Dream of Shadows

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What we're looking for

We're looking for original and previously unpublished fantasy and horror short fiction of maximum 1500 words, written in English (translations into English are fine as well). We're not too fond of science-fiction. While we will sometimes consider stories of something coming down to Earth from another planet if the focus is horror or fantasy, we're not really looking for space adventures.

We particularly like honest and daring stories with strong characters pursuing goals, although we recognise that if a story is good, it's good.

We're realists, so we don't need a happy ending. Send us those stories that other publishers rejected because they were too dark.

Having said that, we don't want stories with gratuitous and/or over-the-top sex, violence or swearing. And it should go without saying, but we won't allow discrimination either.

On a similar note, we're also not very fond of preachy stories, where one character explains to another how terrible humans are. We get it, people suck.

Check out our interview on Six Questions For... or our Extra Tips page for more information on how to win us over.


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The legal stuff

We offer £20 for each published story (payment currently made only through PayPal). This is for exclusive first world electronic rights (stories published on our website) and for nonexclusive reprint rights in our yearly anthologies containing stories from the previous 12 months (published on Amazon as paperback and ebook). We reserve the right to archive work on our website to keep it available to our readers.

We will also publish stories in a magazine directly on Amazon as paperback and ebook. We pay £20 for exclusive first world electronic rights (ebooks) and exclusive first world print rights (paperback). We will let authors know where their story will appear when we send out the contract.

How to submit

To submit your story, you can either submit through Duosuma (if you have a Duotrope account) or fill out the form below. Please upload your story in the standard manuscript format (you can download a template here) and as .doc or .docx. If you submit through the form below, please make sure you get the confirmation that your form has been sent.

As we had a few questions about this, a little clarification: if you don't feel comfortable giving us your full address, we understand. But please include at least your country. This will help us with statistics. Please make sure you've included your legal name and your pen name, if it's different.

We currently accept simultaneous submissions. But please let us know if you have submitted your story somewhere else or are planning to. Please also let us know immediately if your story has been accepted somewhere else.

We currently don't accept multiple submissions.

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