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Mud Season Review

Full details We seek deeply human work that will teach us something about life, but also about the craft of writing or visual art; work that is original in its approach and that in some way moves us.  Publishing and celebrating a diverse range of voices is important to us, so please include in your cover letter a brief bio (100-150 words) as you would like it to appear on our Contributors page. For more on what we are looking for in submissions, read an interview with our founding editor here. We accept simultaneous submissions. However, please withdraw your work immediately should a piece you’ve submitted be accepted elsewhere. If you are withdrawing your entire submission, please log in to your Submittable account and click “withdraw.” If you are withdrawing only a part of your poetry or art submission, please add a note to your submission advising which piece(s) you are withdrawing. We strive to respond to all submissions within 2 months. You can track your submiss

Timeworn Literary Journal

Full details Timeworn Literary Journal welcomes unpublished historical fiction submissions in English under 5,000 words. They should be set before 1996 , rooted in history and voice-driven. We're looking for " Historical Fiction from the fringe." Work with a bend toward the surreal, the dream-like, the strange. The offbeat kind of story that settles into your heart long after reading. That said, we also value beauty and warmth and a generally well-written story with soul. Romance, Mystery, Crime and the Gothic are all acceptable.  Speculative elements strongly encouraged . ​ Think, The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O'Neill. Think, The Invention of Everything Else by Samantha Hunt. Think, Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. Think,  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern ​ While we  love  a tasteful sex scene, no erotica. No gratuitous violence or rape. ​ History can vary a great deal based on the perspective it's written from. We aim

Hashtag Blak

Full details We are We are currently focusing on  great books for young adults and  adults written by under-represented voices.  Ideally  we would like to publish our first books by Black British writers. ​ We are not  currently  looking for non-fiction, picture books or children's books for under 12 years old. ​ We have an open submission policy. This means you don't need an agent to submit to us. ​ ​ ​ ​ FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS ​ Please send ​ 1. The first three chapters of your manuscript, in font Times New Roman, font size 12, double spaced. Just the first 3 chapters regardless of how long or short they are ​ 2. A one-page (maximum) author biography including social media links ​ 3. A pitch - just a couple of sentences, like a blurb of the book or elevator pitch. Imagine you find yourself in a lift with one of us - what would you tell us about your book that would make us want to contact you again once you get out of the lift? ​ 4.

Iceberg Tales

Full details PUBLISH WITH US ​ We welcome poetry, prose, artwork and literary criticism, our only requirement is that the work be ambitious and original. ​ In  conjunction  with our ongoing curation project for the print edition, we publish work  online on a rolling basis. To submit for either online publication or for consideration for the debut issue, p lease email us at  with your work as an attachment. Be sure to put s ubmission  as the subject for the email and please feel free to add a brief bio detailing a little about you and whether you have been published before. ​ For more information on submissions, follow the link to read our FAQs .

The Open Notebook

Full details The Open Notebook is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides tools and resources to help science, environmental, and health journalists at all experience levels sharpen their skills. We do this through story-behind-the-story interviews, reported features on craft, annotations, profiles, an advice column, a database of successful news and feature pitches, and more. Learn more about TON here . Our capacity for assigning stories is limited, but we welcome pitches for story-behind-the-story interviews and reported features . Please note: We publish stories about the craft of science journalism . We frequently receive pitches for stories about an area of scientific research or for interviews with scientists about their science. We do not publish these types of stories. Please familiarize yourself with our publication before pitching. We are committed to paying fair and competitive rates to all our contributors. We currently pay the following rates

Type House

Full details We are looking for submissions of poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction and visual art. Writing that grabs us conveys a unique perspective and honest insight into our world. We are especially interested in underrepresented voices of all kinds, and we want to see submissions from writers and artists of all races, sexualities, nationalities, religions, and genders, as well as disabled and neurodivergent creators. Genre fiction submissions are welcome, particularly speculative fiction. We are all writers and artists, so simultaneous submission are encouraged, but please let us know immediately if it has been accepted elsewhere. Previously published work will not be considered, and this includes work published on social media and personal websites. If it available publicly online, that means it is published. Once you have received a response to a submission, please wait two months before sending us a new work. Submitting is free, but please consider to

Earth Island

Full details Earth Island Journal is always looking for compelling and distinctive stories that anticipate environmental concerns before they become pressing problems — stories that scan the horizon for the next big threat to our environment. We want articles that will surprise, provoke, and entertain our readers and that explore new territory overlooked by other publications. We cover the entire spectrum of environmental issues, including, wildlife and lands conservation; innovations in science and technology; public policy and the politics of environmental protection; climate and energy; animal rights; public health; environmental justice and cultural survival; and environmentally related film, music, and books. Whenever possible, we seek to tell the stories of individuals and communities who are successfully defending and restoring the Earth. On-the-ground reports from outside North America are especially welcomed. These pieces should be appropriate for an educa

