Full details 


- all submissions must be sent through our Submittable account (emailed submissions will not be read)

- first publication only - means your story or image can’t be published elsewhere, including on a blog, social media account, etc. 

- simultaneous submissions, no worries, just let us know if your work has been accepted somewhere else

- multiple submissions are fine, just submit them one file at a time

Flash Fiction 

- max 500 words, no minimum

- use Times New Roman

- use font size 12

- double space 

- use page numbers

- no name, email, address, etc. anywhere on submitted work


- jpeg please (if we need or want a different file type we will ask you)

- low resolution images, keep the file size below 1mb (again, if we need something bigger we will contact you directly)

- we are interested in anything and everything visual, from classic b&w pics to anime fan art to collage and anything in between or beyond


- for now our blog is by invitation only, but if you do have something you think would be great for it then drop us an email - no attachments - either copy/paste or type your idea in the body of the email

More Details 

- we pay using PayPal

- payment is made in Canadian dollars

- payment is $20 for both flash fiction and art (excluding our Done in a Hundred anthology), minus any processing fees due to locale, etc. (this rarely happens)

- give us a month to get back to you about the status of a submission, we try to do it faster but you know sometimes things get in the way

- if its been over a month feel free to query us about the status of your submission via email 

- by submitting writers/artists acknowledge: that NUNUM asks any reprints give first publication credit to NUNUM



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