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Thirteen Podcast

Full details   The following are the terms by which a submission will be accepted for production. Submissions may be altered to best fit the audio format. Minor changes, such as clipping dialogue attributions, adjusting for tone, consolidating character dialogue into narration, and replacing descriptions will occur in most submissions. Authors are paid for submissions that are accepted and published. Submissions are paid by Imaginary Comma to the author upon completion of audio production and before release. Payment can be distributed via PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, or direct invoice. Any submission accepted to the show will be attributed to the author. Any submission found to be plagiarized, in part or in full, will not be accepted. If plagiarism is discovered after a submission is produced and released, it will be immediately removed from our platform and a retraction will be issued. We will require any payment made be Imaginary Comma for a plagiarized submission to be returned in full

Aqueduct Press

 Full details  Aqueduct Press publishes works of feminist sf as well as works about feminist sf or of particular interest to readers of feminist sf. We are interested in seeing feminist sf novels of any length; for our Conversation Pieces series, we are interested in original novellas, poetry, and prose work of every kind at lengths ranging from 20,000-35,000 words. Please send a query to info[at] before sending us nonfiction or a collection of short fiction. We now strongly prefer submissions as electronic files: the manuscript in one file accompanied by a second cover letter file (addressed to the editor below). The cover letter should be a brief introduction of yourself and your work to date; include your website or other web locations that showcase your work. Also, include a synopsis of the submission, not more than 2 pages single-spaced. If your word-processing program is not Microsoft Word, send your files in rtf format. Submit to editor[at]aqueductp

Protean Mag

 Full details Your work is worth it. Protean , despite its small, crowdfunded budget and rejection of advertising dollars, pays each and every one of its contributors on principle. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills, so we do our best to compensate freelancers fairly, offering the highest rates that we can afford. We do not expect contributors to work on spec—we agree on acceptance and price up front, and we pay in full prior to publication. So why don’t you send it to us?  We accept both drafts and pitches on a rolling basis for our online content. However, as we are working with a limited budget, we must be extremely selective. Please read the following guidelines before submitting: We  do not have a submission fee. Please submit using the appropriate email inbox, as outlined below. We publish work geared explicitly to the anti-capitalist left. Please take that into strong consideration when submitting. We will always reject submissions with racist, sexist, homophobic, transp

Mud Room Mag

Full details General Guidelines We are pleased to announce that beginning with our Spring issue, all contributors will be paid 15 dollars! Our submission fee policy is as follows: Standard Submissions are free. We try to respond to all free submissions within thirty days. Feel free to query after two months. Expedited Submissions are $3. We guarantee a response within two weeks for these submissions. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. If your work is accepted elsewhere, we just ask that you let us know immediately through Submittable. We will not consider work with sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or ableist content. Your name should appear on you cover letter but not in the submission. POETRY GUIDELINES MudRoom publishes poetry of all types. You can email poetry submissions to . To submit, please send 3-5 original,  previously unpublished  poems in a single .DOC/.DOCX .ODT or PDF file with one poem per page (eight pages maximum). Indicate

Five Otter Literary Agency

  Full Details  Thank you for considering 5 Otter Literary to represent you. Please send your query letter and first ten pages of your manuscript or proposal in the body of the email to the agent of your choice. We will not open unsolicited attachments or accept mailed paper submissions. We currently do not represent plays or screenplays. Please allow us six weeks to consider your material. Due to volume of submissions, we will only respond if we would like to see more material. If you would like to query more than one of us simultaneously, please let us know when you send your query to the other agents. If you receive a pass from one of us, please accept it as a pass from all of us for the submitted project. Submit Your Query FAQs for Writers Q: How do I query 5 Otter Literary? Please consult our Agents page for information on each agents’ interests. You may submit your query to one or more of our agents via email. Please review our submission guidelines above. Q:

Sharpe Books

  Full details  Submissions Sharpe books welcomes submissions from established and new writers alike. We specialise in publishing the following genres but we will also consider submissions in other genres: Crime/Thrillers, History, Biography, Historical Fiction. Please send over your completed manuscript, a paragraph synopsis of your book and a couple of lines of author bio to Due to the volume of submissions we receive we cannot promise to to reply to everyone but we will aim to respond within a month.  

Carnegie Publishing

  Full details  Book Publishing Enquiries If you have an idea for a non-fiction book that will have a good-sized market and that is wholly or partly historical in subject matter, please contact Anna Goddard on . If your book is more specialised and you wish to explore the possibility of self-publishing, visit our sister website .  

