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Aurelia publishes the work of marginalised genders: women, non-binary people and trans men.

The things you think and the way you feel must be at the centre of your piece. All article submissions MUST be written in the first-person (“I think, I feel, I want…”)! Aurelia is a publication dedicated to personal thoughts, feelings and experiences.

We receive a lot of pitches and a lot of similar ideas; please make sure you have read our work/searched for keywords pertaining to your pitch to ensure we haven’t already published something too similar.

Please send a pitch outlining your themes and ideas. You should aim for 200-250 words, and please make sure it’s Aurelia relevant – meaning, how is this piece personal to you? What will make it a good fit for Aurelia? Ensure your pitch is specific and precise.

If accepted, we will give you a deadline for your first draft, a word count, and help you structure and edit your piece. We will work with you closely right up until the piece is complete.

In the body of your e-mail, please include your name and location, along with a short biography and any social media links for your potential bio. Please include examples of your previous work if you have any.

For the subject line of your submission, please give your piece a rough title. If your piece is time sensitive please make this clear.

Aurelia publishes articles that have been written specifically for us. We do not publish articles that appear elsewhere on the Internet, or in print.

We are a small team, with the staff working voluntarily – unfortunately, we’re unable to get back to everybody although we do try. If your piece is accepted, you’ll hear back within 7 days. Respectfully, there’s no need to chase.

As of February 2021, we are able to offer a small fee (£40) for commissioned articles. We are self-funded and have reached this point due to memberships and donations. You can support us here.

In the rare event that we decide it’s not the right fit, we are unable to offer kill fees due to our budgets at this time. Thank you!


We’re open for creative submissions! Our editor is Monika Radojevic, winner of the inaugural Merky Books prize and author of debut poetry collection, Teeth in the Back of My Neck.

We are interested in your short fiction, poetry and experimental work. We currently pay £20 per published piece of creative writing.

Monika announces monthly prompts to respond to over on our Instagram and Twitter. When you send your work over, please send a completed first draft, a title, and a little bit about yourself. We look forward to reading your work!



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