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Dancing Star Press is seeking submissions of speculative fiction novellas.

What makes a work a novella? A novella allows for more world and character building than a short story, but usually centers around a single conflict, unlike a novel. They can be divided into chapters, but usually not. A novella should encourage reading in a single sitting.

As far as word counts, novellas should be between 17,500 and 40,000 words in length. Please include the word count of your work in the cover letter.

What sort of speculative fiction? Space operas, solar punk, dark fantasy, and urban fantasy. Hard science fiction with an emphasis on biology or chemistry rather than physics. Fantasy based on non-Western cultures. Optimistic futurism. Polar Tesla pop and soft science fiction.

Please no:

  • Splatterpunk
  • Graphic depictions of rape or sexual assault
  • Needless brutalization of women and children
  • Depictions of brutalization or abuse of people with disabilities
  • Graphic abuse of animals

We are not currently interested in works that are a part of a series, but works that are a part of a shared universe are okay.

We are not looking for young adult, middle grade, or children’s works at this time.

Please submit only one manuscript at a time.

Reading periods are three months on, three months off:
April 1 – June 30
October 1 – December 31

To submit:

  • Email a copy of your completed manuscript in .pdf form only to submissions@dancingstarpress.com. Submissions in any other file format will not be considered.
  • In the email or in an attached cover letter, please include a short biographical statement including publishing history and the word count of your manuscript.
  • If your file size is greater than 25 MB, it will likely bounce. Feel free to use the file transfer service of your choice: dropbox, google drive, etc.
  • If you strongly prefer to submit a hard copy of your manuscript, please query first.

What happens after submission?

  • You can expect a response confirming the receipt of your submission within a week.
  • You can expect an email letting you know whether or not I am interested in publishing your submission within six weeks.
  • Royalties are based on 30% of gross profits for paperback sales, and 50% of gross profits for ebooks. Dancing Star Press does not charge reading fees or require its authors to purchase copies as a condition for publication.


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