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Before you consider sending us your poetry collection manuscripts, we strongly advise you take note of the following three steps, and read the guidelines that follow below.

1. Familiarise yourself - we recommend you order a copy of our flagship magazine, Under the Radar or a copy of some of our recent poetry collections to give you a flavour of some of the poetry we have published recently. The magazine and poetry collections are good barometers of our tastes as publishers, and the kind of work we're likely to consider (we're not asking that you fit into a pigeon-hole as a poet, but rather that you feel confident that we're on a not-too-distant wavelength!). As an independent publisher, we do also rely on loyal readers who buy our books and help us keep going - every bit of support counts and helps us to keep publishing new and exciting poetry. So, please do consider buying our books or ordering a copy of the magazine from our online shop before your submit. After all, you wouldn't want to be published by a publisher whose books you've never bought or read, would you? Please also read the guidelines below to make sure your work is at the stage where it is ready to be sent out to a publisher.

2. Submit to the Magazine - If you like what you see, please take the next step send us a short selection of poems for our magazine to consider. Under the Radar magazine is the hothouse of our press, where interesting and emerging poets surface, and both our readers and ourselves make new discoveries. It's a great place to be all round if you want to be noticed. We accept submissions to Under the Radar from anywhere in the world. Submission to the magazine first isn't compulsory, but we do advise this step where possible. Please read full submission guidelines for the magazine here.

3. Submit your work - if you've followed the other two steps, and have a cracking collection of poems burning a hole in your pocket, please do consider submitting a sample of poems during one of our regular open submission windows. Publication in the magazine does not guarantee we'll publish your collection, it certainly doesn't exclude it either. Make sure you read the guidelines that follow below before submitting, and please do contact us via email if you have any questions or queries about submissions.


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