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Option #1: Submit your book to us for consideration. It's free to submit, and you will receive a 40% net royalty on all eBook and print sales. A copy of the publishing contract for your perusal can be downloadedHERE. Please also take a look at our Author FAQ to make sure we are the right publisher for you before submitting your work.

We are looking for: novels (all genres accepted, but with a literary bent), memoirs/biographies/autobiographies, creative nonfiction, and writing/publishing reference books, and short story collections.

Submission Guidelines:

If you have a manuscript that you would like us to publish, please answer the following questions (in your head):
  • Do you believe this manuscript is in the best possible shape?
  • Is it edited and proofread to the best of your ability (or someone else's ability)?
  • Will your query letter make us NEED to read your book?
  • Does your work suit Vine Leaves Press?

Answered 'Yes' to all of the above? Great! Read on ...
  • Email a query letter, the first ten pages (attached as an Word Document), and a biography to submissions[at]vineleavespress[dot]com. Please write ''Query: Your Book Title' in the subject line. We do not accept snail mail. You will get an automatic response. If you didn't get one, check your spam. If it's not in spam, send it to us again.
  • TIP: MFAs in Creative Writing & essays in The Paris Review won't sell your book to us. In addition to an appealing book proposal, we want see evidence of a healthy social media presence and an engaging public voice that's going to have readers worship you! Times have changed, folks. No more hiding. Get yourself out there.
  • We will respond within two months. If we haven't replied to you within two months, please follow up.

Option #2: Enter your Vine Leaves Vignette CollectionSubmit a 50 to 60 page manuscript (poetry: 60 poems max; prose: approx 800 words maximum per piece, 20,000 words max in total; each vignette must begin on a new page. Collections may be a mixture of both poetry and prose.

Click HERE for details and submission guidelines.


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