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Third Lane mag

Full details Third Lane is an independent, bimonthly and bilingual (English and Bengali) digital magazine launched in March 2021, and we are now open for submissions! Email us your piece directly at . THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE SENDING THE E-MAIL We are not fussy about what we read – your piece could be anything: a poem hidden at the back of your notebook, a story about magic rabbits, a biting social commentary you have been meaning to pen down, or even a long rant to yourself you came up with on your daily commute. You happen to be a poet, a novelist and a translator all rolled into one? That’s accepted too! You can send us multiple submissions in multiple categories – we will review each one separately. If we like what we read, we will get back to you. However, please do remember that the ultimate decision to publish a piece lies with our editors. We just have one rule – do not send us writing that has already

Aurelia Magazine

  Full details  Aurelia publishes the work of marginalised genders: women, non-binary people and trans men. The things  you  think and the way  you  feel must be at the centre of your piece. All article submissions MUST be written in the first-person ( “I think, I feel, I want…” )! Aurelia is a publication dedicated to personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. We receive a lot of pitches and a lot of similar ideas; please make sure you have read our work/searched for keywords pertaining to your pitch to ensure we haven’t already published something too similar. Please send a pitch outlining your themes and ideas. You should aim for 200-250 words, and please make sure it’s Aurelia relevant – meaning, how is this piece personal to you? What will make it a good fit for Aurelia? Ensure your pitch is specific and precise. If accepted, we will give you a deadline for your first draft, a word count, and help you structure and edit your piece. We will work with you closely right

Dragon Fly Theatre Company

  Do you have a great new adaptation you've been sitting on, waiting for the right opportunity? We are accepting submissions for adaptations of classic texts (*Shakespeare mostly but if you got something else in the public domain, we're willing to take a look). When submitting an adaptation, please include a brief synopsis or theme explanation (150 words or less), a cast list with brief character descriptions, a production or reading history, and an author bio and contact information. Preference will go to scripts by female/diverse authors that incorporate modern/current ideas and themes. The full script should be sent as a pdf attachment to . Please allow six weeks before inquiring as to the status of your play.

Andrew Nurnberg

 Full details  We are always looking for new talent and welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds. We look at everything we are sent and do not charge a reading fee. We represent fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children. We do not represent children’s picture books or scripts for film, TV, radio or theatre . Submissions are accepted by email only . Please address your submission to a specific agent and make this clear in the subject line of your email. You can find out more about what each of our agents is looking for on their individual pages here and under the tab ‘About/The Team’. Any foreign-language submissions should be addressed to the agent in the relevant territory. Please see below for what to include and we look forward to hearing from you! Due to the great volume of submissions we receive, if you have not heard from us after 3 months please assume your submissio

Broken Sleep Books

  Full details  Email: ​ GUIDELINES: ​ Pages: Poetry collections = 40+ Poetry pamphlets = 15-40 Non-fiction = up to 70 Fiction = up to 50 Format: A5 size preferred for all submissions, this is easily done by changing page size on Word - if not possible submit as standard. Size 10 font for main text. (Palatino Linotype or Times New Roman is fine) Page numbers at bottom. Name on first page. Email: Include a short biography, and brief synopsis, in the body of an email. Subject: [Poetry pamphlet/Poetry collection/Fiction/Non-fiction] Submission - [Name], [Title] ​ We have no definitive preference for what are looking for, we enjoy a variety of genres and styles and consider anything. If it's good enough for us we'll take it. We are fine with previously published work in a book, but it isn't essential, and should preferably not be more than 50% of the full MS.

