Full details

Constellary Tales is a pro market for science fiction and fantasy. 
  • Read our welcome editorial for an idea about the kind of stories we want
  • We welcome stories from authors — and about characters — of all backgrounds
  • We will consider stories from 1,000 to 3,500 words in length
  • Please wait two months before querying
  • We pay US $0.08 per word upon publication for first publication rights (print and audio) and nonexclusive reprint rights
  • Submit stories in William Shunn manuscript format
And a short list of no’s
  • No simultaneous or multiple submissions
  • No stories published elsewhere (including anywhere online)
  • No stories without a necessary speculative element
  • No horror stories
  • No stories set in someone else’s intellectual property (i.e., no fan fiction)
  • No email submissions; if the submission form is not available on this page, then submissions are currently closed


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