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How can I submit my idea to Quirk?
We love smart, original, cool, and fun books! However, each editor has their own submissions policy, so please review their guidelines carefully.
Our house policy: We only review digital queries and sample material. No physical submissions, please.
Thank you for thinking of us!

Who should I contact?
Jhanteigh Kupihea (Editorial Director) loves exceptionally written, high-concept adult fiction and pop-culture-driven non-fiction. If your mystery/thriller has a true-crime or feminist twist to it, send it to her! She loves horror—the more atmospheric and psychological, the better. (Not a fan of violent and gory.) She loves fun, voice-y novels for women, especially ones that focus on female friendships or subvert romantic comedy tropes. Regardless of the genre, she loves anything that breaks the mold and plays with unusual structures, so think of her for your modern update on the epistolary novel or your interactive novel. All fiction submissions must pass the Bechdel Test.
In non-fiction, she loves anything to do with celebrity, movie, and TV culture, as well as humorous self-care and lifestyle books with a fresh twist. She also selectively acquires cookbooks and craft books with a pop culture spin. She does not acquire memoir or personal essay collections.
She is only accepting agented submissions and authors referred by other Quirk authors at this time. The exception: If you are an established culture writer or podcaster and are interested in writing for the For Your Consideration series, please feel free to contact her without representation.
Email: Jhanteigh@quirkbooks.com

Alex Arnold (Senior Editor) is looking for high-concept, original, and beautifully told stories for the young and young at heart. She specializes in picture books, middle grade, and Young Adult fiction and non-fiction at Quirk. In picture books, she's especially looking for the funny, inventive, and absurd. In middle grade fiction, she's drawn to dark and strange magic, high-concept twists, and family stories with a hook. In YA non-fiction, she'd like to find accessible projects that engage with topics like mental health, toxic masculinity, and intersectional feminism; in fiction, she'd especially like to see queer rom-coms, magical realism, and fresh retellings.
In all categories, she is on the lookout for diverse, authentic voices, stories that play with structure and format, characters that could step off the page, and atmospheric settings that make her feel transported. Particular soft spots include baseball, dogs, dark family magic, wry humor, and strong female friendship. She is only accepting agented submissions and authors referred by other Quirk authors at this time.
Email: Alex@quirkbooks.com

Rebecca Gyllenhaal (Assistant Editor) is on the lookout for high-concept, genre-bending fiction and nonfiction for adults, but is open to good proposals in any category.
In adult fiction, her bread and butter is mystery, thriller, and suspense (think Tana French but more high-concept, or Donna Tartt but more commercial). She also loves character-driven sci-fi, genre-adjacent fiction with a literary bent, and gothic or horror fiction, especially when it deliberately plays with the tropes. If you have a haunted house story with a twist or a modern update on Northanger Abbey or Rebecca, send it! She also loves fiction that meditates on new technologies or features an unusual setting. All fiction must have a beating heart, a strong voice, and a either a fresh premise or a fresh take on an old premise.
In adult nonfiction, she’s interested in pop culture-driven projects, pop history, humor, and gift books with an off-the-wall sensibility. She’d especially like to see any project that can capture that blend of dark yet absurd millennial humor or is driven by cultural obsessions and/or affection.
She is actively seeking diverse authors and pitches and is open to unagented submissions at this time. Please send as much material as you have—at least sample chapters and an outline if not the full manuscript (but keep your cover letter brief and to-the-point).
Email: RebeccaG@quirkbooks.com


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