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Micro Fiction Writing Competition S2 Round 1: Cash Prizes

We’re Back! The time has finally come for series 2 of our micro fiction writing competition. The last series was pretty special, being not only our very first micro fiction writing competition, but our very first writing competition, period! I’m hoping this series will be even bigger and better than the first.

When I launched the competition back at the end of 2019, I wasn’t at all sure how it would work out. Mum Life Stories was still a relatively new blog (which has become more like an online magazine) and our reader base was not on the larger side of large, but after a bit of a rocky start, it took of like a toddler at the playground.

Series 2 marks the next chapter in the continuation of a competition trend that I hope will be a permanent part of MLS for years to come. It’s up to all of you to make it happen though. We need your brilliant stories…your creative prose…your inspiring words. All that and a bag of chips, or as most of us would prefer…a bar of chocolate. So spread the word, share this with your friends, your competition, even your enemies because the more entries we have, the greater the pressure to perform and we all know how diamonds are formed, right?



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