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As part of HuffPost's mission "to write for, and not just about, those left out of traditional power structures," HuffPost is seeking to elevate writers from a wide range of backgrounds, including those who are BIPOC, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and writers from other underrepresented communities.

HuffPost publishes freelancer work across a wide range of topics. Sections for which we are currently accepting pitches are listed below. Before pitching, please take a look at the articles at the relevant links for each section to get a sense of the topics we've covered in the past.

Pitches should include a working headline, two to three paragraphs that outline why you think the story matters, with some indication of how you plan to report and tell the story (e.g., sources, key characters or narrative events). Also tell us a little about who you are and why you're the right person to write this story, and please indicate whether your pitch is timely. 

HuffPost also believes that inclusive journalism shouldn’t just be limited to text-based stories. Whether you’re a freelance producer, graphic artist or other visual creative, we want to work with you! Send a short bio, your rates and your portfolio to, and if our interests align, we’ll get back to you when assignments become available.

Due to the volume of submissions, it is not possible for us to respond to every submission individually.

HuffPost does not accept pitches from PR representatives or agents.

All published contributors are paid for their work.



The HuffPost National and Politics teams showcases original, unique, reported stories. We want scoops, features, investigations, on-the-ground reporting, interviews and unique takes that break new ground and have the potential for significant impact. Topic areas of particular focus are social inequality, politics, economic justice, environment.

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We believe personal stories can change the world. A HuffPost Personal piece is original, authentic, compelling and told from the first person. We feature distinct voices and points of view writing about a variety of topics, including identity; health and mental health; sex/love and relationships, in every sense of the word; family and parenting; work, money and career; body and body image; and just plain ol’ great stories about unique life experiences.

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The HuffPost Culture team is looking for freelancers who have compelling and unique pitches about TV, film, music, celebrity and internet culture, with an eye toward how pop culture and entertainment trends reflect the world around us. We are especially interested in stories that showcase how marginalized communities show up on screen, the big conversations that dominate our social media feeds and emerging trend stories that reveal new aspects about today's culture. We are looking for reported features, interviews and unique perspectives on the news of the day.

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HuffPost Life is a no-BS guide to modern parenting, wellness, food, money, work, relationships and more. Our stories feature diverse, expert voices, who can offer advice, guidance and new information on topics that matter to real people. We regularly commission freelance pieces in the following areas:

FOOD & DRINK is looking for diverse voices from all corners of the food world who can write from unique and resonant perspectives on what to eat, how to cook it, what we need to know about ingredients and nutrition, how food connects and divides us, what we can learn from the people behind the food industry and more. Topics include:

  • Decoding and understanding nutrition labels and tricky marketing tactics around food.
  • Tips, techniques and skills for the beginner and the expert, to pique your curiosity and give you confidence in the kitchen.
  • One-off recipes that convince the reader they just have to make this dish, or recipe roundups from established and trusted food bloggers and chefs.


VOICES IN FOOD is a series of “as-told-to” interviews with influencers in the food space, amplifying voices from marginalized communities who have a deep understanding of how food not only reflects social issues, but also how food can change our lives.

THE FUTURE OF FOOD examines how our food system will need to adapt to global warming and to become more sustainable for future generations.

HOW AMERICA EATS examines the hidden joys and challenges of how Americans eat today, showing points of commonality between the diverse locales of America, representing people of all cultures, locales, ages, races, economic backgrounds, religions, and more.

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STYLE & BEAUTY is looking for freelancers who can write about culture and trends through the lens of fashion: how we take care of ourselves; how to be a smarter consumer; how to better understand the ways people around the world live; how to demystify the world of influencers and more. We focus on service, but it’s also important to us to amplify voices to tell important stories and first-person perspectives. Topics include:

  • The clinical aspects of skin care, but also the issues relating to our different skin types, shades and identities.
  • Realistic ways to translate red carpet and runway looks into readers' real wardrobes, providing styling advice and market info.
  • How people around the world experience fashion and beauty differently, and what we can learn from them.
  • Stories that amplify how we feel about living within our looks.


CONSCIOUS CONSUMER helps readers understand the story behind the products, whether they're worth it, and how they’ll affect your life.

UNDER THE INFLUENCE features stories about diverse influencers of all ages and races around the world, on topics such as how much money style and beauty influencers make; what it’s like to work behind the scenes on a social media campaign; and the industry’s (poor) representation of diverse people and voices on social media, etc.

GOOD FOR YOU offers a reality check on the beauty, fashion and self-care trends worth your time and money, with useful advice to help you sort through all the snake oil.

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WELLNESS is your guide to taking care of your mind and body so you can take on the world, both during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Our service journalism covers mental health, self-care, personal health and medical conditions, body image, human behavior and personality traits, fitness at every level and more. Our stories sort through all the B.S. of wellness culture by approaching each piece with actionable, relatable advice, a compassionate outlook and science-backed facts. We’re looking for a diverse range of voices to write stories for an audience that is paying more attention to their health than ever before.

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