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Pitches for original writing on comics, games, and pop culture. Pitches for original comics. Hybrid multimedia work. COOL IDEAS???? ALL SUBMISSIONS GO TO: If you have any non-submissions questions or general issues for our Editor-in-Chief, they can be reached at Due to the number of submissions we receive, can’t always reply to or accept every submission we get. Our apologies! We often will work with writers on pitches, especially if we like your work, but responses are not a guarantee of publication. Please check these guidelines thoroughly, as we’re much more likely to respond if we can tell you read them and are on board for what ZEAL is all about. And for extra credit, be sure to check out our Strategy Guide for articles from ZEAL editor J Bearhat. What does a good pitch look like? All pitches should describe the full scope of what you’d like to do (especially if it’s beyond what we usually do — but we absolutely love

Dead Star Publishing

We publish short story compilations, novels, comics and graphic novels and accept submissions for all of these things. Our focus is on horror, fantasy, modern fantasy, historical fantasy and science fiction and submissions should be sent to Below are our guidelines for artists, authors and teams as well as a breakdown on what we like to see in a submission. If we decide to take a piece we will issue a contract to all parties who will be involved in the production of a work, and payment is usually made on a royalties system with pay-outs in January and July of each year. We’ve been asked many times over the years so feel it is worth clarifying: we are not a vanity press and will not charge creators to publish their works. For pieces that we choose to publish we cover all overheads including editing, production, distribution and marketing (though with the nature of marketing these days, creators who assist in marketing efforts are alw

Light and Life Magazine

About Light + Life Magazine Light + Life is a monthly magazine published by Light + Life Communications, the communications department of the Free Methodist Church – USA . The magazine has a monthly circulation of approximately 14,000. In April 2015, the magazine expanded to a larger size with both English and Spanish articles in a common edition using a flip format. The Spanish side of the magazine is titled Luz y Vida. Articles are also published online at and . Free Methodism’s entry into publishing occurred in 1860 when principal founder B.T. Roberts published the Earnest Christian . He hoped by “uncompromising advocacy of ‘righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit’ to make our magazine a favorite and welcome visitor.” Another publication, The Free Methodist (later renamed Light + Life), debuted in 1868. Our mission to develop earnest Christians remains. Each issue of Light + Life 

Sweet Cherry Publishing

Sweet Cherry Publishing is an independent children’s book publisher based in Leicester. We are a small team with a big mission! We believe that all children should have access to great stories and endeavor to break down the barriers which often get in the way of reading. We are proud of our Leicester heritage and work very closely with the local community to increase literacy rates and promote reading for pleasure. We are a positive & fun team with kindness, success and collaboration at the core of our values. We are proud to represent our authors and are passionate about sharing engaging stories with children of all abilities and backgrounds.     We are considering submissions for children’s books! Please bear in mind that we specialise in sets and series, and we are unlikely to take on a book if it is a stand-alone title. We are looking for compelling middle-grade and YA fiction. Please send the first two chapters or 3000 words of your manuscript along wit

Source Books

ADULT NONFICTION We are interested in books that will establish a unique standard in their subject area. We look for books with a well-defined, strong target market. Our list includes most nonfiction categories, including memoir, history, college reference and study aids, entertainment, general self-help/psychology, business, parenting and special needs parenting, health and beauty, reference, education, biography, love and relationships, gift books and women's issues. In order to consider your nonfiction book for potential publication, we need to see a proposal that includes the following items: A brief synopsis in 1-2 paragraphs Author bio or resume specifying credentials and publication credits, if any A complete table of contents, plus estimated length of manuscript in words and pages Two to three sample chapters (not the first) A description of the target audience One page/paragraph on your book's unique advantages A list of competing or comparable titles

Sleeping Bear

Sleeping Bear Press is a publisher of quality children’s books. We specialize in picture books and middle grade novels. We accept both fiction and nonfiction submissions. Please browse our website or catalog for examples of the types of books we publish. Due to the volume of manuscripts we receive we are not able to respond to every submission. We do, however, make every effort to carefully consider each submission we receive. If we are interested in your manuscript we will respond within six months of receiving it. Additionally, in receiving a submission, we cannot assume any obligation to not publish a book based on a similar concept. Please no follow up emails or calls. At this time we are only considering email submissions. Please attach your manuscript as a word document and send to the following email address: The subject line of your email should include “New Submission”, the title of your work, fiction/nonfiction, and the subj

