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 Full details  What we are looking for: short stories that are intrepid with regard to experimentation and oddity; the strange, the surreal, the atypical, the unexpected. Traditional genre divisions do not matter to us—we do not care whether a piece qualifies as strictly ‘literary’; we only care that it is high-quality, that it is well-written, and that it is interesting. Please send us pieces that you feel do not fit in anywhere else, or are beyond the pale of any given trend. Send us content that causes us to experience feelings we do not have names for. We highly recommend reading our previous issues to get a sense of the kind of stories we are interested in; that said, we are also always looking to be caught off guard with unprecedented content. Currently we do not charge for submissions. Propagule is prepared to offer $20 upon our decision to publish your work. Propagule accepts only previously unpublished material.  Please only submit one piece at a time—if your piec

Nihilist Poet MIlitia

Full details  SUBMIT YOUR WORK Submit poems (less than 20 lines) or prose (less than 300 words) to ​ Initial Submission Window is closed. Submission Window will be closed October 1 to at least January 1, 2023 ​ First issue out October 11! Melt our faces off. Evocate. Seduce. Catch us off guard with your authenticity or compelling artifice. ​ General strategy: Poetry, anti-poetry, sub-poetry; Very short stories (i.e. flash or micro fiction); memories, hauntings; proletarian lit, working class lit; surrealist tracts; crime fiction; speculative visions; how-to manuals; broken teeth spit into the face of power. Jargon: liminal; K-mart realism; post-apocalypse; anti-authoritarian. I will pay you $5 on paypal if I publish your work.  It will be published online & also in a zine that I will poorly & hastily distribute in greater Albuquerque, NM  

The Christian Century

  Full details  f you are not familiar with the Christian Century , please read a couple issues before submitting a query. To order a back issue of the print edition, call 800-208-4097. Articles We seek to articulate the public meaning of faith, bringing the resources of religious tradition to bear on such topics as poverty, human rights, economic justice, international relations, national priorities, and popular culture. We are also interested in pieces that examine or critique the theology and ethos of individual religious communities. We welcome articles that find fresh meaning in old traditions and that adapt or apply religious traditions to new circumstances. Authors should assume that readers are familiar with main themes in Christian history and theology, are accustomed to the historical-critical study of the Bible, and are already engaged in relating faith to social and political issues. Many of our readers are ministers or teachers of religion at the college lev

Neon Hemlock

 Full details  Please see site for latest details. 

Propertius Press

  Full submissions  Dear Writers... Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to us. ​ We publish high-quality literary fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and short-story anthologies. We consider submissions in all genres, including  action-adventure, urban contemporary, biography, memoir, high-quality romance and women’s literature, children’s stories, young adult, satire, mystery, historical fiction, thrillers, humor, philosophy, and educational works. What We Offer As a small, independent nonprofit located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we are able to offer very competitive terms to our authors, including professionally-designed covers, editing, formatting, and distribution to online outlets as well as availability to any bricks-and-mortar bookstore through Ingram. ​ Our books are also available directly from us, through our easy-to-remember Bookstore URL, . Through pre-orders, you can promote your book with a di


  Full details  Querencia Press accepts poetry, fiction, non-fiction (including memoir), hybrid work, and occasionally visual art. We accept work through email - . Please include a short, third-person bio and your pronouns in the body of your email and the genre you are submitting to in the subject line. We are currently looking for chapbooks and full length manuscripts, as well as anthology submissions for our quarterly anthology. Submissions for Winter 2022 are open from 10/19 - 12/1. Anything received for this category outside of open submission periods will roll into the next unthemed anthology. We accept simultaneous submissions and previously published work that has appeared in print or online (this includes blogs and social media). As long as you hold the copyright to the work, we want to see it! You keep the rights to your work! Your work belongs to you! Querencia Press does not charge a submission fee. If a manuscript is accepted, you will receive

