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Catherine Cho

Full details Catherine is a Literary Agent specialising in adult fiction and non-fiction. She is also the Digital Rights Manager overseeing digital strategy at the Agency. Catherine studied English at New York University and received a JD from the University of Hong Kong. After leaving a career in law and public affairs, Catherine began her publishing career at Folio Literary Management in New York as a contracts manager and literary assistant. She then moved to Curtis Brown in London, as an assistant to Jonny Geller, where she worked with clients such as John le Carré, Nigella Lawson and David Nicholls. She was promoted to Associate Agent in 2018, building a list of reading group fiction and non-fiction authors. She joined Madeleine Milburn Ltd in 2019. A believer in the power of story, Catherine is passionate about discovering new voices. Actively looking for: upmarket and literary novels in the vein of Elizabeth Strout, Chimamanda Adichie and Ann Patchett; fasc

Cosmic Robots

Full details See site for details. 


Full details Constellary Tales is a pro market for science fiction and fantasy.  Read our welcome editorial for an idea about the kind of stories we want We welcome stories from authors — and about characters — of all backgrounds We will consider stories from 1,000 to 3,500 words in length Please wait two months before querying We pay US $0.08 per word upon publication for first publication rights (print and audio) and nonexclusive reprint rights Submit stories in William Shunn manuscript format And a short list of no’s No simultaneous or multiple submissions No stories published elsewhere (including anywhere online) No stories without a necessary speculative element No horror stories No stories set in someone else’s intellectual property (i.e., no fan fiction) No email submissions; if the submission form is not available on this page, then submissions are currently closed

The Centropic Oracle

Full submissions The Centropic Oracle is looking for science fiction and fantasy stories that make you feel and think. In our opinion good fiction – particularly SF and Fantasy – should challenge us to examine our own lives and beliefs. It should force us to reflect on how we fit into the world and what it takes to make the world a better place by our being in it. We aren’t looking for things that will give us answers to those questions, but that doesn’t mean your story shouldn’t have a resolution (good, bad, or indifferent!) to its conflict. What we do not accept: - erotica of any description; - gratuitous graphic violence; - profanity - we want to be family friendly. We hope our content inspires dinner table talks; - anything to do with zombies; - pieces that are nothing but proselytization of a religious or political perspective; - racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or misandrist works; - fan fiction – it must be an or

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Full details What We Want Beneath Ceaseless Skies publishes “literary adventure fantasy”: stories with a secondary-world setting and some fantasy feel, but written with a literary approach. Secondary-World Setting: We want stories set in what Tolkien called a “secondary world”: some other world that is different from our own primary world in some way. It could be different in terms of zoology (non-human creatures), ecology (climate), or physical laws (the presence of magic). It could be set on Earth but an Earth different from our modern-day primary world in terms of time (the pre-modern historical past of our real-world Earth) or history (alternate history from our Earth’s history). It could have a “pre-tech” level of technology, or steampunk technology, or magic as technology, or anything else that’s not advanced or modern technology. However, the setting should contain some element that is in some way fantastical, and the qualities of the setting should have som


Full details See web-site for rolling competitions


Full details We're looking for new and established authors to join Evernight Publishing! Evernight has been a popular indie publisher since 2010.  We are not a vanity publisher. You never pay to have your book published with us.  Upon final acceptance, your book will be edited, assigned an ISBN, and one of our cover artists will create an eye-catching cover.  It will be available for sale through our site and also sold at many popular third-party distributors. Books that meet word count and sales requirements, either alone or in an anthology, will also be considered for POD publication for book signings and events. Authors earn 45% gross royalties from sales off our website and  45% net royalties from our distributors.  Anthology authors earn 50% gross royalties from sales off our website and 50% net royalties from our distributors. We are currently accepting completed manuscripts of 10,000 up to 100,000 words in all sub-genres of romance and erotic romance.   R


Full details Harlequin is always on the lookout for talented writers—from established authors to those just starting their writing careers. We publish a wide range of content and welcome writers from all backgrounds, cultures and communities to submit to the romance series or trade imprint best suited to their unique voice and story. We want to ensure all readers will see themselves reflected in the books we publish, and as such, are committed to publishing diverse and inclusive voices and stories. Get to know our various imprints and editorial lines to find out where you might fit into Harlequin's extensive publishing program. Harlequin Series (sometimes known as "Category Romance") and Carina Press accept unagented submissions from authors. To submit to a romance series, click on the links below. Please submit to only one series at a time, with only one submission at a time. We accept submissions in English only. For writing tips and advice from our


