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Consequence Forum

 Full details  SUBMISSIONS All submissions are welcome during the spring (January 15 - April 15) and fall (July 15 - October 15) reading periods, and will be considered for either our print publication ( Consequence journal) or our website ( Consequence online). All submissions need to address in some manner the human consequences and realities of war or geopolitical violence. frequently asked questions PAY RATES Print Poetry: $40 per piece Print Prose: (1-4 pps) $40 | (5-10 pps) $60 | (11+ pps) $80 Print Art: $200 for an eight-page spread (# of pieces in spread can vary) Online Prose: $80 per piece Online Poetry: $40 per piece Online Art: $40 per piece Reviews: (online only) $40 for long form & $20 for short form ❖ FORMS Fiction : Short story (up to 5,000 words), Flash (up to 3 pieces or 1000 words), and Excerpts (up to 5,000 words)

The Unwritten

  Full details  We’re over the moon that you’d consider writing for us. Here’s everything you need to know. The Unwritten is a new publication for disabled people by disabled people and we’re looking for stories on health, love, loss, success, struggles, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, no diagnosis, and everything in between. All stories are welcome, we won’t define or gate-keep what qualifies as a disability and we recognise self-diagnosis. The basics Word count: 700- 900 words Pay: £75/ $100 (we’re hoping to increase this as the site grows) Pitches accepted on an ongoing rolling basis, but this may mean your article isn’t published for a few months after pitching We accept pitches from all over the world but be aware we only pay in GBP and USD. How to pitch Send an email to and include: The word PITCH in the email subject If your story is time sensitive or news related please mark as TIMELY but be aware that we have a limited budge

Salamader Street

Full details   Salamander Street is an independent publisher, founded in Leith, Edinburgh in 2019 by George Spender . Now based in Bristol, we publish a wide range of books about the arts, music, photography, and (counter) culture. Our fiction list launches in 2023. We welcome open submissions. Please be patient while we take a look – we are a small team with limited hours and long to-do lists.

Foundations Books

Full details  WE ACCEPT: Novels or Compilations **Please see best word count per genre below Authors with or without agents All genres of fiction and non-fiction * Author must be 18 or older WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Child pornography Bestiality Hate propaganda Racism/intolerance Hardcore erotica without story We are not accepting poetry nor children's books at this time GUIDLINES: We will only accept completed AND edited manuscripts If you feel your work should be given consideration and does not fit these criteria, please feel free to contact us by email at MISCELLANEOUS: Manuscripts that have been previously printed in any format and have received an ASIN and/or an ISBN must have: Proof all rights have reverted back to the autho

Knight Errant Press

 Full details  We are open for submissions.    To get an idea of the kind of work we are looking to publish, please see the guidelines below, have a look at our books and peruse the reading list from our team.   We are looking to embrace our LGBTQI+ roots and want to read submissions by LGBTQI+ writers, preferably featuring queerness and queer characters. We want to hear from LGBTQI+ writers who are Q/BPOC, working class, disabled and neurodivergent.   This year we are intrigued to read more trans prose, horror, climate fiction, sapphic prose, sexy LGBTQI+ stories and science fiction and fantasy.    We like accessible writing, a plot or a narrative voice that keeps us up at night and characters and ideas that stick with us long after the last page of the book. And we like a dash of humour, although being funny isn’t compulsory.   We accept submissions written in Scots and English. We are also open to considering works in translation. If you are a trans

Half-Light Press

  Full details  Half-Light Press is interested in publishing work that explores the margins between genres. Between reality and speculation, the modern world and fantasy, and all the possibilities of imagination, and intersections. Send us speculative fiction, magical realism, experimental and hybrid work. Think John Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marques, Paul Auster, and Haruki Murakami.   We have a few reading periods and contests throughout the year. Check below for information. We at Half-Light Press believe in paying our authors and artists, even if at the moment all we can offer is a small honorarium. To help support us in this endeavor, we charge a small reading fee for general submissions, and an entry fee for our contests. If you cannot afford a reading fee, but really want to submit to Half-Light Press, please email, and we may be able to work something out.  

