Manuscript Monday

Welcome to Manuscript Monday!
On the first Monday of every month only, between 10am and 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, we accept electronic submissions that comply with the guidelines set out below.
Manuscript submissions sent on any other Mondays or day of the month will not be read so we advise you to wait until the next month if you miss the deadline.
We are looking for:
  • Commercial fiction – women’s fiction, romance, thriller, crime, historical, humour, paranormal, fantasy
  • Literary fiction and non-fiction – novels, short stories, and narrative non-fiction only
  • Children’s books and young adult – junior and middle grade fiction, young adult/crossover fiction; we are not accepting picture book submissions
  • Commercial non-fiction – history, memoir, mind body spirit, travel, health, diet, biography
Please familiarise yourself with what we publish. We do not publish scripts, plays or poetry in Australia and will not assess them.
Academic submissions are not accepted during Manuscript Monday. Please visit Macmillan Education or Palgrave Australia for information about educational or academic submissions.
Submissions guidelines
  1. Prepare the first 100 pages (50 pages for a children’s book) of your manuscript, double spaced, and a synopsis (maximum 300 words) as separate Word or PDF documents, ensuring they are clearly labelled with the title of your manuscript.
  2. You are welcome to submit the first 100 pages and synopsis of multiple manuscripts, but not from the same series. If you have a trilogy, for example, please submit only the first instalment.
  3. Fill out the form below, indicating which genre your manuscript falls into.
  4. Attach your Word documents (synopsis and required pages).
  5. Send on the first Monday of the month between 10am and 4pm AEST. Any manuscript received outside of this period will not be considered.
Your manuscript will be read within three months of the date we receive it.

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