Full details Are you an author? Fantastic. We adore authors. We’re seeking submissions from writers who can deliver the emotional punch readers crave. Space cowboys, gargoyles, the hunk next-door and crusty cops are welcome. Boroughs Publishing Group will not limit your imagination; we encourage creative freedom. Stick to the tropes of the genre or push the envelope, as long as you’re providing well written incredible story-telling we’re game. We are seeking ROMANCE & WOMEN'S fiction in the following sub-genres: Contemporary Dystopian Erotica Fantasy Historical LGBTQ+ Multi-cultural New Adult Paranormal Regency Suspense/Thrillers Urban Fantasy Young Adult In general: We are a Romance and Women's Fiction publishing house with digital and print on demand distribution. We accept non-agented and agented submissions. Unpublished authors please submit your entire completed MS. Published authors may submit the first three chapters of completed wo


Full details We accept fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, and book reviews year-round. Graphic fiction/non-fiction also welcome, but it must fit on a postcard.  We publish only one (1!) piece in print form each month– we publish 1-4 pieces in our online issue. We accept work on a rolling basis–you can expect to hear from us within a month to six months if we’re on schedule, which we are about 50% of the time. Even though it might take us a short spell to get back to you, we try to offer personal feedback – especially upon request. ALL PROSE: <150 words. We’re not going to count them, but…we mean it. ALL POETRY: <10 lines (if it’s more, be open to “creative reformatting”), but still <150 words.  Remember, it has to fit on a postcard! BOOK REVIEWS: These will be published online, or on the back of a postcard when possible. Still <150 words. Must be of a recently published book (within the last year). The book must be published by an independent or small


Full details Editorial Philosophy VQR strives to publish the best writing we can find. While we have a long history of publishing accomplished and award-winning authors, we also seek and support emerging writers. A look at one of our latest issues will show you the diversity of voices we publish. Genres Poetry: All types and length. Short Fiction: Length is from 3,500–8,000 words. We are generally not interested in genre fiction (such as romance, science fiction, or fantasy). Nonfiction: Length is 3,500–9,000 words. We publish literary, art, and cultural criticism; reportage; historical and political analysis; and travel essays. We publish few author interviews or memoirs. In general, we are looking for nonfiction that looks out on the world, rather than within the self. General Guidelines We only consider unpublished work. Please do not submit previously published material, including work published in anthologies, chapbooks, or online. We only accept subm


Full details Thank you for your interest in TriQuarterly , the literary journal of Northwestern University.  TriQuarterly is edited by students in the  Litowitz MFA+MA Graduate Creative Writing Program  and the MA in Creative Writing in the School of Professional Studies.  Alumni of these programs and other readers also serve as editorial staff.  We welcome submissions in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, video essay, short drama, and hybrid work from established as well as emerging writers. We are especially interested in work that embraces the world and continues, however subtly, the ongoing global conversation about culture and society that  TriQuarterly  pursued from its beginning in 1964. We also accept craft essays and interviews, which we publish throughout the year. How to Submit: We accept all submissions through Submittable, an online submissions system. There is no charge to create a Submittable account, but please note that we do charge a small reading fee

The Five Two

Full details  Guidelines by Gerald So Each Monday, I post the Five-Two Poem of the Week, an original poem in text and audio/video . I reprint each year's total fifty-two poems in annual ebooks . Submissions always open: Honest, powerful reactions to what you see as crime. 60 lines or fewer per poem. Open to any form or style, including free verse and prose poem. Open to any tone (dark, light, serious, humorous) that rings true. The Five-Two 's purpose is to bear witness to current and historical crime poetically, so the feeling behind the poem reaches countless readers, mirroring the tragic impact of any crime. With a new sense of this impact, may we go forward working peacefully to prevent crime. Original, unpublished work only. No simultaneous submissions. No work that has appeared anywhere in print or online—including personal blogs, critique groups, message boards, and anything similar. Before submitting, you may want to read some archived poems

Tears in the Fence

Full details an independent, international literary magazine Home Advertising Festival Links Mentoring Online Workshops About From Recent Issues Notes Submissions Subscribe/Donate Blog Contact Submissions We invite submissions of poetry, prose poems, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, translations, interviews and reviews. We do not accept simultaneous submissions or previously published material. There is no set theme. However, we are looking for the unusual, perceptive, risk-taking as well as the imagistic, lived and visionary. Some linkage between language use and more than one event in any line would grab the editor’s attention. We receive more than 1200 poems per month and aim to respond to every submission within two months. This could be longer if a poem is shortlisted. We recommend buying the latest issue of the magazine to obtain a stronger sense of our requirements. We publish a diversity of styles and approaches in the belief t


