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Claret Press was founded in 2015 as an independent press and our books are now read and
enjoyed all over the world.  We love stories that are engaging, relevant and fun.
Claret Press books are entertaining, intelligent and distinctive, introducing readers to new
ideas, unexplored places and pivotal events. Our fiction and creative non-fiction explore the
human spirit and our shared world through deeply interesting and engaging narratives,
often with a political edge.

New York audiobook producers Essential AudioBooks has turned seven of our books into
audiobooks. In Germany, Drachenhaus Verlag has published one of our books.

We publish a limited number of books a year, across all formats and commit to quality writing, informed editorial engagement, high production values and bespoke marketing.

​Claret Press meets all the costs of editing, designing, publishing and marketing our books.
You can order Claret Press books in any bookshop or via eplatforms like Book Depository
and Amazon. All our books are also available as ebooks. We support our local bookshops. To
find a bookshop near you, click on the Find Your Local Bookshop button here.
Submitting to Claret Press
If you're interested in submitting to Claret Press, send us a cover letter and a 25 page writing sample. We'll try to get back to you in a few weeks.


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