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Peckham Fringe

 Full details  Peckham Fringe is a performing arts festival which takes place at Theatre Peckham during Spring 2023. It will run from Monday 1 May – Sunday 4 June . Everyone is welcome to apply. Productions may be new writing, plays, musicals, stand-up, sketch comedy, dance, cabaret, opera, poetry, mentalism, improvisation and Q&As. Peckham Fringe was set-up to offer Artists and Companies the chance to try out something different in a dynamic and supportive setting with less financial risks than other fringes. What should my production be? Your production can be any of the art forms mentioned above or perhaps it sits outside of that, either way we want to hear from you. To perform at Peckham Fringe, you will need to supply your own creative team. There are a few things to consider which we have listed below. How many performances can I do? How many performances can I do? There are various options from one to four nights. We will have this discussion

The Frogmore Poetry Prize

  Full details  Sponsored by the Frogmore Press The winner of the Frogmore Poetry Prize (founded 1987) will receive two hundred and fifty guineas and a two-year subscription to The Frogmore Papers. The first and second runners-up will receive seventy-five and fifty guineas respectively and a year’s subscription to The Frogmore Papers. Shortlisted poets will receive copies of selected Frogmore Press publications. Previous winners of the Prize are: David Satherley, Caroline Price, Bill Headdon, John Latham, Diane Brown, Tobias Hill, Mario Petrucci, Gina Wilson, Ross Cogan, Joan Benner, Ann Alexander, Gerald Watts, Katy Darby, David Angel, Howard Wright, Julie-ann Rowell, Arlene Ang, Peter Marshall, Gill Andrews, A K S Shaw, Sharon Black, Emily Wills, Lesley Saunders, Sarah Barr, Eve Jackson, Polly Walshe, Ron Scowcroft, Margaret Wilmot and Laura Jenner. Adjudicator: Helena Nelson is a poet, critic, publisher and the founding editor of Happen Stanc