The Treason Show

  Full details  We are always open to new writers joining the team. We look for parody songs (well known tunes)  short topical sketches, monologues, running gags, one liners and captions (Jokes about a picture). Whilst the pay is small it is a writing credit that is taken notice of by BBC Comedy and other TV and radio shows. Pay is divided up via a points system. A percentage of the box office from the show is given over to the writers pool and the writers who get material in the show get a share of this. The share of the spoils is roughly, 3 points for a song, 2 for a sketch and 1 for a one liner. (roughly £3 for a song or a sketch £2 for one liners. We hold regular writers meetings both online and in the pub. (If you're in Brighton) you can be anywhere in the world and write for us. Many TS writers have gone on to write for the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, films, etc. Notable alumni include, Josh Widdicome, Phil Barron, John MgGlade and an idea that once came from Sir

Huff Post

  Full details  As part of HuffPost's mission "to write for, and not just about, those left out of traditional power structures," HuffPost is seeking to elevate writers from a wide range of backgrounds, including those who are BIPOC, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and writers from other underrepresented communities. HuffPost publishes freelancer work across a wide range of topics. Sections for which we are currently accepting pitches are listed below. Before pitching, please take a look at the articles at the relevant links for each section to get a sense of the topics we've covered in the past. Pitches should include a working headline, two to three paragraphs that outline why you think the story matters, with some indication of how you plan to report and tell the story (e.g., sources, key characters or narrative events). Also tell us a little about who you are and why you're the right person to write this story, and please indicate whether your p

Paper Lanterns

 Full details  Please be sure to read and adhere to these guidelines carefully, or your submission will not be considered: ·       You must be 13+ years old to submit.  ·       Submissions can be on any topic.  Our only criteria is that your submission is written for a teen and young adult audience.  Please note our readers are aged 11-18 years old.  ·       Do not submit work that is not aimed at a teen audience . It will not be accepted. ·       You are welcome to make multiple submissions. Please check the categories below for limits on submissions. ·       Please submit  each piece in a   separate document. ·       We do not accept work that has been published elsewhere. ·       We accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask you to notify us immediately if your submission has been accepted elsewhere. ·       Submissions after the deadline will not be considered. ·       We will respond to every submission within approximately six weeks from the

Peepal Tree Press

 Full details  Send your work to Peepal Tree Press (soon!) Peepal Tree Press is the world’s leading publisher of Caribbean and Black British writing. We publish around 15 titles a year. Founded in 1985, Peepal Tree brings readers the best of international writing from the Caribbean, its diasporas and Black British writers. See our website for full details of what we publish --before you make a submission. A small team, with increased workloads mean that we are slower to respond than usual, sorry. We aim to reply to 90% of all submissions within 20 weeks. Please note, we cannot offer feedback.  


  Full details  See site for details 

Laura Williams Green & Heaton

 Full details  Please see our Manuscript Wish List to find out what Laura is currently looking for! Laura Williams joined Greene & Heaton as an agent in 2018. She worked at Peters Fraser and Dunlop from 2011, after completing a degree in Classics at Oxford. She is actively building a fiction list and a small non-fiction list. She is currently looking for literary fiction, edgy commercial fiction, psychological thrillers and high-concept contemporary young adult, as well as narrative non-fiction of all types. Her taste is quite dark, and she loves gothic, ghost stories, horror and anything sinister. She also loves books that make her cry, from big love stories to intense family dramas. More information on what she’s looking for can be found in the links below: Novelicious Manuscript Wishlist AgentHunter Interview RetreatWest Interview and Submission Tips Bath Novel Award 2017 Judge’s Interview Contact details: Twitter: @laurabirdland  


  Full details  Much of this is directed at writers in Britain, as I am not in a position to guide anyone from other countries to sources of good advice. Some of the general comments hold good for all new writers, however. The Poetry Society of Great Britain has good advice for people new to the rituals of submitting their work at this address; the HappenStance Press blog explains why you should submit to magazines here ; a further source of information is Bloodaxe Books' submissions guide , most of which echoes the message expressed on this page. Poetry Ireland's website has this useful page of advice from Maurice Harmon, which applies just as well in Britain. British residents should note that the Poetry Society of Great Britain now offers a formal critical service, which costs £50 for up to 100 lines of verse (£40 for Society members). Your work will be examined by a professional poet, and you will also receive further advice as to reading material, plus an infor

