About this site:

This is a curated list. All of these opportunities have been vetted for fairness to new and established writers. They must do one or all of the following:

  • lead to fair payment 
  • lead to genuinely good exposure
  • give you a good line on your CV 
  • provide tons of creative fun 
In addition, any charge for competition entries should be fair.

There should be no charge or a minimum charge for ordinary submissions. Many publishers are now charging a small fee for submissions.  This is usually certainly less than you would have to pay for physical submission in terms of postage, return postage, paper and ink. In most cases this is to cover the cost of their submission-processing software. There should never be  a reading fee.     

I may not always get it right. You may occasionally find a link doesn't work. Or you may have one of your own opportunities you would like me to highlight. In any of these circumstances, please contact me via the contact form on the main page of the blog.

Please let me know of any success you have. I would like to highlight this on this page and in the newsletter we send out.

Also, please let me know if you find a link doesn't work or that a company is suddenly permanently closed to submissions.

Click on the links below to find opportunities in these areas.

There is some detail under each entry but it always worth visiting the publisher's web site. Click on the label to find what you're looking for.     


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