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Thank you for considering 5 Otter Literary to represent you.

Please send your query letter and first ten pages of your manuscript or proposal in the body of the email to the agent of your choice. We will not open unsolicited attachments or accept mailed paper submissions. We currently do not represent plays or screenplays.

Please allow us six weeks to consider your material. Due to volume of submissions, we will only respond if we would like to see more material.

If you would like to query more than one of us simultaneously, please let us know when you send your query to the other agents. If you receive a pass from one of us, please accept it as a pass from all of us for the submitted project.

FAQs for Writers

Q: How do I query 5 Otter Literary?
Please consult our Agents page for information on each agents’ interests. You may submit your query to one or more of our agents via email. Please review our submission guidelines above.

Q: I have multiple projects—which should I submit?
Please submit only one project at a time for consideration. Choose your best, most relevant project.

Q: I’m this close to finishing my book—can I submit?
We are only interested in reading full manuscripts for fiction, and complete proposals for non-fiction. Please wait to query us until you are ready!

Q: Do you accept stage or screenplays?
We represent fiction and non-fiction literary works for traditional publication, audio, translation, and film/TV, but unfortunately, not stage or screenplay.

Q: Why did 5 Otter Literary pass on my work?
Due to volume of submissions, we cannot offer detailed feedback on why your project wasn’t the right fit for us. We wish you the best with your writing and placing your project for publication.

Q: Does it matter where I’m located?
Not at all! We represent clients all over the world in the English language.

Q: Will my work be kept confidential?
Absolutely. All manuscripts, materials, and correspondence will be kept private and confidential, for internal agency consideration only.



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