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History Through Fiction is interested in publishing high quality fiction that is based on historical research. We are looking for stories about real people and real events. Though fictionalized, our books include nonfiction elements such as footnotes, endnotes, and/or a bibliography. When submitting, consider whether your historical novel is informative and educational in addition to being a compelling fictional story.

To submit, please email the following information to editor@historythroughfiction.com. Thank you for following these guidelines!

  1. In the subject line, include the title and word count of your manuscript

  2. In the body of your email, please include a brief query introducing yourself and your work, a synopsis of your novel, and a brief biographical sketch of the author.

  3. As an attachment, please include the first 10-20 pages of your manuscript (If you are unable to send it as an attachment, you may include it in the body of your email.)

History Through Fiction accepts multiple submissions and unsolicited manuscripts. We encourage first-time and experienced authors to submit. Writers who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ, or as a member of other marginalized and traditionally underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to submit their work. Once you submit, please be patient for a response. If you have not heard back from us within three months, send us a polite follow up email. 

If accepted, History Through Fiction offers a contract that includes an advance on royalties and covers all production expenses.

Authors who publish with History Through Fiction can expect a complete and professional publishing process that will require no cost to the author. For more details regarding publishing expectations please contact the editor.



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