Zoe Plant

If you know you’re a great writer with a story to tell, we hope you’ll be in touch with us. Please review these submission guidelines before you contact us. First, review our agents’ bios and decide which of us you’d like to query. Please do not simultaneously query our agents; submit your work to only one of us. If that agent passes, feel free to contact another. Second, email your chosen agent using the email indicated in their bio and tell them briefly who you are, about your book, and why you’re the one to write it. Include the title of your project in the subject line of your email. Then paste the first ten pages of your book in the body of your email (not as an attachment, please). We regret that we cannot respond to queries sent to our general “info” email account. Please email the agent you are querying using their individual query email, as indicated on their bio page. If you’re submitting a picture book, please include the complete text; for illustrations, pl

Pajama Press

NEW in April 2019: Pajama Press accepts unsolicited queries and illustrator portfolios only through the following Submittable link: Pajama Press considers digital queries accompanied by picture books texts or the first three chapters of novel length projects. Your query should include an overview of your submission and some information about your writing background. Pajama Press prefers not to look at simultaneous submissions. Please notify us if you are submitting your project to another publisher. In the interest of saving trees, Pajama Press does not accept physical manuscripts. Any manuscripts mailed to our office will be recycled unopened. Submission FAQs What kind of books does Pajama Press publish? We publish picture books both for the very young and for school-aged readers, as well as early chapter books, novels for middle-grade readers, and contemporary or historical fiction for pre-high school aged YA readers aged 12–14. Our nonfiction titles typically

Manuscript Monday

Welcome to Manuscript Monday! On the first Monday of every month only, between 10am and 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, we accept electronic submissions that comply with the guidelines set out below. Manuscript submissions sent on any other Mondays or day of the month will not be read so we advise you to wait until the next month if you miss the deadline. We are looking for: Commercial fiction – women’s fiction, romance, thriller, crime, historical, humour, paranormal, fantasy Literary fiction and non-fiction – novels, short stories, and narrative non-fiction only Children’s books and young adult – junior and middle grade fiction, young adult/crossover fiction; we are not accepting picture book submissions Commercial non-fiction – history, memoir, mind body spirit, travel, health, diet, biography Please familiarise yourself with what we publish . We do not publish scripts, plays or poetry in Australia and will not assess them. Academic submissions are not

Jolly Fish Press

Submissions To have Jolly Fish Press consider your book for publication, please provide the following two items: A query letter (in the body of the e-mail) including: A brief 1-3 paragraph plot synopsis A short bio mentioning your previous publications and writing credentials 3-5 comparative books published within the last 5 years with an explanation of how your book both ties into a trend in the genre and offers something unique Your e-mail address and phone number The first three chapters of your book in an attached Word document Send these materials to .  The subject line should be the working title of your book. Submissions that do not follow the above guidelines will not be reviewed. Please do not mail hard copies to our office. We only accept electronic submissions at this time. Hard copies will not be returned. FICTION GENRES WE ACCEPT High-quality middle-grade and YA fiction


General Information LADYBUG, a literary magazine for young children, features original stories, poetry, nonfiction, and activities written by the world’s best children’s authors-both known and new. When reviewing submissions, the editors look for clear and beautiful language, a sense of joy and wonder, and a genuinely childlike point of view. Cricket Media is committed to a diverse literary culture, and we welcome works by writers from underrepresented groups (people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQAI+ folks, and other marginalized peoples). Guidelines Before submitting, be sure to familiarize yourself with our magazines. (Sample copies are available for viewing at the Cricket Media Store , where you can also purchase a current issue.) Issues are also available at many local libraries. LADYBUG does not distribute theme lists for upcoming issues. Fiction LADYBUG publishes finely crafted and imaginative contemporary stories, original retellings of


What do we publish? If you look on our collections page, you'll see that we've arranged our books into 'themes'. These collections showcase what we really care about.  If you have a story that fits into one of these collections, we'd love to hear from you. We're currently looking for short picture book texts for 2-4 year olds (usually no more than 500 words and often a lot shorter), early reader series fiction for 5-8 year olds, and middle grade fiction for 9-12 year olds. We also accept non-fiction submissions. Who do we want to hear from? We aim to be as inclusive as possible so we particularly want to hear from authors and illustrators of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) heritage, those who identify as LGBTQ+, those who have a disability, or anyone who grew up

KT Literary

We’re thrilled to be actively seeking new clients with great writing, unique stories, and complex characters, for middle grade, young adult, and adult. Kate is looking only at young adult and middle grade fiction and selective nonfiction for those ages. Sara seeks authors in middle grade, young adult, and adult romance, erotica, science fiction, and fantasy. Renee is currently closed to queries. Hannah is interested in speculative fiction in young adult, middle grade, and adult. Hilary is seeking middle grade and young adult fiction. To query us, please select one of the agents at kt literary at a time . If we pass, you can feel free to submit to another. Please email your query letter and the first three pages of your manuscript in the body of the email to either Kate at , Sara at , Hannah at , or Hilary at . See site for details of how to submit. More details 

