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We are open for submissions. We are seeking submissions for our Tattoo Anthology and we're also on the look out for our next book - memoir or literary fiction. Please read our guidelines before sending your work. 

We encourage submissions from debut writers, women, BAME, disabled, working-class and LGBTQ+ writers.

Tattoo Anthology

This is an open call for submissions for writers from any part of the world. We are open for submissions from 1 Nov 2022 to 1 Feb 2023.

We are seeking fiction, nonfiction and poetry on the theme of TATTOOS. It could be about one tattoo, or many tattoos, or any angle you'd like to take. Any genre is fine although we love real stories so memoir is very welcome but send whatever you like. 

To get an idea of the kind of work we like to publish, take a look at our anthologies: Sending Nudes, Cyber Smut and Stories About Penises. We like edgy work but we also publish quieter stories. 

For prose submissions (fiction and nonfiction) the maximum word count is 4000. For poetry submissions, send up to five pages. We prefer unpublished work but will consider previously published.

Please send as a Word document (.doc or .docx). Include your name, country of residence, email address, genre, previously published or not, at the top of the document. Label your file like this: [First Name, Last Name]. No PDFs please. Attachments are fine.

Send to: tattoos.gutspublishing [at]

We will review submissions after the closing date and will post the results on our website and social media. If your work is selected, we offer a standard royalty contract. Many thanks and we look forward to reading your work! If you'd like to receive updates, please sign up for our monthly newsletter or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

xx Julianne

Director, Guts Publishing

Memoir and Literary Fiction Submissions

We are primarily interested in publishing memoirs, autobiographies, autofiction and literary fiction, especially with a nonfiction tone.

At this time we’re not considering commercial fiction, children’s books or poetry.

We're looking to publish writers from the UK and Ireland. 


Email your submission (.doc or .docx) to guts.submissions [at] with:

We’re a small team here at Guts, and we’re doing what we’re doing because we love books and love sharing a great story. We know how much time and dedication it takes to write a book, and the guts it takes to send your work to us. Thank you for thinking of us and we look forward to reading your work. 


If we are interested in your work, we’ll get in touch. Usually within 2 - 4 months, although sometimes longer. Something to keep mind — we publish three titles per year, and we’re picky, and we're a small team, and publishing is entirely subjective. What one publisher may take a pass on, with another it may be a perfect fit. 

xx Julianne

Director, Guts Publishing


If you would like feedback on your submission, you can request this here:

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