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The following are the terms by which a submission will be accepted for production.

  • Submissions may be altered to best fit the audio format. Minor changes, such as clipping dialogue attributions, adjusting for tone, consolidating character dialogue into narration, and replacing descriptions will occur in most submissions.

  • Authors are paid for submissions that are accepted and published. Submissions are paid by Imaginary Comma to the author upon completion of audio production and before release. Payment can be distributed via PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, or direct invoice.

  • Any submission accepted to the show will be attributed to the author.

  • Any submission found to be plagiarized, in part or in full, will not be accepted. If plagiarism is discovered after a submission is produced and released, it will be immediately removed from our platform and a retraction will be issued. We will require any payment made be Imaginary Comma for a plagiarized submission to be returned in full immediately upon notification.

The following are tips to make your piece more likely to be selected for production. The horror genre is vast and there are many great ways to produce a scare. Not all stories will be a good fit for our platform but that doesn’t mean they’re bad stories. If your first attempt isn’t selected, please keep submitting.

  • Submissions of 5,000 words or more are most likely to be selected for wide release. Shorter submissions may be selected for special double feature episodes or episodes exclusive to Patreon supporters and other financial supporters of Imaginary Comma. Any submission that is selected for production, regardless of platform, will be paid.

  • Submission in a prose format may result in more alterations as we reformat the piece into an audio script. In that spirit, submissions formatted as a script will require less time to develop and may have a better chance of selection.

  • Stories with a first person central narrator and supporting characters work best for our format.

  • Submissions with several speaking roles may be more difficult to produce and may require alteration to fit a limited cast. This may alter the story and tone. While large casts of characters are not necessarily disqualifying, our production includes between one and four cast members

  • Stories which include derogatory language or slurs against any group of persons will not be selected regardless of context.

  • Stories that include depictions of rape or sexual assault will not be selected. While these topics may be acceptable as plot elements we will not perform or narrate depictions of them.

  • We believe great characters make great stories. Excellent character development is key to our brand

  • Well-crafted stories, full of atmosphere and compelling settings, that take their time getting to the scares are key to our brand.



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