The Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition

  Full details  The Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition seeks original, engaging, and entertaining stories on any topic up to 2,000 words. It is open to writers worldwide, published or unpublished, over 16 years. We accept entries from 1 December to 28/29 February every year. The winners of the competition will be announced on September 24 2022 at the the Story Awards Dinner at the Scottish Art Club, Edinburgh. Entry fee is £10 per story. All proceeds are used to support the arts in Scotland. The competition is managed by the Scottish Arts Trust and run entirely by volunteers. 2022 Prizes include: International award: First prize of £1,000, second prize £500, third prize £250 (open to writers worldwide) £750 Isobel Lodge Award open to unpublished writers living or studying in Scotland. Publication offered to the authors of least twenty stories in our next anthology. The Scottish Arts Club will present one year free membership of the Club to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and Isobel

Bag of Bones

  Full details Bag of Bones - 206 Word Story' Submission Call There are 206 bones in the human body. We want a word per bone. From you. We're seeking 206 word pieces of horror/dark fiction on any topic, in any style, as long as it sits in the horror/dark fiction genre. (Word count does not include title.) Elements of fantasy, sci-fi, and any other genre are fine, as long as the main theme is horror. We will pay a prize of £15 for each of our three favourite pieces (which will be published online). If we receive enough good submissions (help us, my pretties), we'll publish them in a print and e-book publication. See our 'Submission Guidelines' section for information on how to submit. Deadline: February 28th 2022 (midnight, last place on earth) or until full.    

Bardsy Short Story Contest

  Full details  Our current no-fee anthology / contest: From classical Rome to Shakespearean England, and even the present-day La-La Land of reality television, the notion of blind love has resonated through the ages. Write a story where a romantic connection goes beyond the surface. Best of all: every finalist will be published in Bardsy's free 2022 Romance Anthology (besides receiving the prizes detailed below). Not ready to enter? Stay in touch with announcements and winning tips: Submi


  Full details  Submission is between 1,000 and 15,000 words. Text is well-spaced: broken into paragraphs or chapters (where relevant). Vocabulary is mostly familiar. Where possible, simpler words are used. This is done in a way that does not detract from the flow or voice.Sentences are mostly concise and direct. Language is concrete (limited use of figurative language and idioms). Main characters are relatable to teens or adults (at least 10 years old).  Challenges, settings, and themes are culturally relevant and similar to those in readers’ own lives. Characters make decisions that develop the plot. Readers have someone to root for. Characters portraying real-life individuals are well-researched so that their portrayals are accurate and authentic.  Fictional pieces feature a strong central conflict or dilemma, which is relatable and compelling for teens / young adults. Involves tough choices, without easy solutions. Story sequence is simple to follow, but also engaging, with a clear

ChipLitFest Short Story Competiton

  Full details  Judge: Yasmin Kane Sponsor: HW Fisher Entry fee: £5 for stories up to 2,500 words. £8 for stories up to 5,000 words Word Limit: 2,500 (£5) 5,000 (£8) Deadline (Closing Date): 12 Midnight GMT Monday 14 February 2022 First Prize: £500 Second Prize: £100 Third Prize: £50 The Top 3 stories will be published on the ChipLitFest website. We promote and encourage quality writing from amateurs and professionals alike, so the competition is open to everyone aged 16 or over by the closing date, Monday 7 February 2022, not only in the UK, but overseas as well. Following the generous sponsorship of the competition by HW Fisher, we are now in a position to offer free entries to those writers on a low income: Free entries are available for writers on low incomes. To qualify, you should be in receipt in one or more of the following: Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Universal Credit, Council Tax Support, Pension Credi

Epoque Press

  Full details  our titles é-bookshop é-zine our authors submissions époque press pronounced: /epƏk/ definition: /time/era/period print & publication:  As a new independent publisher we are seeking out strong new voices representing the very best in literary fiction.  We publish adult literary fiction (novels and short story collections) and do not currently consider other genres such as children's fiction, poetry, memoir or fantasy. ​ Before submitting your work to us we would suggest you familiarise yourself with our list of published work. In your submission email we would love to hear which of our authors you have read and how you heard about us. You can also get a feel for what we are about by checking out our é-zine editions. ​ We are only accepting electronic submissions so please email to and in the subject header state 'General Submissions', the title of your work  and your name. The full manuscript of your wor

Just Femme and Dandy

Full details   See site for individual calls