Kids' Ark

Looking to get your writing published in The Kids' Ark? Here's what we're looking for: Fiction or Non-Fiction stories. Stories not longer than 650 words and written for the 6-10-year-old reading level. Engaging, exciting and adventurous stories that are applicable to the issue's theme. Inspiring stories that teach children biblical principles. Stories that are contemporary, historical or science fiction but are absolutely Christian based. Stories that involve characters of various races and ethnic backgrounds.   Please Note We will not respond to stories that do not apply to the theme. Here's H


The publishing industry is tough and competition is fierce, so we look for outstanding voices – for writing that’s fresh, original and effective. Most of all, we seek potential. We specialize in writing for children and teens: picture book author/illustrators with texts of less than 1000 words; high-concept/character-led chapter-book series; middle grade novels; graphic novels for a young readership; young-adult novels; select non-fiction proposals. Additionally, we are now opening to very select women’s fiction (see our new agent Chelsea Eberly’s bio/wishlist here ). Please note: We are NOT looking for picture book texts (ie, by writers who aren’t also illustrators), short stories, educational or religious/inspirational work, poetry, pre-school/novelty material or screenplays. Unless we have specifically requested them, we will also delete any emails sent with attachments or with links to work . Here is the procedure to follow if you want to submit your work to Greenhouse

Free Spirit Publishing

About Free Spirit Publishing Free Spirit is the leading publisher of learning tools for youth and educators that support young people’s social, emotional, and educational needs. We help children and teens think for themselves, overcome challenges, and make a difference in the world. We care about young people and the issues and challenges they face every day. Our line of materials includes early childhood board books and picture books on social skills and positive behavior; Self-Help for Kids ® ; Self-Help for Teens ® ; and teaching resources for educators. Our titles inform, engage, and inspire children, teens, and the adults who live and work with them. The Benefits of Working with Free Spirit  You can expect a high level of personal attention from our editors and our promotions and sales departments.  Our strong backlist ensures that your book will have a long life in print.  You will join a prestigious community of authors, including many award-w

Firefly Press

Non-fiction If you have a children’s non-fiction project you want us to consider, please first send a covering letter or email explaining the project. EMAIL FIREFLY PRESS   More details  

Cricket Magazine

CRICKET magazine for ages 9–14 CRICKET magazine seeks to publish the highest quality fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction to engage our audience of enthusiastic young readers. Editors consider unsolicited submissions from writers of every level of experience. Since its founding in 1973, CRICKET has published some of the most respected writers of children’s literature. It is also a wonderful opportunity for promising new writers to showcase their best work.   CRICKET does not distribute theme lists for upcoming issues. However, we have particular interests in stories that explore themes of identity (gender, race and ethnicity, neighborhoods, beliefs and traditions); citizenship and global cultures; scientific and technological exploration; and the creative spirit. Guidelines Before submitting, be sure to familiarize yourself with our magazines. (Sample copies are available for viewing at the Cricket Media Store , or you can order a current is

Clubhouse Magazine

Focus on the Family Clubhouse is a 32-page magazine designed to inspire, entertain and teach Christian values to children ages 8-12. The magazine, which has a circulation of over 80,000, reaches young readers and their parents all over the world. Parents trust Clubhouse to provide wholesome, educational material with Scriptural or moral insight. The kids anticipate stories with excitement, adventure, action or humor. Your job, as a writer, is to create work that pleases both parents and children. Fiction We feature fiction stories in each issue. We look for fresh, creative stories, especially those with children our audience’s age as the main character. The characters should be well-developed, the story fast-paced and interesting, and the prose descriptive and engaging. While our stories aren’t always explicitly Christian, they should be built on a foundation of Christian beliefs and family values. Key elements in a strong story are humor and charm. What we’re lookin

Boyd's Mill and Kane

Imprints Boyds Mills Press publishes a wide range of high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles for picture book, middle grade, and young adult audiences. Established in 1990, Boyds Mills Press features picture books, chapter books, novels, and nonfiction books that focus on excellent storytelling, imaginative illustration, and diverse characters. Our exceptionally crafted titles are designed to entertain, inform, and engage children of all ages. We are actively seeking submissions for the Boyds Mills Press imprint.  Wordsong is the only children’s imprint in the United States specifically dedicated to poetry. Wordsong publishes picture book poetry collections as well as poetry collections for middle grade and young adult readers. We publish novels in verse that are made up of discrete, powerful, individual poems. Some of the well-known poets who publish under the Wordsong imprint include Nikki Grimes, Jane Yolen, Georgia Heard, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, and Marilyn Singe

