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Annie Leibovitz, Vivienne Westwood, and Sofia Coppola. I love publications like Phile and Nylon, and podcasts like The Guilty Feminist and The High Low.
The Whorticulturalist welcome writers/artists/creators of all ages, backgrounds, sexual identities, and experience, but it’s mainly a publication for women by women. In particular, I want dissections of the ways in which female sexuality is a form of unpaid labor, and the various ways we are rebalancing the scale. This is not a place for whorephobia, slut-shaming, kink-bashing, or queerphobia of any kind. Stuff we publish regularly includes thought-pieces on modern culture, feminist reviews of books/tv shows/movies, memoir, erotica, creative nonfiction, poetry, art, photography, and essays. I love a good juicy essay.

Submission Guidelines:


Features are between 2000-3000 words and are the content we love the most. In particular, we love thoughtful critiques of modern culture and the intersections it has with sex, intimacy, power dynamics, and politics. We love pieces that address current issues, or take a deep dive into past events that have shaped our present times. We love in-depth interviews, personal memoirs or essays, creative nonfiction pieces, investigative reporting, or beautiful art spreads. One of our recent favorites is an interview with artist Lauren Hana Chai, or our critique of the history of Mother’s Day.

Reviews and Critiques:

We love echoing and empowering fellow writers, artists, creators, and more. These are generally from 1000-2000 words and can be about the creative process, the Bechdel test, or the intersections of creative work with sex, sexuality, and culture. Please send us a pitch first with what book/show/movie you’d like to review or critique. We value inclusion and love to emphasize creative indie projects or independent creatives. See our piece on how shaming sex work makes you a bad feminist, or erotic artists we are loving right now.

Poetry and Creative Writing

We love to see your creativity! If you’re a poet, fiction, or nonfiction writer, or if you use visual/audio arts, please contact us with your submission. We really love pieces that explore empowerment through sex or sexuality, erotic poetry/prose, or experimental forms. Submissions for this category can be anything from 10-2000 words. Please see one of our latest creative pieces, Euphoria.

I believe in paying creatives for their labor. Currently we offer payment on a sliding scale of between 5-100 USD per piece, with features being paid about 50-100, reviews and critiques for about 25-75, and creative writing 5-50, dependent on length, quality and subject matter. This is a small publication and our contributors are paid out of my own pocket or through the donations of our readers. If you are able to, please help me keep writing and publishing by donating. You can find out how to donate here.
All pitches and submissions can be directed to our email, Please include a summary, a short bio, personal pronouns, and social links if you have them. We accept submissions on a rolling basis year round. Please wait 4-7 days for your response.
Author Rights:
By submitting your work, you are asserting that the work is original and of your creation. We purchase digital and print rights. All other rights revert to the author upon publication.


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