God's Cruel Joke

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God’s Cruel Joke accepts the submission of short stories, flash fiction, book excerpts, poetry, essays, memoirs, reviews, as well as visual art and photography. Submission fees, sadly, are a necessity as of now due to the fact that the costs to keep the magazine running come almost entirely out-of-pocket, and it is imperative that contributors receive compensation, however paltry the sum is, for their work. Art is labor and deserves the same degree of dignity and respect.

What We’re Looking For

God’s Cruel Joke is looking for works of fiction, poems, essays, memoirs, reviews, and visual art that explore the stranger, possibly more dangerous waters of the human condition. GCJ does not shy away from depictions of sex and violence, no matter how graphic they may be. It is only asked that those depictions serve a larger purpose than simple exploitation or shock value. Genre fiction is gladly accepted so long as it falls in line with these preferences. Above all else, literary pieces are preferred. Experiment, flex your linguistic muscles, draw daring conclusions, and stretch your mind and body beyond repair. We would all love to see the outcome, no matter how grotesque.




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