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Inkubator Books

 Full details Inkubator Books is accepting submissions of full-length fiction in the genres of crime, mystery, thrillers and suspense. If you are a new author and don’t have an agent, that’s okay. We love to discover exciting new voices and launch them into the world… All our authors get 45% of net receipts – no funny deductions or ‘expenses’. We pay for all editing, design and marketing of a book. When you are published by us it won’t cost you a penny. Ever. Inkubator Books is a publisher where the writer and the storytelling comes first. They have introduced me to a way of planning, plotting and writing that has revolutionised how I bring my stories to life and the lessons I have learnt about the craft are incredibly valuable – and I’m still learning with every book. OMJ Ryan, bestselling author of the Detec

Tree and Stone

  Full details We accept only original works of speculative and literary fiction in English. Reprints are not accepted at this time. Payment Rates: < 1,000 words: $0.02 per word via PayPal. 1,000-6,000 words: $20 honorarium via PayPal (hope to increase this one day). Simultaneous submissions are accepted and encouraged, but please inform us immediately if the story is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are also welcome. If your story is rejected, please feel free to send another story. A previously rejected story will only be reconsidered if substantive changes are made (you can be the judge of “substantive”). Response time may vary. We try to decide within 30 days. If you have not heard from us after 60 days, please email us. An email confirmation should arrive after submission. If not, please email us to make sure it was received! Please submit all stories as doc. or docx. only in the Standard Manuscript Format (Shunn; this is not strict, but please follow as best

Prose Online

  Full details Prose Online is a literary journal committed to publishing work made accessible to all. At , we offer an online venue to share prose alongside audio, captioned video, and screen-reader accessible images, so every reader is included. We pay $20 per piece of writing. Prose Online is a project of Poetry Online, a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in Minneapolis, MN.  We have no strict style or theme. We accept submissions of flash and short prose, fiction and nonfiction, both traditional and experimental. For a hint at what we enjoy, check out the prose we love . We aim to publish at least three [3] new writers each month.  By submitting to us, you also warrant that you are the sole creator of the work, you are who you say you are, and that publishing it will not infringe on any others' rights. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Prose Online and its staff from and against any and all claims resulting from a breach of this warranty. If

A Velvet Giant

 Full details  Please send your submission as an attachment consisting of no more than 3 pieces, 10 pages total maximum (writing double-spaced), attached to one email as a single file . We are open to work that takes the shape of basically any format: words, recordings, visual art, hybrid forms, etc. We are open to translated original work. If you submit a “found” or “after” piece of writing, please credit the text you are sourcing from and include the source text with your submission for reference. We do not categorize work by genre, so please do not tell us what genre you're sending us (if you know). If you include a cover letter (welcome, but not required), you might say something along the lines of  “included are three pieces of writing” rather than “three poems.” We strongly encourage you to read our journal prior to submitting. All submissions should be sent to the editors at with the subject line “SUBMISSION” along with the number of pieces you are 

Flash Frog

  Full details  Flash Frog is open year round. January — The Blue Frog contest submissions only. July — Ghost story submissions only. To get a better idea of what we’re looking for, check out: Six Questions For… WRITERS: Flash Frog publishes flash fiction only (no poetry or CNF please). 1,000 words maximum. Please email stories to Please attach the story as .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Please use this format as the subject: SUBMISSION — Story Title Cover letters are okay, but please do not explain or set up your story. Let it speak for itself. Please do include a third-person bio (100 words max) in the body of the email. Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please email to withdraw your piece as soon as it has been accepted elsewhere. We’d love to congratulate you! Multiple submissions are not okay. Please send only one story at a time and wait until you hear back before sending another. All submissions should be the author’s original w

Native Skin Online

  Full submissions  Email your writing submissions in Word format and visual art submissions with your bio + .jpg photo + social links to Creative NonFiction Must be an original work, not previously published 3,000 word max cover art Must be an Original work of art that highlights issues of justice in bold, colorful, and novel ways. Please send in .jpg. 2 submissions per author poetry Must be original work, previously unpublished poem and/or translation* *Please submit original language with translation 3 Poems Max per Author Art, Illustraton, Photography Any emotional or thought provoking work is acceptable, must show the unique point of view of the artist and be an original creation. Please send in .jpg. 2 submissions per author  

Ultimo Press

  Full details  Ultimo Press is currently open for submissions. We are seeking general and literary fiction (especially the sweet spot in between), and non-fiction that inspires and ignites. Our ambition is to publish compelling new voices and original perspectives that reflect the full spectrum of Australian life. We do not accept children’s, young adult or picture books. (You can visit our friends at Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing if you are an aspiring children’s author.) Please read our submissions guidelines before submitting your work . ​ Alex, Brigid and Robert are currently accepting submissions. Please read through their biographies to see who is best suited to your manuscript. Publisher biographies Alex Craig began her publishing career at Pan Macmillan, having previously worked in magazine journalism. She was Publisher of Picador Australia until 2016 where she published Hannah Kent, Lucy Treloar and Shirley Barrett. She has published commercial non-fic