Creative Non-Fiton True Stories Well Told

  Full details  Unlike many magazines, Creative Nonfiction draws heavily from unsolicited submissions. Our editors believe that providing a platform for emerging writers and helping them find readers is an essential role of literary magazines, and it’s been our privilege to work with many fine writers early in their careers. A typical issue of CNF contains at least one essay by a previously unpublished writer. Current Submission Calls Recently Closed Calls A note About fact-checking A note about reading fees

Into the Void

  Full details  Until we reach our Submittable-allotted monthly free submissions limit, there is no fee to submit, but free submissions fill up quickly. Thereafter you may submit via the Tip Jar. There are always two free-submissions windows during each reading period. Tip Jar submissions are a vital source of the income that allows us to run day-to-day, and are hugely appreciated. Your donation will not go to any of the editors: All editors at Into the Void are unpaid volunteers. Visual art submissions are accepted via email and are always free. See here for details. Rights and Payment All writing submissions must be unpublished, but visual art can be previously published. Authors and visual artists retain all rights. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know right away if accepted elsewhere. Into the Void  is committed to paying writers and artists.  At present we offer $10 per poem, flash fiction or visual art piece, and $20 per long-form prose piece; p

Working-Class Writers Festival

 Full details  It’s taken me three years to make the festival a reality, but a lifetime to highlight the barriers we working-class writers face every day; that’s why I’ve created a festival for future generations of writers, an accessible festival that will celebrate the work of working-class writers and gift our community with a sense of pride. The festival will not only provide a platform for working-class writers but will set a precedence among future festivals to make attendance more affordable and accessible to all.’ Natasha Carthew The festival and the wider engagement programme provided much-needed exposure to working-class writers and bring inspiration to young people from similar backgrounds. It showcased authentic stories reflective of and relatable to the experiences of working-class communities. Running from 21 to 24 October 2021, the festival used physical and digital spaces, and included panel discussions, speaker events and workshops. Events took place

The Common

Full details  Inspired by the mission and role of the town common, an egalitarian gathering place, The Common aims to foster the global exchange of diverse ideas and experiences. As such, we welcome and encourage submissions from writers who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, disabled, LGBTQIA+-identifying, immigrant, international, and/or otherwise from communities underrepresented in U.S. literary magazines and journals. In an effort to remove barriers to access, The Common will waive submission fees for BIPOC writers for two weeks every summer. For those who cannot access Submittable due to disability, or who require a fee waiver due to financial difficulty, please call 413-542-5453 or email . Reading periods for fiction, nonfiction, translations, and poetry:   March 1 – June 1 September 1 – December 1 Submissions from current print/digital subscribers to the magazine are accepted free year-round. [subscribe here starting at $12] Dispatches a

Guts Publishing

  Full details  Submissions We are open for submissions. We are seeking submissions for our Tattoo Anthology and we're also on the look out for our next book - memoir or literary fiction. Please read our guidelines before sending your work.  ​ We encourage submissions from debut writers, women, BAME, disabled, working-class and LGBTQ+ writers. Tattoo Anthology This is an open call for submissions for writers from any part of the world. We are open for submissions from 1 Nov 2022 to 1 Feb 2023. ​ We are seeking fiction, nonfiction and poetry on the theme of TATTOOS. It could be about one tattoo, or many tattoos, or any angle you'd like to take. Any genre is fine although we love real stories so memoir is very welcome but send whatever you like.  ​ To get an idea of the kind of work we like to publish, take a look at our anthologies: Sending Nudes , Cyber Smut and Stories About Penises . We like edgy work but we also publish quieter stories.  ​ For prose