Howl Round

Full details  We're looking for pieces about: Theatre commoning (resources managed and produced with generosity and abundance, community and collaboration) Ideas and practices that challenge—and seek to revolutionize—the status quo Lesser-known or marginalized aesthetics, or new forms of theatre practice Equity, inclusivity, and accessibility for underrepresented theatre communities and practices Theatre practice, process, and relevant issues in a specific geographic location that are meaningful and relevant to others around the world. We do not publish personal attacks, promotional material, or material that has been previously published. Our team of editors work with all writers to edit pieces for style and content. Payment We pay an honorarium to each author based on the length of the published piece. Knowing that many people do not have enough free time to volunteer their perspectives and experience to benefit the overall theatre community, we fundraise

Square One

Full details Square One Publishers specializes in adult nonfiction books. We look for interesting manuscript proposals that have a fresh and/or different point of view by authors who truly know their topic. Our books provide information that is designed to meet the needs of specific audiences. Currently, we are interested in receiving manuscript proposals for the following categories : Alternative Health   Parenting Collectibles   Personal Finance Cooking   Postcards Gambling   Self-help Health  

Shanti Arts

Full details SHANTI ARTS PUBLISHING is devoted to producing beautiful and compelling books related to nature, art, and spirit .  View our catalog and you will see we publish books that cover a wide variety of topics and interests: nature, art, spirituality, family issues, memoir, travel, aging, and more. We publish both poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction. We do not produce coffee-table books, and at the moment we are not accepting novels. Most of our books are distributed both in print and digital editions.  We work closely with our authors and artists, both on book production and marketing. The details: 1. There is no submission deadline. We review submissions as they come in. 2. We strongly encourage you to submit online. Please do not send submissions by email unless you've been asked to do so; we will not read them. Online submissions must be done through Submittable ; the link may be found at the bottom of this page. 3. We will email you

Roaring Forties Press

Full details Our books span a broad range of subjects and genres, but we are especially interested in these kinds of nonfiction projects: General nonfiction/investigative reporting Biographies Travel books with a twist Books about music Books about art Small-format gift books We do not publish memoirs.

Quirk Books

Full details How can I submit my idea to Quirk? We love smart, original, cool, and fun books! However, each editor has their own submissions policy, so please review their guidelines carefully. Our house policy: We only review digital queries and sample material. No physical submissions, please. Thank you for thinking of us! Who should I contact? Jhanteigh Kupihea (Editorial Director)  loves exceptionally written, high-concept adult fiction and pop-culture-driven non-fiction. If your mystery/thriller has a true-crime or feminist twist to it, send it to her! She loves horror—the more atmospheric and psychological, the better. (Not a fan of violent and gory.) She loves fun, voice-y novels for women, especially ones that focus on female friendships or subvert romantic comedy tropes. Regardless of the genre, she loves anything that breaks the mold and plays with unusual structures, so think of her for your modern update on the epistolary novel or your interactive n

Open Books

Full details See web-site for details

One World

Full details Thank you for choosing to submit your book proposal to Oneworld. We aim to respond to as many submissions as possible; however, due to the sheer number we receive each day, we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to reply to each one. Many proposals are rejected because they do not contain enough information, or because they do not give the right sort of information; in order to give your project the greatest chance of being considered for publication, please read the notes of guidance below carefully and use them to structure what you write: Before you fill in our submissions form, think carefully about the suitability of your project for Oneworld. Does it fit into our list? Have we published similar titles in the past? Would it be suitable for inclusion in one of our current series, for example, the Beginner’s Guides series? Our website has full details of all our current publications, and a copy of our most recent catalogue is available to downl

Manuscript Monday

Full details On the first Monday of every month only, between 10am and 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, we accept electronic submissions that comply with the guidelines set out below. Manuscript submissions sent on any other Mondays or day of the month will not be read so we advise you to wait until the next month if you miss the deadline. We are looking for: Commercial fiction – women’s fiction, romance, thriller, crime, historical, humour, paranormal, fantasy Literary fiction and non-fiction – novels, short stories, and narrative non-fiction only Children’s books and young adult – junior and middle grade fiction, young adult/crossover fiction; we are not accepting picture book submissions Commercial non-fiction – history, memoir, mind body spirit, travel, health, diet, biography Please familiarise yourself with what we publish . We do not publish scripts, plays or poetry in Australia and will not assess them. Academic submissions are not accepted during Ma