Water Dragon Publishing

 Full details  We are delighted you’re considering working with us, and genuinely look forward to seeing your story! We are primarily interested in: science fiction fantasy science fiction or fantasy genre non-fiction Note: Submissions for the “ Truck Stop at the Center of the Galaxy ” are currently by invitation only. If your submission is: literary fiction, mystery, or historical fiction, please submit your story to our main imprint at Paper Angel Press . short fiction (less than 10,000 words), please submit your story to our Dragon Gems program. You might also consider whether it might be a good fit for one of our upcoming anthologies: Corporate Catharsis: The Work From Home Edition other non-fiction or poetry, please submit your work to our Unruly Voices imprint. Note: We are not accepting simultaneous submissions at this time. Here are some basic guidelines that will help make all of our lives easier. Please make sure you read them, and also our About Us

Petaluma Radio

 Full details  See site for details.  SCRIPT SUBMISSIONS Have a play you would like us to consider for broadcast? We're looking for 30 minute and 60 minute Radio Plays and Radio Plays in series, or stage plays that can  easily  be adapted to radio. We'll consider all genres including comedies, dramas, thrillers, historical fiction, adventure, noir and more. Please avoid submitting plays containing  long monologues. If we accept your script we may provide notes to assist you in making minor changes to fit our air time requirements or for dramatic enhancement. Send your script as either a Word file or pdf file to: .  In your Subject line, please write:  'SUBMISSION'.   Please include all of your contact information. If your play is represented by an agent please include the agent's name, agency name, and contact information. For PRP to consider an agented play for production, agented plays, like all scripts we vet and approve, m

Pulp Fiction

 Full details  Great News!! Shaun Hutson is our VIP judge. Shaun Hutson   We have two new writing competitions - a 'Short Story' one with upto 2,500 words and a 'Flash Fiction' one with upto 1,000 words and Shaun is going to pick the lucky finalists from both. Our planned anthology will also feature one or two of his stories that have never been published.   So enter our competitions for a chance to have your story published next to his.   First will be the Flash Fiction contest, that will begin on the 1st August 2022 and run until 1st January 2023, followed by the 'Short Story' contest. Date to be confirmed.   We know flash fiction has become quite popular. Having to write a complete story in under 1000 words is a challenge in itself but, the results can often be thrilling.    On the other hand, short stories of around 2,500 words have room for more detail, or to build tension towards that vital twist ending.   Intitially, the cash p

New Writers Flash Fiction Competition 2022

  Full details The inaugural New Writers Flash Fiction Competition is now open for submissions. So if you fancy a share of the £1,000 prize fund, check out the details below, get writing and send your entry (or entries) our way. Please also ensure you familiarise yourself with the competition rules, terms and conditions . Competition Details At A Glance: Deadline:  11:59 pm (UK time) on 30 November 2022 Entry Fee:  £6 per entry Charity: £1 from each entry will be donated to First Story (England’s leading creative writing charity for young people) Prizes:  1 st Place:  £700 ; 2 nd Place: £200 ; 3 rd Place: £100 Publication:  The 10 shortlisted entries will be published on the website Word Limit:  300 words (excluding title) SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS Fill in your name, your email address, pen name/alias (optional) and the title of your entry in the Entry Form below. Upload your entry by clicking ‘Choose File’, ensuring it is in one of the supported file types (Mi

Galley Beggar Press Short Story

  Full details  he GBP Short Story Prize 2022/23 is now open to submissions PRIZES: £2500 (winning story); £200 (shortlisted stories); £50 + a 4-book Galley Beggar subscription (longlisted stories). JUDGES: Meena Kandasamy, Jarred McGinnis, Jon McGregor OPENING DATE: 15 July 2022 CLOSING DATE: 16 October 2022 Read more about the GBP Prize and further SUBMISSION DETAILS here . Read our FAQs here and full T&Cs here . ENTER THE PRIZE HERE  

Joffe Books

  Full details  Joffe Books is proud to announce that the second year of the Joffe Books Prize launched 1 May 2022. This year we are thrilled to welcome to the judging panel award-winning author Oyinkan Braithwaite and literary agent Ella Diamond Kahn. The prize, launched in 2021 as a direct response to the paucity of diverse voices being published in crime fiction, invites submissions from unagented authors from Black, Asian, Indigenous and minority ethnic backgrounds writing in one of our favourite crime fiction genres: electrifying psychological thrillers, cosy mysteries, gritty police procedurals, twisty chillers, unputdownable suspense mysteries, shocking domestic noirs. The Joffe Books Prize seeks to discover a new crime fiction writer to join our bestselling list and champion authors from Black, Asian, Indigenous and minority ethnic backgrounds. The prize aims to expand representation within crime fiction, to publish brilliant crime fiction talent and to support these authors in

