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Your nonfiction book may be right for Scorched Earth if:

  • you know a lot about a certain berry, pathogen, moth, weather pattern, or waterfall (for instance) and are writing its cultural and political biography. Alternatively, you’re writing the natural history of a highway, snack food, shade of red, neighborhood….
  • or, you’re a craftsperson (cooks welcome) with a belief in the liberatory power of your craft and a gift for explaining the how and why of what you do
  • or, it’s a decolonial field guide, microhistory, cartography, or organizing guide that helps us root ourselves in our local patch of scorched earth
  • or, you have a story to tell about a person or project, contemporary or historical, whose ecological praxis (i.e. hell-raising?) offers a vision for a more livable future
  • or, you’re an academic in the life sciences or in a field like science studies, geography, food studies, multispecies studies, plantation studies, peasant studies, or ecocriticism whose work sometimes takes a popular, personal, or experimental turn
  • or…you’ve just written the ecologically oriented sequel to Capitalist Realism

We accept agented and unagented works.

We also publish and distribute zines, games, comics, maps, and other media that jibe with our mission.

While we do publish new editions of previously published fiction and poetry, we are not accepting submissions of new work in these genres at the moment.

If you believe your book would be appropriate for Scorched Earth Press, please submit a proposal using our form. Your proposal should contain the following:

  1. A cover letter summarizing the argument and, if applicable, the theoretical framework of your book. Explain how this book fits into Scorched Earth’s publishing program. In what ways is your book a book for beyond the end of the world?
  2. An annotated table of contents describing the contents and purpose of each chapter.
  3. One to three sample chapters.


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