Full details Facts On File is known for its strength in American history, particularly multi-cultural studies, women's history, world history, and global issues. We have strong curriculum-based titles in science, ecology, and cultural studies, and offer biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias across a wide range of disciplines. Our consumer products feature career guides, health sourcebooks, and criminology titles, as well as A-to-Z compendiums on popular culture, literature, and the arts. We have stand-alone titles, as well as a number of popular series such as Eyewitness History , Countries of the World , Almanacs of American Life , and Library in a Book . You may submit a proposal that fits with an existing series, creates a new one, or is an


Full details Harlequin is always on the lookout for talented writers—from established authors to those just starting their writing careers. We publish a wide range of content and welcome writers from all backgrounds, cultures and communities to submit to the romance series or trade imprint best suited to their unique voice and story. We want to ensure all readers will see themselves reflected in the books we publish, and as such, are committed to publishing diverse and inclusive voices and stories. Get to know our various imprints and editorial lines to find out where you might fit into Harlequin's extensive publishing program.

Gryphon House

Full details We're interested in your new book idea! If you have an idea for a book, we’d like to hear about it. At Gryphon House, our goal is to publish books that help teachers and parents enrich the lives of children from birth through age eight. We strive to make our books useful for teachers at all levels of experience, as well as for parents, caregivers, and anyone interested in working with children. The staff at Gryphon House cares deeply about children and about teaching them appropriately and positively. We also believe that spending time with children is a valuable and fun thing to do. Our books reflect these beliefs. We look for books that are developmentally appropriate for the intended age group, are well researched and based on current trends in the field, and include creative, participatory learning experiences with a common conceptual theme to tie them together. Our books are essential tools for teachers. As such, the books should be ones that te

Free Spirit Press

Full details bout Free Spirit Publishing Free Spirit is the leading publisher of learning tools for youth and educators that support young people’s social, emotional, and educational needs. We help children and teens think for themselves, overcome challenges, and make a difference in the world. We care about young people and the issues and challenges they face every day. Our line of materials includes early childhood board books and picture books on social skills and positive behavior; Self-Help for Kids ® ; Self-Help for Teens ® ; and teaching resources for educators. Our titles inform, engage, and inspire children, teens, and the adults who live and work with them. The Benefits of Working with Free Spirit  You can expect a high level of personal attention from our editors and our promotions and sales departments.  Our strong backlist ensures that your book will have a long life in print.  You will join a prestigious community of authors, including

Chicago Review Press

Full details Chicago Review Press works collaboratively with our authors, and we pride ourselves on developing longstanding author-publisher relationships. Our dedicated staff of editing, design, publicity, and marketing professionals is passionate and knowledgeable about books and the industry. We value communication and at every stage of the publishing process we solicit authors' ideas and feedback. Not only do we work hard to create bestselling books, but we also endeavor to make the publishing experience an enjoyable one. Submission Guidelines We are interested in publishing high-quality nonfiction that will sell year after year. We look for books with a well-defined, passionate target audience.  Chicago Review Press publishes nonfiction in the following categories: African American interest, autobiography/biography, DIY, film, food and drink (not cookbooks), history, music, parenting, politics, popular culture, popular science, social science, sports, regio

Career Press

Full details hank you for your interest in Career Press. Following are our editorial guidelines. If you determine that your proposal or manuscript meets these criteria, we welcome your submission. If you are interested in submitting work for our New Page Books imprint please see for details. Editorial Mission Statement It is our mission to publish and distribute quality, nonfiction books for adult readers seeking practical information to improve themselves in careers, college, finance, parenting, retirement, spirituality, and other related topics. We strive to deliver well-written, comprehensive books that inform, advise, and educate the reader. Readers Our readers are a diverse group, representing many age, job, and demographic categories. Yet they all demand the same high level of quality in the books they buy from Career Press; these characteristics will be identified below under Content Standards. Our primary markets include: Students workin

Ben Bella

Full details Thank you for taking this time to learn a bit more about BenBella Books acquisitions. This letter tells you everything you need to know to submit your project to BenBella Books. BenBella Books is a publishing boutique that publishes around 40 books a year, is very selective in what it acquires, and works with great diligence to publish each book to its maximum potential. We are actively acquiring strong nonfiction manuscripts. We are not looking for fiction at this time. Our approach to publishing is very straightforward: We are a marketing-focused house that prides itself on creative and diligent marketing of our titles. We have a team of four full-time marketers for our relatively small list of titles, and we work with a range of top-notch outside publicists, as well. We pay advances in the range of $5,000 to $20,000 for most books, but for books we really want, we offer profit-sharing deals with extraordinary upside. For all of our books, we pay st