Minds Shine Bright

  Full details he Minds Shine Bright writing competition  Storm  is open for entries .  Whether it’s fast and furious, loud and bright, something that’s brewing or a spirit summoned tempest, bring us your best writing to warm our hearts through this cold Melbourne winter. What is Minds Shine Bright? Minds Shine Bright is an arts business that supports writers. We currently run two fiction writing competitions per year. Minds Shine Bright  Confidence,  a longitudinal look at confidence in fiction and   our current competition with a changing theme – storm. Behind the scenes we are working on   the Minds Shine Bright anthology  Confidence  featuring writers from our first competition. We will be announcing the winners at a celebratory event in August and launching Confidence. Winning and commended entries receive cash prizes and are published. Additionally, certificates and gifts of recognition are awarded to a small number of talented writers. Storm

Sleek City Press

  Full details  Contest Now Open! Write 1000 words of engaging FICTION or CNF based on the following prompt: . . . WHO I WAS, BEFORE THIS . . . Contestants can include the prompt anywhere within the text, except as a title. Titles must be original. Contestants may also omit the prompt entirely, provided that the text clearly uses it as the main inspiration. PRIZES $600 for winner in each category. Group 1 – Fiction: Contestants are advised to treat the prompt as a useful device for highlighting a character’s development arc. Group 2 – CNF: We would like to read short personal essays about transformation, transformative events or big decisions. Contestants may enter one or both categories. If entering both categories, please submit a separate work to each, one fiction and one creative non-fiction. If entering only one category, contestants may submit two works to that category. SAVE FILES AS: [TITLE] Please submit all entries/requests via

Free Flash Fiction

 Full details  Free Flash Fiction Competition Eleven Write, edit and submit by 10pm Tuesday 23rd August 2022. Submit a flash fiction piece between 100 and 300 words, on any theme. 1x Winner will receive £125 and publication on the FFF website 2x Highly Commended stories will receive a copy of ' Families and Other Natural Disasters' by Anita Goveas and publication on the FFF website 2x Shortlisted stories - publication on the FFF website Judge will be JP Relph @RelphJp £3.50 per entry / story via PayPal or Stripe  £2.00 per entry / story via BACS ( click here) ( apologies UK only ). Submit below - good luck!   Rules & Information  

The Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism

  Full details  The Observer / Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism is now open for entries. This is a review writing competition with a prize fund of £4,000 and a chance to be published in the Observer newspaper. Maybe you’re a journalist, critic or blogger – or none of those. All we ask is you impress us with your best work. Your entry should be a previously unpublished review of up to 800 words on new work in the arts. We welcome entries from anywhere in the world, but entries should be in English. Anthony Burgess wrote for the Observer for more than thirty years, and this prize celebrates his connection with the newspaper. He had a wide range of interests, so there is no restriction on the artform featured in your review. The winning piece could be about an album, book, concert, exhibition, film, live stream, social media entertainment, or television show, or anything else that offers the opportunity to write a lively and thoughtful piece. We define “new work” in the

Code with About Us! Write with About Us!

  Full details  Send us your poems and Scratch coding projects! About Us is all about exploring the many ways life across the universe is connected. If you’re aged 4-18, send us your poems and/ or Scratch projects on the theme of ‘ connectivity and the universe ‘, to win books and tech goodies, talent development opportunities, and free workshops for your school. It is FREE to enter. All entrants will receive an e-certificate for participating. Entries should explore the infinite ways we are connected to the universe, the natural world, and one another. Find out more here , and read the rules . Check out lots of resources to inspire you here . If you’re a teacher , access our specially created lesson plans , designed to help your students create poems for the competition. The competition closes at 23:59 on 31 August 2022. Anyone aged 4-18 on the 31 August 2022 is eligible. Poems should be no more than 20 lines long. Coding entries must not exceed 90 seconds in length. Poetry en