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We are interested in books that will establish a unique standard in their subject area. We look for books with a well-defined, strong target market. Our list includes most nonfiction categories, including memoir, history, college reference and study aids, entertainment, general self-help/psychology, business, parenting and special needs parenting, health and beauty, reference, education, biography, love and relationships, gift books and women's issues.

In order to consider your nonfiction book for potential publication, we need to see a proposal that includes the following items:
  • A brief synopsis in 1-2 paragraphs
  • Author bio or resume specifying credentials and publication credits, if any
  • A complete table of contents, plus estimated length of manuscript in words and pages
  • Two to three sample chapters (not the first)
  • A description of the target audience
  • One page/paragraph on your book's unique advantages
  • A list of competing or comparable titles and how your book differs

Please do not send complete manuscripts unless a specific request is made for one. Queries only and simultaneous submissions are OK.

Please email your proposal to

Please note that we no longer accept hard-copy submissions.

While we love talking to authors, we're a bit bookish, meaning we need to actually read your proposal. That's the long way of saying it's best not to call or attempt to personally email an editor (your email will likely get caught in our spam filters). If you follow the directions above (or if you even come close), your proposal will be given a fair and thorough review. For more hints, try Writer's Marketplace or any number of books and magazines like it, available in bookstores and libraries.

We value each submission we receive, but due to the high volume of entries, we cannot respond individually to each one. If we are interested in learning more, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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