Latitudes and Attitudes

Full details Article and photo submissions are welcome from boaters worldwide. We prefer digital submissions. You may select to submit articles and photos for the magazine, the website or both. Simply fill out the submission form that you will find HERE . Be sure to indicate if you are submitting for internet only, print issue only, or both. You will find the section titles and compensation information for the different sections in our guidelines. Submissions that are used on the website will not receive compensation, and are for our one time use only. Once they are added to the site you may submit them to other publications or sites, as long as they first appear here on Cruising Outpost. Guidelines Below you will find the compensation rates for articles that are used in Cruising Outpost Magazine, the Print Edition. At this time, we do not pay for website submissions. By checking “in either or both” on your submission form , your submission will first be considered for

Claret Press

Full details Claret Press was founded in 2015 as an independent press and our books are now read and enjoyed all over the world.  We love stories that are engaging, relevant and fun. Claret Press books are entertaining, intelligent and distinctive, introducing readers to new ideas, unexplored places and pivotal events. Our fiction and creative non-fiction explore the human spirit and our shared world through deeply interesting and engaging narratives, often with a political edge. ​ New York audiobook producers Essential AudioBooks has turned seven of our books into audiobooks. In Germany, Drachenhaus Verlag has published one of our books.   We publish a limited number of books a year, across all formats and commit to quality writing, informed editorial engagement, high production values and bespoke marketing. ​Claret Press meets all the costs of editing, designing, publishing and marketing our books. You can order Claret Press books in any bookshop or via eplatforms


Full details We select new, original works in fiction & non-fiction and update and republish rights-reverted titles.    We always read the chapter first. Only if the chapter has grabbed our attention will we go on to read the synopsis.    We do not publish short story collections, children's picture books or poetry.   Cut and paste your first chapter and synopsis into an email and send to   Please don't be despondent if you don't hear back from us. We can take very, very few books on.     Author Power  Our bespoke author-friendly service is run along the following lines: Communication & presentation :  the skills and precision of traditional editor-led publishing meets the e-marketing revolution. Royalties : Online and POD publication costs don’t begin to compare with the overheads of print publishing. Income from sales

Bancroft Press

Full details We publish trade fiction and non-fiction, and we publish what we like. Virtually every genre is represented by one of our fine authors; this is owed to their individual ability to tell a good story. From classic literature to political memoirs, from illustrated picture books to gripping suspense thrillers – the key is in the quality. We ask for your patience in waiting for our response. We do our best to respond within 6 months, but occasionally are unable to do so. We look forward to reading your submission! Email or Submission Form: There is no need to send submissions by mail. All entries are either via email: or by use of the submission form below. Please mark your submission appropriately in the subect field- Non-Fiction Fiction Please be sure to include your email address so we can contact you when the manuscript has been received. Fiction: Please submit an entire manuscript, or as many chapters as you have written. Be s

The Writers Chronicle

Full details AWP presents the best contemporary writing in its flagship magazine the Writer’s Chronicle , as well as on our website through Online-Only Exclusives, short blog pieces on the Writer’s Notebook , and articles giving job advice in our Career Advice section. The Editors read submissions for the Writer’s Chronicle from February 1 through September 30 of each year. Submissions for the Writer’s Notebook and the Career Advice section are read throughout the year. Please review our guidelines below. About the Writer’s Chronicle Published six times during the academic year, the Writer’s Chronicle strives to present the best essays on the craft and art of writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction; help overcome academic overspecialization and balkanization of the literary arts by presenting a public forum for the appreciation, debate, and analysis of contemporary literature; present the diversity of accomplishments and points


Full details Who Can Submit? You must be a queer/two-spirit person of colour/Indigenous/Aboriginal* to submit to Anathema. Windows and Response Times Anathema is open to unsolicited submissions year round.   Our first round response time is usually under 8 weeks; please query after 8 weeks if you haven't heard from us. Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry Fiction:  1,500-6,000 words (soft min/max, but please within that general range). Original fiction only, no reprints. Must have some speculative content, however slight. No restriction on genre. Non-Fiction:  1,500-3,000 words (soft min/max, but please within that general range). Original content only, no reprints. Poetry: Under 100 lines, any form — traditional, free, and/or experimental. (Prose poetry may exceed this stated limit). Original content only, no reprints. Must have some speculative content, however slight. Simultaneous Submissions:  Yes. Please do notify us if you sell your sub somewhere el