Latitudes and Attitudes

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Article and photo submissions are welcome from boaters worldwide. We prefer digital submissions. You may select to submit articles and photos for the magazine, the website or both. Simply fill out the submission form that you will find HERE. Be sure to indicate if you are submitting for internet only, print issue only, or both. You will find the section titles and compensation information for the different sections in our guidelines.
Submissions that are used on the website will not receive compensation, and are for our one time use only. Once they are added to the site you may submit them to other publications or sites, as long as they first appear here on Cruising Outpost.


Below you will find the compensation rates for articles that are used in Cruising Outpost Magazine, the Print Edition. At this time, we do not pay for website submissions. By checking “in either or both” on your submission form, your submission will first be considered for the Print edition, and then for the web.
Payment for articles used in the Print edition will be paid on or before the cover date of the issue your item will appear in.


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