Petaluma Radio

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See site for details. 

Have a play you would like us to consider for broadcast?

We're looking for 30 minute and 60 minute Radio Plays and Radio Plays
in series, or stage plays that can easily be adapted to radio. We'll consider
all genres including comedies, dramas, thrillers, historical fiction,
adventure, noir and more. Please avoid submitting plays containing 
long monologues. If we accept your script we may provide notes
to assist you in making minor changes to fit our air time requirements
or for dramatic enhancement.

Send your script as either a Word file or pdf file

In your Subject line, please write: 'SUBMISSION'. 
Please include all of your contact information. If your play is represented by an agent
please include the agent's name, agency name, and contact information. For PRP to consider
an agented play for production, agented plays, like all scripts we vet and approve, must adhere
to our Standard Use terms and conditions. 

Our Troupe will read your play within four eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks of receipt at one 
of our Script Review Sessions, then notify you with our acceptance or rejection decision. 
We review one (1) play per same author every six months. Please do not submit more than 
one play at a time and please abide by our request.  We log all submissions.

Standard Use Terms & Conditions:
If PRP accepts your play, we will pay you a fee of $100. PRP reserve rights to broadcast your play
up to three (3) times per calendar year on kpca-lpfm (103.3 in Sonoma County, California) and stream 
on the world wide web via, and via podcast ('PODCAST' tab on 
and on other non-commercial stations on a case by case arrangement.  We also reserve the right to 
upload to our Podcast and keep your play active on our Podcast for a period of three (3) years with the 
option to renew subject to payment of a $50 renewal fee for an additional three (3) years. In the event we 
consider your play for future syndication on noncommercial or commercial stations, or for distribution
via a third-party publisher (Blackstone Audio, Amazon's Audible, etc.), we will contact you to discuss 
additional compensation. Our standard royalty for playwrights is five percent (5%) of net profits.

We retain broadcast copyright for material we produce. You retain all other rights to your play. 


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