Book, film, and television reviews Unpublished excerpts We do not accept: Previously published work Poetry Fiction Tips and advice: Familiarize yourself with our recently published content and regular columns before submitting. Submissions of non-text media, such as photographs or video, may also be considered. Please format your submission as a Word document with Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced. The Smart Set follows AP style with house adjustments. We do not use footnotes. The Smart Set reserves the right to reject submissions without explanation.   

Nightlight Pod

  Full details  We are open for submissions on even months between February and August. Are you Black? It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from, or where you are now–as long as you’re Black and you write horror, you are welcome to submit! Here’s what you need to know: Story submissions should be no longer than 10,000 words. We may occasionally do short fiction episodes for stories less than 3,000 words, so feel free to submit shorter stories–it just may be a bit longer before your story airs. Please send only one submission to us at a time. Simultaneous submissions (sending the same story to multiple publications) are okay. We respond within 4-6 weeks. If you found another home for your work, let us know ASAP. We do give personalized feedback, so long as your submission falls within our submission guidelines. If we reject your story, you can submit a different story at any time, but you’ll only get feedback for stories submitted 12 months after the init