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Bellows Press is an independent publishing house that launched in 2021.  We champion unagented, unorthodox writers of fiction, particularly queer writers, writers of colour, writers from marginalised genders, and writers that the big publishing houses aren’t finding over canapés at uni reunions.

Blacksmiths use a bellows to coax a spark into a fire, in which they forge their creations. Our editorial and marketing expertise, as well as our close connections with graphic designers and printers, will ensure that your manuscript has the best possible support as we help you forge it into a published book.

We are currently accepting submissions.  Please send a one-page synopsis of your work, the first 3,000 words, and a short paragraph telling us about you to

Unfortunately, we are not currently publishing children’s or YA fiction. Please note that we are only printing books in the UK, in addition to e-books, so if you are based outside the UK, we are still happy to work with you but we would not be able to support domestic sales of hard copies.

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