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Story Unlikely

  Full details  Why submit to us? - WE PAY PROFESSIONAL RATES. It’s hard work writing good stories, and you deserve to get paid fairly for it. Or maybe you don’t, and you’re just duping us? Regardless, we pay 8 cents a word for stories up to 2,000 words (well, 1,875, to be exact). Stories longer than this are capped at $150 payment. - NO SUBMISSION FEES. We’re not saying the other guys are getting rich off $3 per submission, but there’s something about the idea that we, as writers, have you pay you, the publisher, just for the privilege of rejecting our work with a form letter, bothers us. (Costs of running an E-zine aside) We’re going to go ahead and coin a phrase right here and now - ‘Write privilege’, get it? Of course, you do. - GET YOUR WORK IN FRONT OF A LARGE AND GROWING AUDIENCE. Our aim is fixed on telling good stories, period, and because of that we have built a massive readership from all over the globe. Want to get your stories out to more than just dear o

Chinchila Lit

 Full details  CHINCHILLA LIT accepts previously unpublished submissions of prose, poetry, hybrid works, play and script, and cover art. We publish on a quarterly basis; our last issue was published July 2023. We seek to showcase work from young writers aged 11~25. We request First World Electronic Serial Rights and Non-Exclusive Archival Rights; all creative rights to a piece revert back to contributors upon publication. GUIDELINES You may send up to 3 poems, 10 pages of prose, 10 pages of play and script, and up to 5 pieces of artwork . We accept all forms of poetry (free verse, form, prose, etc.), all forms of prose (flash, creative nonfiction, essay, etc.), full plays or standalone excerpts, and all forms of artwork (traditional, collage, digital, etc.). We only accept PDFs. For artwork, PNGs are also allowed, but your work must be scanned or photographed in high quality. We expect that your submission will be in a standard font, such as Times New Roman or Gar

Goatshead Press

  Full details  Want to write for us? Submissions will always be free, and writers will always be paid. However, anyone keen to support Goatshed Press can buy a book (or a considerably cheaper EBOOK). This money will be put towards funding print runs and paying artists for subsequent publications. Goatshed Press is taking submissions for Goatshed Two. We are looking for short stories, flash fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. We pay £60 for stories and essays (over 1000 words) and £25 for poems and flash fiction. Submit your work as an attachment, in a PDF or Word Doc. We are also looking to publish longer form work in 2023, including novels, novellas, graphic novels, non fiction books and short story collections. We are happy to consider any genre except children’s fiction, and our only requirement is to be stunned! Send us the first five thousand words alongside a summary/synopsis. Email your submissions to Are you a visual artist? Do you want yo

Purple Unicorn Media

  Full details  Purple Unicorn Media is a publisher, registered with Nielsen, owning a tranche of ISBNs and promoting a stable of books. We are here to get you into trade catalogues and bookstores, and have your work archived at the National Libraries. Purple Unicorn Media will :- - proof and edit your book - assign a professional ISBN to each version of it - register it with Nielsen for entry into trade catalogues - send Legal Deposit copies to the National Libraries - promote across our social media platforms REOPEN - Purple Unicorn Media is now open for new submissions (January 2023).