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Paisley Book Festival

  Full details  Opportunities at the Paisley Book Festival There are a number of different ways to get involved in the Paisley Book Festival. There are creative call-outs, seasonal job roles, or you can be a part of our brilliant Volunteer Programme. If you are a writer or poet, keep your eyes peeled for announcements about our  Writer-in-Residence   opportunity and the  Janet Coats Memorial Prize. Opportunities will be posted here as they arise so make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list and check back here regularly for updates. We’re looking forward to meeting you.  

Letter Review

  Full details  New writing has the ability to inspire, educate, and transform our lives. Everyone has an important message to share, whether you are published or unpublished, new to writing or experienced. We are excited to read your work. We believe in the importance of supporting writers and so are currently open to unsolicited submissions of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.  See our guidelines below. Submission Guidelines We are open to submissions all year round . Submissions are open to writers from everywhere in the world. There are no theme or genre restrictions. You will receive an automated confirmation email. We aim to respond within 3 months.  We pay $50 USD upon publication. There is a service charge of $4 USD per submission for our regular submissions. You may submit multiple times. All submissions must be the original work of the author, and previously unpublished. This includes online publication. Work that has been circulated as part of a writin

Short Fiction

  Full details We publish one story per month as our Featured piece. We will also periodically seek to publish one story in a new section - "Introducing" - which will be a showcase for excellent new writers; that is, writers for whom this is their first published piece. In both cases we are looking for the best, carefully crafted, deeply considered work. ​ All submissions are seen by two readers and we aim to respond within a month of our submissions window closing. There are no submission fees. We offer a paid Critique service (see here ), which supports our future existence. We're also deeply grateful for metaphorical coffees bought at our Ko-Fi page and every small PayPal donation. ​ We are now OPEN for submissions until 30th November 2022. We look forward to reading your work!  ​ We accept submissions via Submittable (link below). Please do not email your story unless using our Critique Service . ​ Before you submit, please note the following gui

The Fantastic Other

  Full details  Guidelines for General Submissions: All submissions should follow the core code of the magazine: write or illustrate something fantastic. We are interested in all things fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, surrealist, fabulist, and magical realist. Show off your weird! Fiction submissions should be no longer than 3,500 words . Fiction submissions that are 1,000 words or fewer will be considered flash fiction. Poetry submissions should be no longer than 50 lines and under three pages . Please send no more than two fiction or flash fiction pieces or four poems per issue. Fiction submissions should be double-spaced. All submissions should be in a size 12, no-nonsense font (arial, times new roman, etc). We can work with Word DOC , DOCX , and PDF files for fiction and poetry. For art, we can take JPG , PNG , and PDF files. We do not discriminate based on race, sex, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, disabilities, or religious beliefs. In fact, we welcome and celebrat


  Full details  Details   - all submissions must be sent through our Submittable account (emailed submissions will not be read) - first publication only - means your story or image can’t be published elsewhere, including on a blog, social media account, etc.  - simultaneous submissions, no worries, just let us know if your work has been accepted somewhere else - multiple submissions are fine, just submit them one file at a time Flash Fiction   - max 500 words, no minimum - use Times New Roman - use font size 12 - double space  - use page numbers - no name, email, address, etc. anywhere on submitted work Art   - jpeg please (if we need or want a different file type we will ask you) - low resolution images, keep the file size below 1mb (again, if we need something bigger we will contact you directly) - we are interested in anything and everything visual, from classic b&w pics to anime fan art to collage and anything in between or beyond Blog - for now our blog is by in

Ergot Press

 Full details   ergot. is a literary website interested in furthering the innovative and experimental tradition in horror. If you aren`t sure what experimental horror is, or whether your own work falls into this category, please look through our archive or the `work of the day` posted to our Twitter account . We seek previously unpublished fiction and hybrid work under 10k words [including excerpts and work in translation] that push out the boundary of what literary horror is and what it might become. Work where close attention has been paid to the prose style. Work that values atmosphere and mood over plot. Work that fails in new and unusual ways over work that succeeds in the tried and true. We are far less interested in "Experimental" work (attempting to display the author‘s brilliance through references, tricks or gimmicks) than experimental work (that seeks to push out the boundaries of what fiction can and might do). Please send only one piece - or up to three

Wet Cement Press

 Full details  Wet Cement Press is a small press based in Berkeley, California, with editors in Reno, Nevada, and Asheville, North Carolina. We typically publish 3-5 books a year, with a focus on poetry, innovative memoir / creative non-fiction, experimental fiction and hybrid work combining image and text. Our first love is creating simple yet wonderful print volumes, but we are also exploring eBooks and other modes of digital publishing.      Wet Cement Press was started by a group of writers who once lived and worked together in San Francisco. We have worked in publishing in New York and San Francisco, several of us were involved in the Five Fingers Review. Our tastes run toward the lyrical and spontaneous, the raw and unsmooth. We are interested in writers & artists who are established in their craft but have not yet been recognized, perhaps because their work is not easily classifiable, or because it falls outside of current trends and approaches. We also

