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Send your work to us via email at:  swampwriting@gmail.com
When sending your submission:
  • Please include your name and university in the body of the email. Please also include what level of postgraduate study you are performing (Honours, Graduate Diploma, Masters, PhD, etc). A cover page is not necessary if you include all this information in your email.
  • Please type “Poetry”, “Short Fiction”, “Creative Nonfiction” or “Memoir” in the subject field (depending on the submission) to ensure your piece is processed by the appropriate editor in due course.
  • Please attach your written work as an attachment (Microsoft Word compatible files only), so we know how to format your work. If possible, please attach each submission separately (i.e. three files for three poems).
Please also note:
  • Please do not submit work which is currently under consideration at other publications. This is purely to avoid any troubles if multiple publications select your work.
  • Poets should not send more than three (3) poems for consideration at any time.
  • Prose writers can submit one or multiple submissions, totalling no more than five thousand (5000) words.
  • While we’re not a multimedia publication, we do welcome experimental/contemporary written work. If your creative writing work is in another form (e.g. graphic novel), please insert “Other” into the subject field.
  • SWAMP is not a refereed journal and will not publish research, or scholarly, essays. We also do not publish audio or video work. At this stage, we regret to inform that SWAMP will not pay for submissions.
  • All submissions will be read and replied soon after the submission deadline.
  • Copyright remains with the author of each individual submission. SWAMP only request the rights to publish your work indefinitely. SWAMP will not remove submissions from the website if and once published.
  • Any submissions after the submission date will be considered for the following issue.


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