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The Writers Lab UK & Europe

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 Full details Freelance Poet - The University of Exeter The University of Exeter Closing date: Wed, 10 May 2023 Artform: Literature Role: Creative Contract: Contract South West Part time £40k-£50k published - Tue, 25 Apr 2023 Job Summary Freelance poet re

Bawtry Arts Festival

  Full details  See Facebook page for details   Bawtry Arts Festival 2023 is a week-long celebration of all things creative. It starts on Saturday 17th with 'Live Art' and street entertainment, followed by an Artisan/craft market on Sunday 17th. During the week there is a timetable of events taking place at Bawtry library and The Phoenix theatre and finishes on Saturday 24th with Bawtry sports Day. We welcome crafters, makers and musicians.  The event is free.

God's Cruel Joke

 Full Submissions  Submissions God’s Cruel Joke accepts the submission of short stories, flash fiction, book excerpts, poetry, essays, memoirs, reviews, as well as visual art and photography. Submission fees, sadly, are a necessity as of now due to the fact that the costs to keep the magazine running come almost entirely out-of-pocket, and it is imperative that contributors receive compensation, however paltry the sum is, for their work. Art is labor and deserves the same degree of dignity and respect. What We’re Looking For God’s Cruel Joke is looking for works of fiction, poems, essays, memoirs, reviews, and visual art that explore the stranger, possibly more dangerous waters of the human condition. GCJ does not shy away from depictions of sex and violence, no matter how graphic they may be. It is only asked that those depictions serve a larger purpose than simple exploitation or shock value. Genre fiction is gladly accepted so long as it falls in line with these pre

Earth Island

 Full details  Writer’s Guidelines Earth Island Journal is always looking for compelling and distinctive stories that anticipate environmental concerns before they become pressing problems — stories that scan the horizon for the next big threat to our environment. We want articles that will surprise, provoke, and entertain our readers and that explore new territory overlooked by other publications. We cover the entire spectrum of environmental issues, including, wildlife and lands conservation; innovations in science and technology; public policy and the politics of environmental protection; climate and energy; animal rights; public health; environmental justice and cultural survival; and environmentally related film, music, and books. Whenever possible, we seek to tell the stories of individuals and communities who are successfully defending and restoring the Earth. On-the-ground reports from outside North America are especially welcomed. These pieces should be appr

The Actor's Cove

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Oh Reader

  Full details  Want to contribute to Oh Reader? Fill out the submission form below! We’re looking for stories about your experiences as a reader, insight into the effect of reading on humans, humorous takes on the world of words, and anything else you as a reader or writer might be interested in sharing. In other words: we’re open to any ideas you may have (as long as they relate to reading). You can pitch any of the below, but make sure that your work has reading as its focus. Please note that Oh Reader is no longer accepting or publishing fiction. Non-fiction/essay Humor Poetry We will accept non-fiction and humor based solely on a pitch; if you are submitting poetry, please send the entire piece to Don’t be afraid to get inventive. We’re excited to see what you have up your sleeve! Please note that we don’t publish book reviews or author interviews at this stage. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, it might take us a little while to get back to y

Writing Class Radio

  Full details  Listen to our podcast so you know what kinds of stories we’re looking for. Here are some recent episodes we love. Click to listen: Episode 144: When Is a Gift More Than a Gift? Episode 142: Beginnings and Endings . Episode 139: This is What Mania Looks Like . Submit your story in a Word document attached to your email pitch to In your email pitch, tell us in two sentences what your story is about. Write Submission in the subject line of your email. Send a story that is 1,500 words or fewer. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, and double space. Put your name and word count at the top of your story. Title the story. Send us a true story. Write a story about YOU. Write about something eventful, the kind of thing that happened where you rushed home to tell someone. But it’s not just enough to have a remarkable situation; your submission should also be a story, which means, you have to find meaning to the thing that happened. Write about something

Chapeltown Books

 Full details  About Us Chapeltown was founded to produce beautiful books, to enable unusual authors to gain some visibility and to help keep books in the world. Chapeltown was founded by Gill James, experienced author, publisher and creative writing teacher. She offers free-lance work to a host of editors, illustrators, proof-readers, designers and marketers she has come across in her own free-lance career.           Company history Chapeltown was founded in 2011. Though physically based in Greater Manchester, it operates actually in cyberspace, so in theory can be present throughout the whole world. We do, however, produce a few physical books. We tend not to carry stock but can get books to you very quickly.         Readers, content-providers, customers and workers ‘thank you for doing such a good job on my book’ ‘thank you for all the hard work on the cover’ ‘this really has been such fun’ Contact us here   

The Red Telephone

  Full details We are currently seeking novels for teens 45,000 -105,000 words   Please submit a 500 word synopsis and first three chapters or 10,000 words, whichever is the shorter.  (Tips on writing a synopsis here. ) Double-space your work.  Use a regular font - Times new Roman,  Arial, Calibri point 12. Indent paragraphs but do not  insert an extra line break. If possible use the Word tool for creating paragraphs. Put the title and your name as you would like it in the byline in the header and your legal name and full contact details including email and page numbers in the footer. T ell us about your use of social  media, providing handles where appropriate and how you might be able to help market the book. (Up to 500 words)             Please submit all of the above as in one  Word document         Happy submitting!  

Bridge House Publishing

  Full details  Bridge House Publishing is an independent publishing house that specialises in fiction which is a little bit different. We focus mainly on short story collections. Run by writers for writers we do it all for love but we like to give new writers a voice. It began with the first Bridge House anthology, Making Changes published in November 2008. Since then we have built upon our success having published many more titles since then. Details can be viewed on our Buy Our Books pages. Writers....please see our Submissions Page for details of the titles for which we are currently accepting submissions or open competitions. If we are not accepting at the time you look then sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date. Bridge House prides itself on being a friendly and professional independent publishers.