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We are delighted you’re considering working with us, and genuinely look forward to seeing what you bring to the literary world! Here are some basic guidelines that will help make all of our lives easier.

Manuscript Formats

Send us your complete, finished manuscripts in digital format. It makes the whole process faster and less expensive if we don’t have to mail copies of your manuscript back and forth.
Please use a standard book manuscript format when you submit your book to us. If you’re not sure what one is, here’s a good source. Except please, not Courier. Or Comic Sans.
Please submit the complete manuscript in .DOCX, .RTF, or .ODF format to
Include the following in your cover letter/email:
  • Title of your book
  • Your real name
  • Your snail mail address
  • Your email address
  • Genre
  • Approximate word count
  • Synopsis

Non-Fiction Submissions

Due to the different requirements around non-fiction books, we would prefer to see a proposal before you send us your final manuscript. If you need a template to work from, we have some sample proposals available here you can use.

Submission Deadlines

We are currently open for new submissions. We accept submissions January through October.
We will usually try to acknowledge receipt of your manuscript within 72 hours. We’ll also try to let you know whether or not we’re interested in working with you to publish your book within 90 days after that. Both of these periods may vary, though, depending on the number of manuscripts we’ve received during that time.
During the month of November we neither release books nor look at submissions, because nearly the entire Paper Angel staff participates in NaNoWriMo (and then spend December recovering from it). You’re more than welcome to come follow our authors and staff over there.

Contacting Us

Please don’t contact us about the status of your manuscript unless at least 90 days have passed since we acknowledged receiving it. If you did not receive a acknowledgement, please feel free to contact us.

Submissions FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that our authors ask. Please read through these before contacting us. Please.


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