SRL Publishing

  Full submissions ere at SRL Publishing, we welcome submissions from all minority groups, and stories that portray characters from minority groups. We understand there’s an uplift of agencies and publishers asking writers to identify their race/sexual preference at the top of their submission, but we don’t . We believe this makes writers feel uncomfortable, and puts publishers and agents at risk of discrimination. We encourage our authors to share as much of their identity as they are comfortable with. Writers will never be asked their sexuality, race, or religion – only if the author wishes to disclose, and we will never use this information to generate sales. We advise anyone who is thinking of submitting their work to us, to not put their race in the subject heading. We view all submissions as equal, and will not prioritise any submissions from certain minority groups. We don’t care about your colour, we care about your words.     What types of books do you

The Book Folks

  Full details  Please provide as much information as possible using the form opposite, and if we like your work we will get in touch. We are a small, London-based team of dedicated professionals committed to getting high quality ebooks and books by new authors out into the marketplace and high in the rankings, offering very competitive royalties for authors, and a simple, straightforward service by experienced staff. WHY PUBLISH WITH US? We produce books to the highest standard and our marketing gets them into the right readers’ hands. We manage everything from the editing process to promotions, social media publicity and building an audience for authors. Authors receive royalties directly on sales revenue and will never be asked for money to publish their work. Using our contacts we get your book out there high in the bestseller rankings and significant revenue in your bank. WHAT WE LOOK FOR Currently we are predominantly interested in crime fiction, thrillers and mysteries

The Painkiller Project

  Full details  he Painkiller Pro ject is a playwriting competition with a £200 prize for each winning play. From May 2021 we will be open every other month for submissions. ​ One play will be selected each submission window and then released on our podcast  ( available here ) . So far our plays have featured actors such as Tamsin Greig, Jason Watkins, Noma Dumezweni, Toby Jones, Miriam Margolyes and Jessica Barden.   Since March 2020 the project has played an important role in the development of numerous emerging playwrights. While established artists have risen to the challenge of creating work during the pandemic, a new generation of playwrights have not been given a meaningful platform. This initiative exists as a remedy.    ​ We rely on receiving donations from those who believe in the project. If you would like to donate to the project, or if you know anyone who might want to support it, it would mean the world to us. To do so, there are two options: ​

Honey Guide Mag

  Full details We publish stories, art and poetry that examine the connection between animals and humans, and the ways we and our lives are more similar than people assume. Some topics and themes to consider, but of course we are open to others: the process of an animal bringing out a character trait in a person (ie:  Seabiscut ) animals as living, interactive symbols or metaphors of human wants, fears, secrets, challenges, and change (ie:  Life of Pi,  Cujo ) stories told through an animal's perspective ( The Incredible Journey, Pax ).  ​ Of course, you can send us both art and writing pieces with dogs and cats as central characters, but we see this so often -- what stories can you tell, either from imagination or experience, about marginalized species or creatures people usually avoid (ie: possums, bats, termites). We will consider pieces with mythical creatures.   Though we don't prefer pieces with foul language, we will consider them. J

Leavings Lit Mag

 Full details  Submission Guidelines   We accept submissions of poetry, prose, photography, and art, though we will consider any creative works outside of these genres, as well. All submissions should be previously unpublished and sent to our email at . Please include a bio written in the third person with your submission, anywhere from 50-100 words. We are open to submissions year round and every contributor is paid fifteen dollars per accepted piece. We aim to respond to all submissions within two months, but may take slightly longer to respond at different points throughout the year.    Poetry    Submit 3-5 previously unpublished poems for consideration. All poems should be single spaced, unless a different spacing is an integral part of the formatting of the poem, and each poem should begin on a separate page. There are no length requirements to the poems we consider for publication, though please let us know if your submission is a

Lume Books

 Full details  Do you have a story in you? We are looking for brilliant writing in the genres below, whether it be from traditionally or self-published authors, or from estates whose out-of-print works are ready for a new generation of readership. Crime fiction  If it puts us on the edge of our seat with jaw-dropping, twisty thrilling action, or if it’s a cosy mystery that sends us to the fireside, send it in! Historical fiction From the war-torn battlefields of the medieval world to the lethal lanes of Victorian London, if it’s authentic and transports us back in time, we’d love to read it. Nonfiction Histories, true crime, biographies, memoirs. Is there an individual or event that has been ignored by history? Does it have something urgent to say about our times? Or is it just an amazing untold true story? Although these are our main areas of interest, we are open to writing from a variety of genres. However, we do not currently publish chil

Holland Park Press

  Full details  Why publish with Holland Park Press? Holland Park Press aims to publish manuscripts that make a unique contribution to literature. We accept literary fiction in the form of a novel, novella, memoir or collection of short stories. We also welcome poetry collections. Literature is something we define as a work that the author was compelled to write and which provides compelling reading to book buyers. We expect our authors to have their own unique voice and be able to add something new and lasting to literature. The work we are looking for is here to stay and we are committed to ongoing book & author specific promotion throughout its lifetime. We keep our list select so that we can provide promotional activities necessary to reach the full sales potential of your book. When you are published by us we will do our upmost to prevent that that your book is heavily discounted and we aim to maximise your income. We encourage you to find out more informa

Blue Mousse Books

  Full details Bluemoose Books is an award winning independent publisher based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Kevin and Hetha Duffy started Bluemoose in 2006 and as a ‘family’ of readers and writers we’re passionate about the written word and stories. Stories are transformative and as publishers we delight in finding great new talent. We don’t have the heft of a London publishing house with the millions of pounds to promote our writers but we do manage through innovative marketing to get our books into high street bookstores and reviewed in the national press. If you’re looking for orange headed celebrity books, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. But if you want brilliant stories that have travelled from Hebden Bridge, across the border into Lancashire, down to London across to Moscow, Sofia and Budapest and into the United States, Australia, India, Colombia and Greenland, Iceland and Bosnia Herzagovina then Bluemoose is the publisher for you. LEONARD AND H