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All submissions are welcome during the spring (January 15 - April 15) and fall (July 15 - October 15) reading periods, and will
be considered for either our print publication (Consequence journal) or our website (Consequence online).
All submissions need to address in some manner the human consequences and realities of war or geopolitical violence.


Print Poetry: $40 per piece
Print Prose: (1-4 pps) $40 | (5-10 pps) $60 | (11+ pps) $80
Print Art: $200 for an eight-page spread (# of pieces in spread can vary)
Online Prose: $80 per piece
Online Poetry: $40 per piece
Online Art: $40 per piece
Reviews: (online only) $40 for long form & $20 for short form


Fiction: Short story (up to 5,000 words), Flash (up to 3 pieces or 1000 words), and Excerpts (up to 5,000 words)
Nonfiction: Interviews, Reviews, Essays, and Narrative Nonfiction (all up to 5,000 words)
Poetry: Up to 5 poems of any form (please label the file with the number of poems, e.g. “Three_Poems”)
Visual Art: Artwork, Graphic Narratives, Video Essays, and Photo Essays
Translations: Accepted if the author’s permission has been granted


We submit to a variety of awards including but not limited to Pushcart, Best of the Net, O. Henry, and Best American

Writers whose work has appeared in the journal or online include:
David Abrams, Elliot Ackerman, Homero Aridjis, Peter Balakian, Jennifer Barber, Sven Birkerts, Kevin Bowen, Martha Collins, Martha Cooley, William Corbett, April Darcy, Stephen Dau, Jasmin Dzarnik, Ruth Edgett, Teresa Fazio, Anne Germanacos, Jesse Goolsby, Tami Haaland, Lee Hancock, Bridey Heing, Jen Hinst-White, Fanny Howe, Daphne Kalotay, Mohammad Kazem Kazemi, Anne Korkeakivi, Phil Klay, Margaret Luongo, Christopher Lydon, Kai Maristed, J. A. Moad II, Ruth Mukwana, Ed Ochester, Joyce Peseroff, Hilary Plum, Katey Schultz, Peter Dale Scott, Roy Scranton, Bob Shacochis, Brian Turner, Barrett Warner, Julia Wendell, Afaa Michael Weaver, Nathan Webster, and Bruce Weigl.

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