Black and White

We will re-open for submissions at specific intervals throughout the year. The dates of these submissions ‘windows’ and the types of material we are looking for will be announced on Twitter and Facebook , as well as on this page. For non-fiction submissions, we currently accept one-page proposals. Please email . It is vital that you use the guidance below on suitable genres of work, please. Titles outwith these areas will not be considered. Literary agents We are still accepting fiction or non-fiction submissions from literary agents. Please email as usual or contact . Non-fiction submissions   We are pleased to receive proposals for the following genres of non-fiction: celebrity memoirs sports books (with a particular focus on the UK and Ireland) lifestyle, humour, gift and activity books food and drink titles Scottish non-fiction Irish non-fiction nature and wild places Please no

Levine Querido

Thank you for your interest in the guidelines for submission to Levine Querido. As of July 11, 2019, we are open to unsolicited submissions. Before you submit, please take the time to read the below to ensure we are the right match for you and your work! Levine Querido is born of a fervent mission to give voice to a uniquely talented, exceptionally diverse group of authors and artists whose books will inspire a true LOVE of reading in young people while offering them a sense of their (and others’) rightful place in the world. Our company has a focus on publishing the writing and artwork of authors and creators from underrepresented backgrounds, including people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, Latinx creators, indigenous artists and writers, creators with disabilities, members of minority religions, and more. The books we are in search of will be characterized by great storytelling, undeniably powerful and beautiful artwork, and a fearless commitment to telling deep tr

Albert Whitman

Albert Whitman & Company currently has an open submissions policy. We will read and review un-agented manuscripts and proposals for picture books, middle-grade fiction, and young adult novels. Please read the following instructions carefully. We will not review any submissions that do not follow these guidelines. Due to the great number of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to individual submissions unless we have further interest. You may assume that after six months we are not interested in publishing your work. You may send your work to other publishers at the same time. We do not require exclusive submissions. FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS: Include a cover letter in the body of your email (please see individual category guidelines for cover letter tips) Include contact information with phone number Attach manuscripts as WORD documents (preferred) or PDFs. File sizes cannot be larger than 4MB. Subject line must be formatted according to individual category guideli

Writers HQ

Blogs of between 500 – 800 words examining writing and the writing process from a new perspective Blogs that fit our monthly themes (below) Blogs that fit our tone. Not exactly, obviously, your voice is your voice and that’s important. But we do want content that fits within the general style and tone of Writers’ HQ. If you’re not familiar with that, please do read a few of our blogs first and it may help you to read our Manifesto On Bad Language Innovation in swearing Here’s what we offer in return: We will pay a flat fee of £40 for all blogs We will link back to your site or book if you’re a writer with a blog or a book Here’s what you need to do: Send an email with your blog idea to In the subject line put: “BLOG PITCH: Your Blog Title Here” Give us a quick outline of your blog idea and, if we don’t know you already, a quick heads up about who you are and what you do Sit back and wait. (No really, wait. We’re in a perpetual state of being


For our print magazine, we accept short fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and comics—regardless of genre, style, or origin. Experimental, nontraditional, and boundary-pushing literature is strongly encouraged. Show us your wildest and weirdest! To get an idea of the kind of work we look for, we strongly encourage you to check out a past issue of F(r)iction , available in our shop . On our blog, we look to feature underrepresented voices and view points, with writing that challenges the norm and eschews the commonplace. Additionally, we want to be a home for webcomics that explore issues both universal and extraordinary. Be sure to also check out our formatting guidelines . Please read all guidelines thoroughly before submitting. Please note that 100% of both our contest and general submission fees go to paying our contributors. Submission Guidelines F(r)iction   Series Guidelines Categories accepted: ● Short fiction and creative

Champagne Books

Champagne Book Group (CBG) has been open and publishing electronic fiction since 2004 and started as a Canadian publisher. Since 2017, under a new owner, CBG is a United States publisher with the goal and vision to deliver to readers quality books crafted with care and infused with passion that transport readers into imagination. CBG authors write stories that transport readers to other worlds, to the past, to the future, lets them enjoy romance, find love, discover what it’s like to be a Bond or Bourne and ride in a spaceship as it zips through the stars. We are primarily a digital publisher; however, books over 60,000 go into print within six (6) months after the digital release. We are a royalty-paying publisher. You can see a draft of the contract by clicking on this line:  Sample Contract Interested in the staff behind CBG? Visit this page for information, including editors’ wish lists. At this time, we are not looking at manuscripts under 30,000 words unless we ar