History Through Fiction

  Full details  History Through Fiction is interested in publishing high quality fiction that is based on historical research. We are looking for stories about real people and real events. Though fictionalized, our books include nonfiction elements such as footnotes, endnotes, and/or a bibliography. When submitting, consider whether your historical novel is informative and educational in addition to being a compelling fictional story. To submit, please email the following information to . Thank you for following these guidelines! In the subject line, include the title and word count of your manuscript In the body of your email, please include a brief query introducing yourself and your work, a synopsis of your novel, and a brief biographical sketch of the author. As an attachment, please include the first 10-20 pages of your manuscript (If you are unable to send it as an attachment, you may include it in the body of your email.) History Through Fictio

Pants on Fire Press

 Full details  Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts Pants On Fire Press is a book publisher that accepts unsolicited manuscripts from authors. Read our manuscript submission guidelines carefully. We delete submissions with attachments. Do not send us queries with attachments unless requested.  Book and Manuscript Submissions We are acquiring Middle-Grade, Young Adult and Fiction for adults. We are looking for strong writers who are excited about marketing their stories and building a following of readers. For novels, the body of the email should include your query and the first three chapters along with: A synopsis The genre of the book Approximate word count A short pitch Marketing plan Writing credentials, if any Your contact info If the work is agented, agent info Author bio List of any and all previous titles with sales history Middle Grade Books  An exciting plot Strong voices and edited manuscript Developed characters Strong storytelling Young Adult Books A real voice for

Touch Point Press

  Full details  ouchPoint Press publishes titles across multiple genres and sub-genres. Our focus is not so much on a specific genre or sub-genre but on acquiring manuscripts that are exceptionally well-written, fast-paced, and engaging. Please note: At this time, TouchPoint Press is only accepting manuscripts from the U.S., with the exception of manuscripts for a Love Abroad romance series. TouchPoint Press has an open call for book submissions from authors whose voices have historically been underrepresented in publishing. Authors will NOT be required to disclose anything they are uncomfortable with. #OwnVoices projects are not required, though they are certainly welcome! TouchPoint Press welcomes and encourages manuscripts from marginalized creators at all times.  General Guidelines Do not send full manuscripts unless requested. Do not send unsolicited attachments, they will not be opened or acknowledged. Do not call to inquire about your sub


  Full details GigaNotoSaurus publishes one story a month. We pay $100 per story on acceptance. We ask for first serial rights and non-exclusive, indefinite archival rights, though the author is welcome at any time to request a story be removed from the archive. Stories are made available for reading online as well as downloadable formats (EPUB and MOBI). What We’re Looking For: GigaNotoSaurus accepts Science Fiction or Fantasy (or any combination thereof) from 5,000 to 25,000. We could wax eloquent describing the kinds of stories we like, but it wouldn’t be useful; there are dozens of things we don’t know we like until we try them.? Send us that story you really believe in–the one, maybe, that quickly ran out of places to submit it to because it’s so long. Don’t query to gauge our interest in a particular subgenre. Just submit the story. We actively seek to include stories told from and by a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders. We are

Owls Kids Books

  Full details   So, you want to be an Owlkids Books author? Welcome! Follow these five easy steps to get your submission into the hands of one of our editors: 1. Come up with a brilliant idea in one of the following genres: Picture books for ages 3–5 / 3–7 / 4–8 Non-fiction for ages 5–8 / 7–10 / 8–12 / 10–14 Early fiction for ages 6–9 Graphic novels (fiction and nonfiction) for all ages 2. Write the manuscript. Picture books should be no more than 900 words. For non-fiction, please include a synopsis, a detailed outline, a writing sample, and a list of competitive titles. For middle grade fiction, please submit a brief synopsis, a chapter overview, and a few sample chapters. (We will contact you for the complete work if we are interested.) 3. Reread, revise, repeat! Is it too long? Time to kill some of those darlings! Does it rhyme? Try it in prose. We are not interested in rhyming picture books unless exceptionally written and fantastically original. Has it been done before

Bag of Bones

  Full details  ubmission Guidelines Stories must be typed in English . Pieces m ust be your own , original work and previously unpublished . Size 12 font, Times New Roman or similar easy-to-read font, double-spaced lines, single space after no colour or images please. P lease t ell us your name , title of your story, and which call you are sub mitting to in the subject line of your email, for example: 'SUBMISSION - Alyssa Smith - It's Hot in Here - Step Into The Light' Please submit your manuscript (as a .doc or .docx attachment ) to: Please keep your cover letter SHORT. Biography: Please include a 50-100 word short biography (written in the third person) in the body of your email. If you're new to writing and feel you don't have much to 'biog' about yet, don't worry, we can help you with this if you like - just ask in your email. Multiple submissions: You may enter each submission call once . If you receive an early re