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Please visit our Duotrope site to submit your work.

If Duotrope is an impossible platform for you to use (it is free to sign register) please email your work in pdf, .docx, or .doc to riddlebirdmag@gmail.com.

Subject line: submission without Duotrope

Submission Guidelines:

We are happy to publish work that celebrates the joy of reading and writing across different reading preferences. The marketplace can divide us based on our reading tastes, but riddlebird can strive to make a space for more diversity (of interest, of authorship, of meaning).

 Please carefully read what we are looking for below, and follow the submission guidelines. 

Limit one submission a period. 650-5,000 words.

Please note at this time we do not publish poetry.

We are interested in three categories.

  • Literary Fiction — Our favorite writers include authors like George Saunders, Souvankham Thammavongsa, and E.C. Osondu.

  • Personal Essays — We like a memoirist’s essay that has achieved some distance and allows us to share a newfound insight. Think of Vivian Gornick’s idea of “the situation and the story.”

  • Literary Genre Fiction — Our mission is to include a place for well-written genre-writing, especially mysteries, speculative fiction and westerns. To take westerns as an example, think of Charles Portis.

Riddlebird is not interested in publishing work that is demeaning. Racist, homophobic, or xenophobic prose will be promptly rejected.

We will publish 10-16 pieces online twice a year (Jan and July) and a hardcopy of all pieces in July. Authors are compensated $100 and a contributor’s hard copy. 

We will select up to 6 pieces a year to submit on your behalf to the Pushcart Prize. 

We do accept simultaneous submissions; please inform us if (happily!) your work is accepted somewhere else. 

  • Please include your name, including contact information, and your title.

  • Include a very brief cover letter and a third person bio

  • Please do not submit previously published work/reprints

Our goal is to celebrate your work. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @riddlebirdmag. We will share author bios and links to your work upon publication. We request North American Serial Rights which then revert to you.



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