Full details Send your work to us via email at: When sending your submission: Please include your name and university in the body of the email. Please also include what level of postgraduate study you are performing (Honours, Graduate Diploma, Masters, PhD, etc). A cover page is not necessary if you include all this information in your email. Please type “Poetry”, “Short Fiction”, “Creative Nonfiction” or “Memoir” in the subject field (depending on the submission) to ensure your piece is processed by the appropriate editor in due course. Please attach your written work as an attachment (Microsoft Word compatible files only), so we know how to format your work. If possible, please attach each submission separately (i.e. three files for three poems). Please also note: Please do not submit work which is currently under consideration at other publications. This is purely to avoid any troubles if multiple publications select your w

Storm Cellar

Full details Submissions Storm Cellar  is a nationally distributed literary arts magazine rooted in the Midwest, appearing in print and ebook editions. This is a journal of safety and danger. We want your prose, poems, chimeras, and ideas penned on envelopes in buses and train cars. The magazine aims to publish amazing work by new and established writers and artists, present a range of styles and approaches, and be as un-boring as it can. If you write one thing to be read while waiting for the all-clear to sound, send it here. Send art/photos/images/graphic narrative anytime  — any medium & style:  upload up to 20 pages here , or  email a gallery link . [ See what we’ve printed .] We’re actively seeking under-represented voices — especially people of color with a Midwest connection. We’d like to hear from more authors who are indigenous, black and brown, gender-nonconforming, disabled, lgbtqia+, neuroatypical, fat, border-straddling, poor, of trans*

South Poetry

Full details We only consider unpublished poems. Please do not send poems which appear or have appeared in open access areas of the internet, as these are deemed already published. Poems should be in English in any style, but please study the magazine before submitting. A few back issues are held online at the Poetry Library. A complimentary copy is sent to successful poets. The poet retains the copyright of any printed poems. We do not accept translations. You may submit a maximum of three poems per issue You must provide two copies of each poem Each poem is typed on separate sheets of A4 paper in Times New Roman, 12-point Your name, address or any other identifying details must not appear on the the front or back of the manuscript We do not return manuscripts Deadlines are 31 May for the Autumn issue and 30 November for the Spring issue the following year; you may submit work at any time We do not inform individuals whether or not their work has been selected; we as

The Rialto

Full details POETRY SUBMISSIONS Should you want to send us your work for consideration, here's how to do it. We are always looking for new poets and new poems. You are very welcome to send your poems to be considered for publication. Please send no more than six at a time. Poems should not have been published anywhere, in print or online. Online submissions You may send poems online through Submittable , or by post. If you use Submittable, then log on to our submissions portal just below. Please put the poems into one Word document. Start each poem on a new page, and put your name and/or email address on each page (in case we want to print a poem out). Include your postal address, phone number and email address in your cover letter. Submitting by post Paper poems should be posted to: THE EDITOR, THE RIALTO, PO BOX 309, AYLSHAM, NORWICH, NR11 6LN, ENGLAND. Please include a stamped self addressed enve


Full details Overview Rattle publishes unsolicited poetry and translations of poetry. Submissions are open year-round, always welcomed, and always free. Despite their growing prevalence in the literary community, we do not believe in submission fees and never will. Rattle does not accept work that has been previously published , in print or online (we do NOT consider self-publishing to blogs, message boards, or social media as publication with respect to this rule). Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. If the work is accepted elsewhere, just add a note through Submittable, or, if you submitted in hard copy, email to let us know. We don’t publish anything without your signature, anyway; if another journal beats us to the punch, congratulations! Contributors in print receive $200/poem and a complimentary one-year subscription to the magazine. Online contributors receive $100/poem. All free submissions are automatically considered for the annual Neil Postman Awar


Full details Prole promotes accessible literature of high quality. Anything that we publish will be intelligent, engaging and impact the reader in a variety of ways. It’s the reader who comes first. We want to appeal to a wide audience and reconnect a broad readership with excellent examples of poetry and short prose. Reading previous copies of Prole will help writers to get a flavour of what we are about - but it is not necessary to purchase a copy to submit. However, previous copies are available here . All submissions should be in English and be as error free as possible. We are active editors and if you are accepted your work will be proofed. We may, from time to time, suggest edits. All submissions should be your own, original work and you should hold all rights. We do not accept work that has been previously published in print or e-zines. We will consider work that has appeared on social writing websites such as blogs and free membership writing sites. How