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 Full details  We are actively acquiring agented and unagented Romance fiction for our Casablanca imprint including Own Voices, marginalized voices, inclusive and diverse romances. We look for strong writers of all ethnicities, races, sexualities, gender identities, abilities and ages, who are excited about marketing their books and building their community of readers, and whose stories have something fresh to offer in the genre of Romance. ​ ​OUR CRITERIA FOR ROMANCE FICTION a protagonist the reader can connect to emotionally a love interest the reader can fall in love with a world gets created a "hook" that allows us to sell the book in 2-3 sentences the author has a career arc—i.e., this book is the beginning of a duo, trilogy or series We consider all subgenres of Romance fiction , including: paranormal romance romantic suspense contemporary romance erotic romance historical romance (prior to 1900 only) QUICK REFERENCE completed manuscript at 85,000 to 100,000

Bay Teeth Journal

  Full details  Submission Guidelines We welcome submissions from almost every artistic medium. Please read these guidelines carefully, as any submissions that depart from or go over the limits of the guidelines will not be considered for publication. You must be at least 18 years old to submit to Baby teeth. The most common mediums are listed here. If you are submitting a multi-media piece, visual art and poetry for example, follow the guidelines for both/all the mediums included in the work. If the medium of your work is not mentioned here, or if you have any questions about submissions CONTACT US and we’ll get back to you with all the answers. Baby Teeth does not publish non-fiction, personal essays or articles. However we do accept memoir. Unrelated works of different mediums must be submitted separately. Include content warnings on submissions that include possibly triggering content or themes such as; sexual assault or violence, suicide, eating disorders, abuse, excessive g

The Furious Gazelle

Full details  SUBMIT TO US Before you submit to the Furious Gazelle, ask yourself the following about your submission: Does it have a good story? Is it compulsively readable? Are you a living human being who has written some words? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, we encourage you to submit.   REGULAR SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: We consider short fiction, micro fiction, poetry, short plays, novel excerpts, and creative non-fiction. LENGTH: Poetry – please submit no more than 5 pages of poetry at a time. Prose (fiction and nonfiction) – up to 7,000 words. (If submitting flash, please submit no more than 5 individual pieces at a time.) Plays – please submit no more than 20 pages at a time.   FORMATTING:  Please submit your work as .doc, .docx or .pdf files. We’re flexible on formatting as long as your formatting is clear and easy to read. Please do not paste your story into the body of an e-mail. Also, please note if you have special formatting as it someti

Publishing Buddy

  Full details  Amazon self-publishing is as significant to the written word as the first printing press Don't think in terms of traditional publishing. Thanks to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) a writer's creativity is no longer constrained by the whims of agents and mainstream publishers. Self-publishing is not the consequence of innumerable soul destroying knock-backs. Who cares if some twenty-something publishing exec isn’t impressed by your deepest thoughts, do you really need that validation? It’s reckoned to take ten years to close a book deal, if you get the breaks that is. Time’s a big factor if you’re of a certain age. Personally, I couldn’t wait for the enormous satisfaction of seeing my work in print. Right now, self-publishing could be your best option, but it doesn’t have to be a forever thing. It could just be your springboard to conventional publication. E L James’ Fifty Shades of Grey began life self-published, and has since sold 125 milli

Guernica Mag

  Full details  We only consider completed manuscripts (no pitches), and only through Submittable . Please visit us there for our current editorial guidelines, or to submit your work for consideration.


 Full details Please email your proposal to We will consider pitches for our online journal/newsletter at any time, choosing the publishing platform at our discretion. We are looking for content that probes the relationship between humans and nature, unearthing stories that explore how to be a modern human in a wild world. Through written and visual storytelling, we share adventures, ideas and people who are immersed in enjoying the planet while also protecting it.  Our audience expects engaging, beautiful images and stories that you can disappear into. Any pitches should focus on the following ideals: sustainable travel and adventure, conscious and slow living, wellness and spirituality, and sustainable living. If you have an idea that you believe would appeal to wildhearted changemakers who want to live fully, but also sustainably and ethically, then we’d love to consider it. As a small but growing magazine, we have a modest budget. Payment for online stories is £35 -