Dancing Star Press

  Full details  Dancing Star Press is seeking submissions of speculative fiction novellas. What makes a work a novella? A novella allows for more world and character building than a short story, but usually centers around a single conflict, unlike a novel. They can be divided into chapters, but usually not. A novella should encourage reading in a single sitting. As far as word counts, novellas should be between 17,500 and 40,000 words in length. Please include the word count of your work in the cover letter. What sort of speculative fiction? Space operas, solar punk, dark fantasy, and urban fantasy. Hard science fiction with an emphasis on biology or chemistry rather than physics. Fantasy based on non-Western cultures. Optimistic futurism. Polar Tesla pop and soft science fiction. Please no: Splatterpunk Graphic depictions of rape or sexual assault Needless brutalization of women and children Depictions of brutalization or abuse of people with disabilities Graphic abuse

Quarter Press

 Full details What’ve you got to show us? A Book-Length Work We love book-length novels and collections targeted at any age bracket, so long as they contain fantastical elements. While leaning towards the darker side, we’re not against the lighter fair, either. And while we may consider High Fantasy, you’re much more likely to get an acceptance with a story grounded in reality. Art If you’re down to work with us and would be interested in illustrating a project with us, then send us a link to your Portfolio or Instagram. Our current model is to match up artists with “the right” project. This could be anything from a novel to a board game to a short zine. (And it may not be

Neem Tree Press

  Full details We accept manuscripts from anywhere in the world and in any language. However, for non-English submissions, we do require a synopsis and sample translation in English. You may present any manuscript for which you control exclusive copyright. In the case of submissions of works already published in another language, the world rights for the English translation must be available and the submitting party must have the permission of the rights holder. Please also indicate the likelihood of securing a translation grant, if needed. Submission Criteria Books that ignite our curiosity, tell us of a time or place or idea we know little about and drive us to look up facts on the internet! And we love books that make us laugh, even if quietly. Age range: 12+ to adult All formats, including graphic novels and illustrated books Fiction and non-fiction, with the following broad themes and their intersections: historical, current social, political and financial art, mus

Timber Ghost Press

 Full details See site for open calls. 

Scorched Earth Press

 Full details Submission guidelines for our language series, Learn American Information on submitting to one of our essay collections or anthologies Your nonfiction book may be right for Scorched Earth if: you know a lot about a certain berry, pathogen, moth, weather pattern, or waterfall (for instance) and are writing its cultural and political biography . Alternatively, you’re writing the natural history of a highway, snack food, shade of red, neighborhood…. or, you’re a craftsperson (cooks welcome) with a belief in the liberatory power of your craft and a gift for explaining the how and why of what you do or, it’s a decolonial field guide , microhistory, cartography, or organizing guide that helps us root ourselves in our local patch of scorched earth or, you have a story to tell about a person or project, contemporary or historical, whose ecological praxis (i.e. hell-raising?) offers a vision for a more livable future or, you’re an academic in the life sciences or in a fiel

Angelsey Festival

  Full details See site for updates 

The Autoethnographer

  Full details The Autoethnographer is an award-winning, non-profit, open-access, peer-reviewed, digital literary and arts magazine open for submissions. Our independent editorial team of international artists, performers, writers, and scholars invites unpublished, unsolicited, evocative stories – sometimes textual, audio, visual, or multimodal – crafted in conjunction with autoethnography that celebrate the intersection of personal expression and cultural inquiry. Simultaneous submissions to other outlets are permissible so long as you notify us immediately should you decide to publish elsewhere. We strongly encourage all contributors to review current articles at our magazine before submitting their work to us. WHAT IS AUTOETHNOGRAPHY? Autoethnography is a qualitative research method that utilizes lived experience as evidence with which to explore cultural phenomena. It is often described as a hybrid form of ethnography & autobiography in that autoethnogra

Riddle Bird

  Full details Please visit our Duotrope site to submit your work. If Duotrope is an impossible platform for you to use (it is free to sign register) please email your work in pdf, .docx, or .doc to Subject line: submission without Duotrope Submission Guidelines: We are happy to publish work that celebrates the joy of reading and writing across different reading preferences. The marketplace can divide us based on our reading tastes, but riddlebird can strive to make a space for more diversity (of interest, of authorship, of meaning).  Please carefully read what we are looking for below, and follow the submission guidelines.  Limit one submission a period. 650-5,000 words. Please note at this time we do not publish poetry. We are interested in three categories. Literary Fiction — Our favorite writers include authors like George Saunders, Souvankham Thammavongsa, and E.C. Osondu. Personal Essays — We like a memoirist’s essay that has achieved some distance and


  Full details  Mythaxis is published four times a year, and is open to submissions within the following periods: January 23rd-30th April 23th-30th July 23rd-30th October 23rd-30th - that means now! Submissions received outside of these dates will unfortunately be lost and therefore not responded to. When open, we seek and offer the following: Length : 1,000-7,500 words. This is a firm limit. Generally speaking, the further a story goes beyond 5,000 words the more it will need to impress, but the door is not shut in advance. Compensation : $20 on acceptance and return of contract. Please be aware that payment is via PayPal only. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 24 hours of submission, please get in touch. We aim to accept or reject within 14 days of acknowledgment, but rl (real life) and rl (reading load) can get in the way. If you do not hear from us after 30 days, feel free to query. We require First Print and Digital rights with a six month period of exc