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Light + Life is a monthly magazine published by Light + Life Communications, the communications department of the Free Methodist Church – USA. The magazine has a monthly circulation of approximately 14,000. In April 2015, the magazine expanded to a larger size with both English and Spanish articles in a common edition using a flip format. The Spanish side of the magazine is titled Luz y Vida. Articles are also published online at and
Free Methodism’s entry into publishing occurred in 1860 when principal founder B.T. Roberts published the Earnest Christian. He hoped by “uncompromising advocacy of ‘righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit’ to make our magazine a favorite and welcome visitor.” Another publication, The Free Methodist (later renamed Light + Life), debuted in 1868. Our mission to develop earnest Christians remains.
Each issue of Light + Life focuses on a specific theme with a cohesive approach in which the articles complement each other and flow in a progression that takes the reader from discovery through personal application. The magazine offers compelling content with a uniquely Free Methodist emphasis designed to connect more than 110,000 people who attend Free Methodist Church – USA worship services each week. As a resource serving the local church, the magazine welcomes writers from outside of Free Methodism with relevant perspectives on an issue’s theme. We search for authors who write competently, provide clear information and employ contemporary style and illustrations. We publish well-written articles that are accessible to a wide range of readers. Articles must be consistent with the theology of the Free Methodist Church, an evangelical Christian denomination with a Wesleyan-Arminian perspective.
Light + Life strives for accuracy and journalistic integrity. The Evangelical Press Association has repeatedly recognized Light + Life as an award-winning magazine. In addition to the theme-based articles, each issue includes a section reporting on newsworthy Free Methodist members, congregations and affiliated institutions. We want the magazine to be a reliable source of denominational news.

Outside writers provide approximately half of the articles in each issue of Light + Life. Many articles are assigned, but we welcome submissions from freelance writers. Every manuscript is carefully evaluated, but we are able to accept only a small percentage of the many we receive. We are looking for articles for the following magazine sections:
  • The magazine’s feature article (approximately 2,100 words) sets the theme for the entire issue.
  • Light + Life’s use of the term “feature” does not necessarily reflect traditional journalistic notions of a feature article. Instead, we use the term to denote a main article that provides a more detailed examination of the issue’s theme than the other articles.
  • The well-researched article should be written in third person unless the author draws upon personal experiences for which first-person narrative would be more appropriate.
  • Each month, the magazine includes at least one article of 800-1,000 words reflecting a personal perspective on the theme.
Online articles
  • Light + Life is interactive. The theme-based content is not limited to the print magazine. Additional articles may be published exclusively online with potential promotion within the print magazine.
  • Writers may submit articles that are found to be relevant for the monthly theme but not usable in the constraints of the print magazine.
Themes, Query Letters

Information about upcoming themes is available online by emailing For other query letters, please allow eight weeks for a response.

Length: 2,100 words for a feature article; 800-1,000 words for a perspective article; and approximately 500–1,000 words for online articles not published in the magazine.
Response time: approximately eight weeks for approval/denial; payment upon publication.
Electronic acceptance: Please indicate in the email’s subject line that you’re sending a query or a manuscript submission. Attach your document in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. Send to Executive Editor Jeff Finley:
Information to include: Please include all of your contact information (phone, email, mailing address) and the manuscript’s total word count at the top of the first page. In the body of an email or as an attachment, please include a cover letter introducing yourself and the article. Please do not submit multiple pieces at one time. Send seasonal material at least six months in advance.
All book and Web sources must be cited. The New International Version is our preferred Bible translation. (When using another Bible version, please identify it immediately following the reference.) The NIV was updated in 2011. Please use the latest NIV text, which can be accessed at
Recommended resource: Associated Press Stylebook
Please indicate if photographs and/or graphics are available to accompany your article.

Rates differ depending on the article. Pay is $100 for a feature article and $50 for action and discipleship articles. We may not offer compensation for other articles and blog posts.

We do not accept poetry.
Rights, Reprints

Light + Life is a copyrighted periodical. We copyright the “work as a whole” — including our print and online editions — and not the individual articles.
Light + Life buys one-time rights to articles. We prefer first-time rights and rarely use “second rights” or reprinted articles. If/when offering second rights on an article, youmust list the publication(s) and dates where the article has already appeared at the top of the manuscript’s first page.
Inquiries from other publications or organizations regarding permission to reuse articles that have appeared in Light + Life are referred to the author for permission and payment arrangements. When granted permission to reuse any Light + Life articles, we ask that other publications include a credit line indicating that the article first appeared in Light + Life.
Internet use

Magazine content from current and past issues is published at with additional promotion on Authors do not receive additional payment for articles that appear on the website, but they receive the added exposure of having their names and writing available to readers around the world. Online articles may be promoted through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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