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We're interested in your new book idea!
If you have an idea for a book, we’d like to hear about it. At Gryphon House, our goal is to publish books that help teachers and parents enrich the lives of children from birth through age eight. We strive to make our books useful for teachers at all levels of experience, as well as for parents, caregivers, and anyone interested in working with children. The staff at Gryphon House cares deeply about children and about teaching them appropriately and positively. We also believe that spending time with children is a valuable and fun thing to do. Our books reflect these beliefs.
We look for books that are developmentally appropriate for the intended age group, are well researched and based on current trends in the field, and include creative, participatory learning experiences with a common conceptual theme to tie them together. Our books are essential tools for teachers. As such, the books should be ones that teachers will want to use every day. Books that cater to a particular market beyond teachers are also appealing.
Note: We do not publish children’s books at all.

Things to Consider Before Submitting a Proposal

Find and review books similar to yours. You can find books in the library, in a book called Books In Print, retail bookstores, and teacher and school supply stores. Familiarize yourself with the books on your topic and then tell us how your book is different.
Is there a need for another book on your topic? What makes your book unique? Is this a book that teachers will want to use every day?
Other Important Issues
Who has reviewed or tested your book? Have you led classes or workshops on the topic? What is your background? Have you published other books, articles, or other materials? If so, please tell us. How will you be able to promote your book? Can you conduct workshops at professional meetings, or do demonstrations at bookstores? Include this information in your letter of inquiry, outlined below.

Submitting a Proposal

We prefer to receive a letter of inquiry and/or a proposal, rather than the entire manuscript. That means you don’t have to wait until you’ve completed your book to send it to us. Your proposal should include:
  • The proposed title
  • The purpose of the book
  • Table of contents
  • Introductory material
  • 20-40 sample pages of the actual book
In addition, please describe the book, including the intended audience, why teachers will want to buy it, how it is different from other similar books already published, and what qualifications you possess that make you the appropriate person to write the book. If you have a writing sample that demonstrates that you write clear, compelling prose, please include it with your letter.
Send all materials to:
Gryphon House, Inc.
PO Box 10
Lewisville, NC 27023


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