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Witcraft - General Submissions - Free

  Full details  Send us skillfully written fiction, poetry and non-fiction pieces that are brief, humorous and engaging, with the emphasis on wit, word play, absurdity and inspired nonsense.  Word limits: 200-1000.  We’re looking for fiction, nonfiction and poetry that is founded on wit, humour, puns, absurdity and irony. Put away the sledgehammer, the cliches, the tired tropes and the nastiness. Every piece accepted in a given month is automatically entered into that month's competition and is eligible for one of 3 monetary prizes for that month.  Submissions to: Could you also please add a new Listing; Witcraft Annual Humour Competition This is a competition dedicated to skillful writing that is brief, humorous and engaging. The emphasis is on wit, word play, absurdity and inspired nonsense. Whether your work is designed to raise a smile or a belly laugh, we want pieces that are a refuge from the re

Down East Books

 Full details  Trade Submission Guidelines Submissions are accepted by mail or email, but we do prefer email. We will not be responsible for materials sent in the mail. Do not include materials on CDs or USB drives; these will not be viewed. Anything received in the mail will be recycled after it is considered. Below are email links by imprint. Please submit your proposal to just one editor. If your project is not a fit for him/her, it will be forwarded internally to the appropriate editor. Because we receive so many unsolicited manuscripts, we aren’t able to respond to all submissions. Please give us three months to review before following up and remember to include your email address with your submission. Please include the following in your proposal: A description of the book. A table of contents, a sample chapter, and sample photographs or art if applicable. An overview of your platform, experience, and online presence (tell us how you will help promote the book). A mark

Fire and ice

 Full details  Submissions Fire & Ice, an imprint of Melange Books, LLC, is a royalty-paying company publishing e-books (digital formats) and print books. We pay authors 40% net royalties on digital formats and 25% on print. Fire and Ice acquires for most genres of UPPER YA (teen-15 years and above) and New Adult novels and novellas. NOTE: We are not currently accepting submissions for middle grade fiction. We are currently OPEN for submissions. • Novella length from 20k – 39,999k (ebook only, not available in print) • Novels from 40k and up (full length novels, available in print and ebook)   CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Contemporary Fiction OR Contemporary Romance Fire & Ice is seeking full length contemporary fiction OR contemporary romance novels, both New Adult and YA (ages 15 and above content) are desired. YOUNG ADUL

Red Hen Press

  Full details  See site 

The Other Stories

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Three Lobed Mag

 Full details  Submission Guidelines Three-Lobed Burning Eye ( 3LBE ) is a speculative fiction magazine published online (thrice per year) and print anthology (every other year). Each issue features four original stories, some with audio readings. 3LBE was founded by Editor-in-Chief Andrew S. Fuller in 1999. We recommend reading an issue or two to obtain a feel for the kinds of fiction we publish before submitting. Guidelines What We Publish: Original speculative fiction stories up to 7,500 words, including horror, fantasy, and science-fiction. Simultaneous or multiple submissions: These are not permitted. Reprints: We are not currently publishing reprints. Translations: We welcome translations. Stories published in another language and translated into English are considered original. Payment: is $100 for short story (1,001 – 7,500 words), $30 for flash fiction (500 – 1,000 words); plus one copy of print

Skobeloff Short Story

  Short Story Submission The theme of this anthology is Love & Romance Stories Thank you for your interest in submitting to the Skobeloff Short Story Anthology. We are thrilled to read your creative and imaginative short stories. Before you submit, please carefully review the following guidelines and instructions. The aim of the Skobeloff Short Story Anthology is to spotlight lesser known fiction writers in the UK. Although the submission is open worldwide, we will focus primarily on UK entries. Each short story should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words. We encourage writers to be concise and impactful in their storytelling. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice/LibreOffice format (.doc, .docx or .odt) and adhere to standard manuscript formatting guidelines. Use a legible font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial) and double spacing. Include a cover page with your submission. The cover page should contain the story’s title, your pen name (if applicable), and

Searchlight Writing for Children Awards

  Full details  Our purpose is to shine a bright light on exceptional writing. We champion it, send it out into the world, and act as a stepping stone for children’s authors to achieve their literary dreams. We can’t wait to tell the world about you and your writing, so the top ten entries from each competition receive maximum recognition. They will: Feature in Searchlight’s Pitch Book of winning stories, which is sent to an extensive list of literary agents and publishers who have requested it, to help your writing get noticed. Appear, alongside your biography, in our  Winners’ Gallery  on the Searchlight Awards’ website, which agents, publishers, friends and family can access. And, to top it all, the First Prize winner for each competition receives a generous Cash Award . See site for competitions