Dream of Shadows

 Full details  What we're looking for We're looking for original and previously unpublished fantasy and horror short fiction of maximum 1500 words, written in English (translations into English are fine as well). We're not too fond of science-fiction. While we will sometimes consider stories of something coming down to Earth from another planet if the focus is horror or fantasy, we're not really looking for space adventures. We particularly like honest and daring stories with strong characters pursuing goals, although we recognise that if a story is good, it's good. We're realists, so we don't need a happy ending. Send us those stories that other publishers rejected because they were too dark. Having said that, we don't want stories with gratuitous and/or over-the-top sex, violence or swearing. And it should go without saying, but we won't allow discrimination either. On a similar note, we're also not very fond of preachy st

Crones Girls Press

  Full details  See site for latest calls  

Brick Mag

  Full details  Is Your Work Right For Brick ? Brick  prides itself on publishing the best literary non-fiction in the world, and we are eager to read your freshest, most impeccable, most compelling non-fiction submissions. We welcome diverse voices charting broad imaginings, current conversations, rich ideas, urgent passions, and beautiful, thoughtful, difficult, or irreverent art. Underrepresented writers—including but not limited to writers who are Black, Indigenous, people of colour, queer, non-binary, Deaf, and/or disabled—are especially encouraged to submit their literary non-fiction. What is literary non-fiction, you ask? It’s a wider label than you might think. We are guided by the following tenet, which appears on the masthead of every issue of  Brick : Works of art are of an infinite loneliness and with nothing to be so little reached as with criticism. Only love can grasp and hold and fairly judge them. — Rainer Maria Rilke Love has led  Brick  to publish

Alice Little Wytham Branches

  Full details  Welcome to our woodland adventure - where you decide which path to take next! Hazel arrives at Wytham Woods just after six. She parks her car and changes into her walking boots. Through the gate, past the fallen hornbeam tree, Hazel marches up the road into the woods. To her right a path branches off the road. Should she turn off or carry on up the hill? This is your chance to contribute to a crowdsourced adventure story set in Wytham Woods. As the story branches in different directions, you can submit your own suggestion for what happens on the next page - and then someone else can write the page after that. Together we will shape the narrative, one page at a time. The story so far Or jump to page To see how the story is unfolding, click here for a flowchart (unfinished branches are highlighted in yellow). Guidelines for submitting How does it work? In Pick Your Own Path, there is no preconceived plot: the story will be written

Mardle Books

  Full details  Submit your book To submit, please send either a full manuscript, or a complete outline of your book and chapter samples. In your submissions email, please include a book pitch that details what your work is about, who will enjoy reading it and some comparison titles.   We read everything that is submitted to us, and if successful we will aim to come back to you within 8 weeks. ​ Please email  


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  Full details   All-writer-voted. Who creates Sixfold? Everyone. All-writer-voted and open to all, Sixfold three-round manuscript voting is the most rigorous, thorough, fair, and transparent editorial selection process available. To create each issue, hundreds of writers vote to select the best fiction and poetry manuscripts with much more discernment than any other editorial. Join the vote proven to work. Put in the better manuscript and it wins. Hundreds of writers in each vote create extremely dependable conditions for discovering the highest-quality manuscripts. 20 votes and thousands of writers participating show that in each vote:    •    Writers consistently choose only the best manuscripts to win and publish, regardless of school or style. The up to 78 writers voting on each manuscript make it impossible not to find the best writing. No high-quality manuscripts are missed.    •    Voting writers’ ranking of a manuscript equals the overall quality of the manus

Mum Life Stories

  Full details ddy Competitions micro fiction , micro fiction competition , micro fiction writing , micro fiction writing competition , micro fiction writing contest , micro story competition , Mum Life Stories , Mum Life Stories Micro Fiction , story competition , story writing , story writing competition , story writing contest , Writing , writing competition , writing contest , writing stories 0 Comment We’re Back! The time has finally come for series 2 of our micro fiction writing competition. The last series was pretty special, being not only our very first micro fiction writing competition, but our very first writing competition, period! I’m hoping this series will be even bigger and better than the first. When I launched the competition back at the end of 2019, I wasn’t at all sure how it would work out. Mum Life Stories was still a relatively new blog (which has become more like an